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Fears of new disruption to fresh produce supply from EU when import controls hit in October.
Supermarkets in the UK have been 'hurt horribly by Brexit' as they grapple with the dwindling supply of fruit and vegetables, Sainsbury's former CEO has told LBC.
Scots shoppers have been confronted by empty shelves in recent days as the big supermarket chains struggle to obtain fresh produce.
The head of a farming and food campaign group has laid the blame for shortages of fruit and veg on supermarket shelves squarely on Brexit.
UK supermarkets have been “hurt horribly by Brexit”, according to former Sainsbury’s CEO Justin King.
The former CEO of Sainsbury's has said UK supermarkets have been "hurt horribly by Brexit" as they struggle with fruit and vegetable supply shortages.
The newspaper that once proudly announced it "secured Brexit with a trailblazing 28-year EU crusade" is being made to eat some (very expensive) humble pie.
THE former CEO of Sainsbury’s has been clear about what initially caused the cost of living crisis – telling Sky News that Brexit is to blame.
‘In two years’ time you are all going to realise Brexit was bigger news than Covid,’ warns Justin King.
Some 45,000 dairy cows could be culled in Northern Ireland, in the event of a no-deal Brexit if new higher tariffs are applied to British milk, senior industry figures have warned.
"There’s about 10 days of food in total. The kind of disruption the government is talking about today… will lead to gaps on the shelves within a week.” / Former Sainsbury’s CEO Justin King tells @Emmabarnett why he thinks we should be worried about a no-deal Brexit
A former Sainsbury's chief has warned of 'significant gaps' on supermarket shelves within a week of a no-deal Brexit.