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The prominent anti-Brexit activist, ever-present outside the Houses of Parliament, had an eventful day yesterday, so we'll forgive him for not giving the driver both barrels too. / All very interesting, but not very cycling-related... that was until this happened...
Jacob Rees-Mogg has published a list of nine ‘Brexit opportunities’. It’s both pitiful and dangerous.
Brits have been banned from taking their bicycles onboard Eurostar services to destinations including Paris, Lille and Brussels due to post-Brexit issues with customs rules.
MORE than a year after the UK fully withdrew from the EU, an Edinburgh business owner has revealed he still spends countless hours on admin just trying to get items to and from Europe.
Restrictions on freedom of movement after Brexit have left British competitive cyclists struggling to gain the experience they need to make it.
Britain may use Brexit "freedoms" to ditch planned EU car safety regulations designed to better protect pedestrians and cyclists, the government has said.
As gaps continue to appear on supermarkets shelves and restaurants take unavailable items off menus, Britain’s supply chains appear to be at the centre of a perfect storm of pandemic disruption coupled with post-Brexit labour shortages.
The Bicycle Association (BA) has published a series of guides which offer information on matters of interest to the cycling industry and the public. More detailed guidance is available to BA member companies.
British biker Jamie Edmondson has announced that he won’t be racing in the World Cup in Maribor this weekend since he couldn’t secure a visa to enter Slovenia, where the race will take place.
Geraint Thomas and Chris Froome have signed an open letter calling for assistance to young riders affected by Brexit travel arrangements.
British bike exporters Frog and Brompton are counting the costs of an eleventh hour Brexit deal with exports suffering and price increases imminent, according to reports in the press over the past week.
The extra costs of doing trade with Europe have already wiped out the entire 2020 profits of Frog Bikes in Pontypool
Brompton is facing a host of problems from material shortages to rising production costs as the fallout from Brexit and Covid continues to impact UK manufacturers.
The UK's new trading relationship with the European Union (EU) might be less than two weeks old but some businesses - and their European customers - are already struggling to adjust to the new trading landscape.
I was asked for £2,000 more in duty and VAT to get it delivered
Businesses cite higher costs, customs delays and paperwork as among the problems they face.
Gocycle, the award-winning e-bike brand founded by ex-Formula 1 engineer Richard Thorpe, is setting up a subsidiary in the Netherlands after the Brexit deal signed on Christmas Eve provided “certainty” about the future trading relationship between the UK and EU.
The visa rules mean that non EU citizens can only spend 90 days in Europe. / British riders are petitioning the government to get visa-free permits so they can race in Europe this season.
A bike shop owner has spoken out about the difficulties he and his company have faced to source parts since Brexit.
It is widely accepted that prices for most goods coming into the UK from overseas look set to rise; but what are the root causes? Is it Brexit, Covid, shipping costs, or all of the above?
The team at Brompton Bicycle Ltd. thought they were prepared for Brexit.