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It’s probably fair to say that Owen Paterson was not a household name until the events that led to his resignation last week. However, he played a significant role in the Brexit saga, albeit of a particular sort.
This week, the practical realities of what Brexit is going to mean came into central focus for perhaps the first time, with a new government information campaign.
In the debate over Brexit, accusations of an anti-Brexit or pro-Brexit bias by the media have been a recurring feature.
Downing Street reveals plans for a light show and a cabinet trip to the north as the Big Ben bonging brouhaha rumbles on.
New questions have emerged over leaks of confidential UK diplomatic cables criticising Donald Trump after a 19-year-old Brexit activist was revealed to be the person who obtained them.
Former Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston has told The Independent she is too afraid to advertise meetings in public because of death threats and abuse – and said some of her former Tory colleagues are to blame for encouraging a culture of violent hostility towards politicians.
Rival leave rallies led by Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson arrive at parliament while counter-protest is defended by police.
Ukip, Tommy Robinson, the UK “yellow vests”, Democratic Football Lads Alliance and Leave Means Leave campaign are holding rallies in the capital, on the day Britain was due to leave the EU.
About 150 marched from Hartlepool on second day of tour organised by property tycoon’s Leave Means Leave group.
Elections for new Euro-MPs must be held if MPs delay Brexit, pressure group Leave Means Leave has said.
Shahmir Sanni lost job and was falsely vilified as a fantasist and liar after revelations about Vote Leave spending.