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Scottish politicians react angrily to PM calling it Tony Blair’s ‘biggest mistake’
Boris Johnson has come under fire for reportedly telling a virtual meeting of Conservative MPs that devolution had been a "disaster" in Scotland.
Lord Heseltine, who wrote a report called Empowering English Cities in 2019, told Econ Film’s CoronaNomics show that the picture is “infinitely depressing”.
Peers will launch bid to block legislation until it’s been approved by Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
The legislation begins its passage through the House of Lords on Monday and is likely to be heavily amended.
Archbishops warn bill could ‘further undermine trust and goodwill’ among home nations.
'Yet a no deal outcome would still have profound implications for the uK. as we analyse in what follows, from trade to connectivity to foreign policy to cooperation in policing, a failure to strike an agreement with the eu will impact on us in numerous ways.'
ONE-THIRD of voters are more likely to back independence in a future referendum as a result of the UK Government’s “power grab” Internal Market Bill, according to the super-sized poll commissioned by Progress Scotland.
The UK Education Secretary has refused to rule out the possibility Westminster will use its post-Brexit powers to impose tuition fees on Scots students.
A protest against the UK Internal Market Bill will be held outside the UK Government’s headquarters in Edinburgh today.
Lord Neuberger condemns internal market bill for exempting some of its powers from legal challenge
Brexit Research by EU Law @ Liverpool - This briefing paper examines those provisions of the United Kingdom Internal Market Bill (“UKIM” / “the Bill”) specifically relating to internal UK trade; together with their potential impacts upon the devolution settlements in Scotland and Wales.
UK ministers are granting themselves powers to spend on infrastructure in Wales.
Plans for a new law giving the UK government more powers to spend in Wales will be published on Wednesday.
Government ignored legal advice over proposed withdrawal agreement changes.
The Welsh Government's approach to agreeing post-Brexit legislation with the UK government is "high-risk and flawed", a report has said.
CAMPAIGNERS have vowed to step up their fight to protect the NHS after a legal bid to prevent it being “on the table” in post-Brexit trade deals was voted down by Tory MPs.
HELENSBURGH, Scotland (Reuters) - James Henderson has spent most of his life fiercely opposed to Scottish independence. Now, reluctantly he is backing it.
Proposals denounced as 'power grab' by Scottish National Party.
A growing number of Welsh citizens now favour an independent Wales, thanks partly to Plaid Cymru’s decision to position itself as a Remain party.
Senior figures in Scotland and Wales warn Brexit is bringing a ‘statutory fist crashing down’.
Policy on devolved issues should return to the Scottish Parliament on the day the UK leaves its Brexit transition period with the EU, according to a committee of MSPs.