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Beauty exports from the UK to the European Union have fallen by more than $1 billion (£850 million) since the Brexit vote, a report has found.
Fears of new disruption to fresh produce supply from EU when import controls hit in October.
Britain’s economic and cultural prowess is suffering due to post-Brexit tax changes, reports Sascha Lavin. / As the Government publishes a 100-page ‘benefits of Brexit’ paper today, luxury brands are calling on Boris Johnson to rethink a post-Brexit policy that is harming their international competitiveness.
‘What the government once called teething problems have now become a chronic condition’
A swift walk through the corridors of Westminster will highlight that for many working in politics, the fashion and textiles industry is not a top priority for them.
Lawyers have identified five false claims made by ministers for refusing to strike a deal to rescue visa-free touring of the EU, leaving performers with crippling new costs and red tape.
Close to 59 per cent fashion brands have said that Brexit has impacted their business since the end of the transition, as per a recent report. About 25 per cent of the brands surveyed said they have considered relocating all or part of their businesses and 91 per cent of them want a visa that allows creative access to EU countries cheaply and quickly.
Fashion Roundtable, the secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Textiles and Fashion, has put forward 11 recommendations to help mitigate Brexit's impact on the UK fashion and textile industry.
It started from the rich and interwoven history of textiles in Yorkshire from the 18th century, when the region stood at the forefront with its countless cotton and wool mills.
A major agency which represents Naomi Campbell and Twiggy has warned that models now face a three month wait to work in Europe, effectively killing off their chances at work in the EU post-Brexit.
The UK fashion industry is facing a number of critical issues, which without urgent attention will jeopardise the immediate and long term future of the sector.
Leading figures from the sector are calling for frictionless work travel for British creatives in the bloc.
London-based think tank Fashion Roundtable have written an open letter to call on the UK Government to offer further support in dealing with issues which have arisen due to Brexit.