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This is the most chilling explanation of what Brexit will do to the UK economy after December. By @AdamPosen, President of the Peterson Institute for International Economics.
There is an obvious flaw in advocating Brexit on the basis that it’s less costly than the worst pandemic the world has faced in a hundred years. But this aside, the claim Covid-19 is a bigger economic shock than Brexit deserves further interrogation.
BORIS Johnson's proposals for a bridge or tunnel connecting Northern Ireland and Scotland have faced criticism from the Fraser of Allander Institute think tank.
Admission lays bare limited benefits of ‘ambitious’ agreement with Donald Trump.
Brexit could cost the UK economy up to 30 times as much as the country hopes to gain back from securing a new trade deal with US President Donald Trump, official figures suggest.
Brexit is set to have cost the UK more than £200 billion in lost economic growth by the end of this year — a figure that almost eclipses the total amount the UK has paid toward the European Union budget over the past 47 years.
A 19th Century trade agenda will decimate the most productive parts of the 21st Century economy.
Small towns in the Midlands and North are among the areas likely to suffer most from the bare-bones trade deal Boris Johnson is seeking with Brussels, according to a respected economic thinktank.
‘If the government thought it had a very strong case they would publish these studies ... it’s an indication that there’s nothing there’
Johnson's own government's analysis suggests that a deal along the lines of that backed by Parliament will reduce annual economic growth by 6.7% compared to staying in the EU.
Brexit will have cost the UK more than £200 billion in lost economic growth by the end of this year - a figure which almost eclipses the total amount the UK will have paid towards the EU budget over the past 47 years.
Brexit is a Tory invention and pro-Europeans must still fight the prospect of EU exile, writes Will Hutton.
Mark Carney and other financiers seem to think London can do business as usual without playing by the EU's rules. This is confidence bordering on complacency.
The cost of Brexit has already been predicted to hit £200 billion this year - totalling more than the UK has paid into the EU over 47 years.
'I think Mr Rowland stands corrected,' said chair after Richard Rowland humiliated in chamber.
The biggest crisis of Brexit to date actually still lies ahead of us in late 2020.
The showdown took place at the European Parliament in Strasbourg today.
'I believe the trade experts', says ex-treasury minister David Gauke - pointing to consensus rejecting claims of rapid new deal.
Boris Johnson's Brexit deal will leave the UK £70bn worse off than if it had remained in the EU, a study by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) has found.
Treasury committee head suggests it means ‘existing analysis stands’ – of a £130bn hit from loss of frictionless trade with EU.
Krugman rejects the assertions of Brexiteers that leaving the single market and customs union will ultimately help the UK export more to the rest of the world.