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Jacob Rees-Mogg has published a list of nine ‘Brexit opportunities’. It’s both pitiful and dangerous.
‘This flies in the face of common sense and the government’s commitment to high levels of animal and human health,’ say experts.
Jacob Rees-Mogg says we should ignore an EU push for speed limiters in cars - but it has the potential to save more lives than seat belts.
Britain may use Brexit "freedoms" to ditch planned EU car safety regulations designed to better protect pedestrians and cyclists, the government has said.
The government has said it could use its new Brexit "freedoms" to ditch planned EU car safety regulations. / Package of measures aimed to reduce head injuries and pedestrian deaths.
The wealthy ghouls who fund the Tory party expect their quid pro quo – and this legislation will deliver it.
Business Minister Paul Scully questioned by MPs on the European Scrutiny Committee on how the Government intends to safeguard the integrity of the UK’s product safety standards, including the new ‘UKCA’ safety marking for products in Great Britain.
Verdict has conducted a poll to analyse whether medical devices in the UK will continue to have a high degree of safety until all new post-Brexit regulations come into effect by 2023.
Donegal island fishermen say they are being forced to make an extra six-hour journey through dangerous seas to land their catch at Killybegs.
MPs have raised fears about the “safe operation of the Channel Tunnel” from January, accusing the government of failing to make preparations.
Trade Secretary urged to exclude US cars.
Future British governments could be unable to repeal new laws on workers’ rights, the environment, and health and safety, under the terms of the EU’s proposed Brexit trade deal.
The use of banned flame retardants is widespread, yet our prime minister is hostile towards public protections.
Let’s be clear, the chips ban is another ‘Euromyth’. The EU has never had the intention of banning any food or culinary tradition – just like it never banned curved bananas and cucumbers.
The Safety Gate rapid alert system enables quick exchange of information between EU/EEA member states and the European Commission about dangerous non-food products posing a risk to health and safety of consumers.
Public at risk from delays in identifying unsafe goods if UK leaves European safety system. / Dangerous cars, electrical goods and toys could flood into the UK after Brexit unless the government urgently reforms the current “failing” safety enforcement system, a consumer group warned on Monday.
Peers criticise government plan as ‘not credible’ and warn of ‘huge cliff edge’ facing businesses reliant on chemicals.
The MP said standards that were 'good enough for India' could be good enough for the UK.
Big firms want Donald Trump to play hard ball over the NHS, food quality and consumer rights.
They want to tear up our green regulations so they can plunder and pollute the environment for profit.
Boris Johnson challenged in parliamentary committee on his claims that the EU bans children from blowing up balloons and bans recycling of tea bags.
More than 200 UK agencies that provide ‘CE’ safety labels may lose recognition after March 2019