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But Charles Booth, head of construction and projects, said there had been "very large" construction cost increases due to instability and inflation from Brexit, Covid shutdowns and the Ukraine war.
A £1.2M rise in the cost of expanding a special school has been blamed on rising inflation and the impact of Brexit and covid. Rumworth Special School is expanding to be able to accept up to 400 pupils by 2026.
A London headteacher has blamed Brexit after her primary school was forced to close because it lost half of its pupils.
Ireland is now more popular than Britain for school trips from the continent as a result of post-Brexit changes to group travel rules.
Groups from the continent are going elsewhere, tour operators say, deterred more by passport and visa rules than the pandemic.
European schoolchildren can no longer travel on group passports, resulting in trips to UK cultural heritage sites being struck from the list.
HEADTEACHERS have spoken of their struggle to recruit cleaners and kitchen staff, citing Brexit and the impact of the pandemic as key factors.
One of the UK’s largest canteen suppliers has written to its school catering staff and advised them to stock up on food as part of contingency plans to make sure children are properly fed through the winter.
A council officer said projects where contracts are yet to be agreed are "more at risk" as councillors heard how 'increasing numbers of goods and services are proving challenging to procure'.
Lord Wolfson is a highly successful businessman, a prominent supporter of Brexit and a Conservative peer. He is, in short, the sort of man who should be in perfect alignment with a government led by Boris Johnson. He isn’t.
Schools have been warned to prepare for food shortages ahead of the new school year and urged by wholesalers to “stock up”.
The director of an English language school in Shoreham is calling on people to sign a petition that asks the government to allow European school visits with only ID cards.
How has the recruitment of UK-based teachers by international schools in Europe been affected by Brexit?
In July 2019, Mr Farmer’s college had 600 students and employed 100 staff. Now there are just 30 students, with seven members of staff.
Ski instructors working the slopes in France, Italy and elsewhere in the EU are now required to have expensive visas to work in Europe.
Loss of young Europeans on pupil visits will cause major cultural damage to UK, warn tour organisers.
SCHOOLS have been caught 'off guard' by Brexit with some facing lengthy delays on equipment deliveries, an assembly committee has heard.
Most people have heard of Erasmus+, but very few know why Britain decided not to participate in it after leaving the EU.
If you’re an EU school looking to recruit teachers from the UK, here’s everything you need to know about the new process.
Providers may need to consider buying in frozen food, guidance says.
EU teachers are likely to face fees of £4,345 to work in the UK for five years after Brexit in a move that will worsen an existing recruitment crisis, ministers have been warned.
Applicable since 1 August 2017, the EU school fruit, vegetables and milk scheme combines two previous schemes (the school fruit and vegetables scheme and the school milk scheme) under a single legal framework for more efficiency and an enhanced focus on health and educational.
Schools report that pupils and parents have been affected by political division.
A presentation on Boris Johnson and his Brexit stance which was allegedly broadcast to hundreds of digital noticeboards in primary schools has sparked outrage among parents and MPs.
Stella Creasy MP challenged the prime minister over the content of a presentation allegedly shown in 3,000 schools around the country.