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Leo Varadkar has urged the British government to tone down “nationalist rhetoric” over Brexit, and branded Dominic Raab’s memo to UK diplomats to sit separately from their EU counterparts as “petty”.
Shadow chancellor refuses to say which side he will back but says he will not follow Jeremy Corbyn in staying neutral.
British goods face tariffs of up to 60 per cent while many imports won't be charged any under latest Tory plans.
It comes after a searing article by former chancellor Philip Hammond about the PM.
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said the Government's documents on no deal 'reveal an absolute catastrophe for our country'
Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson will suspend Parliament for more than a month before Brexit, enraging opponents and raising the stakes in the country's most serious political crisis in decades.
Labour and Tory rebels criticise comments as minister insists there will be no food shortages.
GDP shows negative growth for first time in nearly 7 years.
Rebel MPs are working on a plan to thwart Boris Johnson pursuing a no-deal Brexit on 31 October that involves forcing parliament to sit through the autumn recess, amid growing outrage about the power and influence of his controversial aide, Dominic Cummings.
The government has announced an extra £2.1bn of funding to prepare for a no-deal Brexit - doubling the amount of money it has set aside this year.
Shadow chancellor wants more openly pro-referendum and pro-remain approach. / John McDonnell has expressed renewed frustration at the slow pace of change on Labour’s Brexit policy, praising Jeremy Corbyn for seeking a consensus view, but warning: “We need to move now.”
Deputy leader says far more Remain supporters than Leavers have abandoned the party. / Watson’s intervention comes after the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, appeared to suggest a shift in Labour’s position towards stronger support for a second public vote.
Shadow chancellor indicates Labour will back a referendum on any deal that is agreed by parliament. / Politicians will move heaven and earth to prevent the country leaving the EU with no deal, John McDonnell has said, adding that such an outcome would be catastrophic for the economy.
Foreign secretary admits there is 'wind in the sails' of pro-referendum campaigners.
Motion likely to be voted on when Theresa May puts her revised Brexit deal before the Commons next week.
Britain’s Labour party will whip its MPs to back a second Brexit referendum rather than offer a free vote, its shadow chancellor John McDonnell, has said.
Shadow chancellor says MPs will be whipped to support plan to give public Final Say on EU withdrawal.
John McDonnell has said Labour is “moving towards” backing a second referendum and said a backbench plan to secure one “could be a solution”.
Shadow chancellor says MPs will 'have to go back to the people' if compromise deal cannot be agreed.