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Inquiry into Whitehall’s Brexit role says prime ministers failed to protect officials.
'Have talked to officials across a number of depts in Whitehall. As I reported on #Newsnight just now they are expecting an extension to the Brexit transition period. One told me: “if it doesn’t come I just don’t know what we’ll do- with coronavirus we realistically can’t do both”' (Newsnight)
Government departments spent more than £4bn on preparations for leaving the EU, says the public spending watchdog.
The 22,000 civil servants working on EU withdrawal amount to 5 per cent of Whitehall total.
A pro-Brexit minister and MPs have accused the Civil Service of pursuing a ‘Remain’ agenda. Steve Bullock, a former civil servant, argues that the consequences of undermining civil servants in this way are potentially disastrous.
Leaving the EU confronts my former colleagues with a greater challenge than Whitehall has faced for generations.
Our fundamental values of democracy, human rights and the rule of law are under direct threat. The next election has to produce a different outcome, and we'll get it by holding the prime minister accountable
Departure of Matthew Coats, who was part of Brexit preparations, described as ‘alarming’.
The Brexit Party leader made the comments to around 500 supporters last week after criticising civil servants at a rally in Newport, South Wales.
Move follows controversy over the dismissal of Treasury aide Sonia Khan - who was frogmarched out of Downing Street. / Dominic Cummings has been handed a new formal power to sack cabinet ministers' advisers, triggering a protest from the head of the civil service union.
FDA head demands assurances over Brexit act if government defies parliament.
SCOTTISH civil servants are furious after Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay ruled they would no longer go to meetings in Brussels from next week to discuss fishing, agriculture and other devolved issues, The National has learnt.
Boris Johnson has been warned to “tread carefully” amid claims Number 10 aides are asking civil servants to operate an “overtly political” Brexit media strategy.
If the country isn’t ready for a hard Brexit, the public deserve to know before they’re launched into the abyss, Frances O'Grady and Sir Bob Kerslake write.
New questions have emerged over leaks of confidential UK diplomatic cables criticising Donald Trump after a 19-year-old Brexit activist was revealed to be the person who obtained them.
About 16,000 civil servants have worked on Brexit at estimated cost of £1.5bn to date
Comments made by the Sir Kim Darroch, the British Ambassador to the US, on the Trump administration have been leaked to pro-Brexit journalist Isabel Oakshott, with key Brexiteers exploiting them to attack the civil service and diplomatic corps and call for the removal of non-Brexit-supporting civil servants.
‘Everybody should be worried about what happens in a no-deal situation,’ Philip Rycroft says in interview with BBC Panorama.
The Institute for Government has warned that the government may never be as ready for a no-deal Brexit as it was when the UK was originally meant to leave the European Union at the end of March.
Magical thinking on a no-deal Brexit doesn’t change the facts for officials like me who are charged with making it happen.
Chancellor sceptical about request as Tories discuss leaving EU without deal. / The home secretary, Sajid Javid, has demanded more than £1bn extra funds for police and border force officials to cope with a no-deal Brexit in a request met with scepticism by the chancellor, Philip Hammond.
Britain's highest-ranking civil servant has issued a doomsday analysis of how the country would be affected by a No Deal Brexit, as MPs yet again failed to break the deadlock last night.
An army of civil servants has been engaged to hide the terrible truth for as long as possible.
Bob Kerslake calls for fresh referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU
Since the UK voted to leave the European Union, civil servants have been working to get the country ready for its departure from the bloc. Beckie Smith examines how Brexit has changed government so far.