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Earlier this week, a bus was burnt out in Newtownards in an attack politicians linked to loyalist opposition to the protocol.
Disorder has again broken out in Belfast during protests against the Brexit protocol.
Missiles and fireworks thrown at demonstration in loyalist area with trouble also on nationalist side of peace wall.
Former MP says problem is not sausages but ‘porkies’ from Downing Street.
The Agriculture Minister said he can ‘absolutely and totally stand over the decision to temporarily remove staff’ following reports of threats.
Molotov cocktails and barricades have returned to Northern Ireland. The conflict there is 4 centuries old. But Brexit is the new reason why the situation has reached the boiling point in what had been an era of peace.
Unionists criticised for ‘incendiary’ rhetoric as dozens of officers injured in days of unrest.
The relocation of the Port of Larne worker and his family is believed to be the first following a death threat from terrorists since 2011
The government is facing fresh criticism over the Northern Ireland Protocol amid warnings it obstructs the "free movement" of the military.
The Justice Minister Naomi Long has condemned those behind a hoax bomb threat at her constituency office.
‘Some sections of the community are starting to sense they are sitting on a powder keg’
Police are monitoring "stress" and "growing discontent" within unionist communities over the Irish Sea border.
Police in Northern Ireland are expecting Boris Johnson's Brexit agreement to trigger protests in Northern Ireland, MPs have been told.
A Brexit deal which is seen to threaten the union between Britain and Northern Ireland could lead to civil disorder by loyalists, the head of the Police Service of Northern Ireland has warned.
We've put arrangements in place to maximise our own ability to stand on our own two feet,' says assistant chief constable.
PSNI assistant chief constable George Clarke says no deal could be a "clarion call" for violent dissident republicans.
The Chief Constable Simon Byrne has told Boris Johnson the PSNI will not police any customs checkpoints on the Northern Ireland border after Brexit.
Simon Byrne says his officers could be killed if they had to patrol border checkpoints.
A no-deal Brexit could prompt a year-long upsurge in dissident republican violence in Northern Ireland, a senior police commander has said.
A no-deal Brexit could increase the risk of attacks on police officers in Northern Ireland, the head of the country's police force has said.
NEW Chief Constable Simon Byrne has warned of the dangers a hard Brexit poses to the stability of Northern Ireland.
Simon Byrne said worst-case scenario would see farms going bust and potential unrest.
David Sterling’s comments come as report says 40,000 jobs are at risk in region.
Everyone should worry about no deal, the civil servant who was, until March, head of the Brexit department has said.
‘Everybody should be worried about what happens in a no-deal situation,’ Philip Rycroft says in interview with BBC Panorama.