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Brussels’ former Brexit chief urges collaboration on shared challenges and reflects on tumultuous talks.
Tokyo is the biggest winner of the UK’s accession to the CPTPP.
Deep within the Northern Ireland protocol bill, ministers are making a sinister grab for yet more unchecked powers.
The European Union is expecting the UK to set out a road map detailing how it plans to fully implement the post-Brexit agreement on Northern Ireland in the “coming days”.
Opinion: there is clearly no trust between the UK and the EU when it comes to the Brexit deal and the Northern Ireland protocol
The former head of the government legal service resigned when No 10 threatened to break an international treaty. With the difficult reality of Brexit now upon us, I asked whether we risk a repeat offence.
Deals to ensure UK can go on trading with non-EU countries after Brexit transition must be laid before parliament by Wednesday.
This database contains information on European Union Treaties and Agreements.
The Database contains all the bilateral and multilateral international treaties or agreements concluded by the European Union (EU), the European Atomic Energy Community (EAEC) and the former European Communities (EC, EEC, ECSC).
This week, the practical realities of what Brexit is going to mean came into central focus for perhaps the first time, with a new government information campaign.
Today’s papers bring another story that the UK might be planning to breach the Brexit withdrawal agreement – including the report that the new Attorney-General Suella Braverman is poised to attempt to justify this legally. So what happens if the UK (or the EU) breaches the withdrawal agreement is not a hypothetical issue.
The Treaties of the European Union are a set of international treaties between the European Union (EU) member states which sets out the EU's constitutional basis.
A 19th Century trade agenda will decimate the most productive parts of the 21st Century economy.
The statements came today after reports suggested that Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered his Brexit team to find ways to "get around" the Northern Ireland protocol.
Boris Johnson given until 22 November to respond to infringement procedure.
Campaign groups prepare legal challenge following ‘systemic denial’ of suffrage. / The government is facing the prospect of being sued by campaigners for EU citizens in the UK and British nationals abroad who were denied a vote in the European parliament elections.
Brexit secretary confirms only 43 of 161 agreements seen as essential have been rolled over.
FT research reveals that agreements with 168 countries must be redone just for Britain to stand still
The complete list of 759 treaties and international agreements that Britain will lose after Brexit / On Brexit day, Britain will immediately be excluded from hundreds of treaties and agreements signed by the EU. Many of the 759 arrangements listed below — from customs procedures and agricultural quotas, to the landing rights of planes — must be replaced, renegotiated or remade by Brexit Britain.