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Boris Johnson ‘shredding trust’ with three breaches of international law, former top diplomat warns.
Wrong to ‘conflate’ issues, Boris Johnson’s spokesman insists – after US official said talks were on hold because of Article 16 fears.
European leaders made their feelings about the Northern Ireland protocol known to a PM desperate to score a PR victory.
Joe Biden is more likely to focus on an EU-US trade deal than an agreement with the UK, Lord Kim Darroch suggested
PM urged to recognise pursuit of no-deal Brexit would be regarded as serious error by US.
Ivan Rogers, former UK ambassador to the EU, says prime minister will think ‘history was going his way’ if Donald Trump is re-elected
Internal market bill would endanger future trade deals, says Kim Darroch, the former British ambassador to the US.
European Commssion demands urgent meeting, as John Major warns of risk to UK’s reputation.
President will put US firms first in UK trade talks, says Kim Darroch
So much for the Special Relationship… In an unprecedented week in which PM-to-be Boris Johnson effectively fired Britain’s ambassador to the USA to placate a bullying Donald Trump, we look into Britain’s humiliating future as a taker of orders from bigger international players.
New questions have emerged over leaks of confidential UK diplomatic cables criticising Donald Trump after a 19-year-old Brexit activist was revealed to be the person who obtained them.
Planned Brexit trade talks between Liam Fox and US Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross have been cancelled, amid escalating tensions following the release of UK diplomatic memos calling Donald Trump "incompetent", "inept", and "insecure".
Comments made by the Sir Kim Darroch, the British Ambassador to the US, on the Trump administration have been leaked to pro-Brexit journalist Isabel Oakshott, with key Brexiteers exploiting them to attack the civil service and diplomatic corps and call for the removal of non-Brexit-supporting civil servants.