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New EU rules on food safety have highlighted how the Windsor Framework will change the operation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.
In a judgment handed down last Friday, the High Court has cast doubt on the British citizenship status of children born in the United Kingdom before 2 October 2000 to EU citizens who did not at that time possess indefinite leave to remain.
The issue arises when teenagers turn 18. One mother said; 'It's getting beyond a joke'.
The number of foreign student trips organised to the UK by specialist European tour operators this year is down 83% compared to pre-pandemic 2019, largely due to a post-Brexit passport rule change.
Ministers were accused on Tuesday of condemning another generation of children to breathing toxic air in London and other parts of Britain by setting a target to tackle it only by 2040.
Parents wrongly told ‘your child will need six months left on their passport’. / Ninety-three weeks after the Brexit transition phase ended and the UK fully left the European Union, the government still is putting out false information on passport validity for the EU and the wider Schengen Area.
BREXIT has heaped pressure on Scotland’s nurseries with a third of EU staff leaving the sector since 2018, a new report has found.
One of the UK’s largest canteen suppliers has written to its school catering staff and advised them to stock up on food as part of contingency plans to make sure children are properly fed through the winter.
"To be honest, it’s very hard on my son. We tried to make light of it, just saying we are going on vacation, but he misses his father," one British mother whilst being forced apart by Brexit from her French husband.
The scheme offers EU nationals the opportunity to apply for settled or pre-settled status in the UK. / However, access to this support varies between holders of EU settled status and of pre-settled status. Questions are being asked of the European Commission whether the UK is complying with its obligations.
Some EU nationals in Wales may not be aware they need to apply for their children to be allowed to stay in the UK, according to charities.
Loss of young Europeans on pupil visits will cause major cultural damage to UK, warn tour organisers.
Over the years there have been a number of stories about how EU laws impact our lives in the UK.
The EU settlement scheme, which guarantees post-Brexit residency, closes on June 30.
The UK government is to cut 60% of its funding to Unicef, the United Nation's children's fund, as part of its move to reduce spending on foreign aid.
Torture survivors and lone children stuck in Greece and Italy after Home Office ‘deliberately’ ends cooperation on family reunions. / “Before Brexit, there was a clear process for children to join their families in the UK, but since then the government has failed to communicate effectively with European authorities,” said Bethany Gardiner-Smith.
UK law enforcement can no longer immediately access real-time data about persons and objects of interest, including wanted and missing persons.
Children in care born to EU parents face complex barriers to remaining in the UK.
"It leaves some of the most vulnerable children in the UK undocumented and facing an insecure future."
Three-quarters of EU nationals in local authority care yet to be granted settled status, figures show.
A leaked letter has revealed concerns about the "significant impact" of Brexit on vulnerable children requiring cross-border care by Northern Ireland social workers.
Once a childcare mainstay for many working parents, Britain's au pair system is under threat after Brexit -- piling pressure on families and forcing some mothers to consider quitting their jobs.
The British Toy and Hobby Association has called on the Government to save Christmas for thousands of children by taking immediate action.
Palantir must 'ensure the technology they are providing in no way contributes to abuses in the UK’, government told