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Brussels commissioner says bill breaches convention, as legal experts warn of risk to Brexit trade deal.
Six years post-Brexit, Britain remains haunted by the EU in a neurosis that is not reciprocated in Brussels or other capitals.
The words for chaotic instability might change from country to country but the reaction is uniform across Europe to Britain’s politics.
Liz Truss becoming Prime Minister is the end of what little hope remained that the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill would be scrapped.
Bruno Le Maire is the French opposite number to chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng.
Times must be hard in London: Brexit Britain wants to rejoin Europe’s political community.
The UK is weighing up whether to attend a new European political "club of nations" next month.
French president responds to ‘jury’s out’ comments by Tory leadership favourite Liz Truss about key ally.
Emmanuel Macron suggests new European political community based on core values in areas such as security and energy.
Emmanuel Macron has told French voters to avoid their own Brexit moment ahead of election day.
The European Union and Britain must find a "path of trust" in a post-Brexit era, French President Emmanuel Macron told EU lawmakers on Wednesday.
The Prime Minister and French President Emmanuel Macron can't stand each other, but the real damage is from Brexit.
French president Emmanuel Macron has appeared to suggest the UK has not kept its Brexit pledges as a row over fishing rights intensified.
President Emmanuel Macron will declare that Paris is back on the map of global finance on Tuesday when he inaugurates JPMorgan's new trading hub in the French capital which he hopes will attract more bankers leaving post-Brexit Britain.
European leaders made their feelings about the Northern Ireland protocol known to a PM desperate to score a PR victory.
The “sausage war” row between the UK and EU deepened today as the Elysee Palace rejected claims that Emmanuel Macron confused the constitutional status of Northern Ireland in a conversation with Boris Johnson at the G7 summit in Cornwall.
French President Emmanuel Macron sought to portray a united European front at the G7 summit on Friday (11 June), tweeting a picture of the five EU leaders together, in a thinly veiled warning to the UK that the EU is united about the implementation of the Brexit agreement.
French President Emmanuel Macron offered on Saturday to reset relations with Britain as long as Prime Minister Boris Johnson stands by the Brexit divorce deal he signed with the European Union.
As his press conference wore on, Maros Sefcovic sounded increasingly frustrated.
Canadian leader latest to bring up the simmering Brexit dispute.
Emmanuel Macron’s attack on UK’s failure to implement Brexit deal wrecks claims of G7 ‘harmony’.
rench president uses annual address to insist UK will remain a ‘friend and ally’ to its neighbour.
Emmanuel Macron is urging the negotiators not to compromise while Angela Merkel is anxious that talks are not derailed.
A BBC presenter has been praised for his two-and-a-half minute explainer of Brexit - in a clip that some viewers said demonstrates why it "fundamentally won't work".