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UK PM Boris Johnson had been wildly happy about his new EU exit deal; then he introduced a law undermining both it, and the last round of trade negotiations. Speaking with two former permanent secretaries of the UK’s EU exit department, Matt Ross asks whether Johnson is applying firm leverage – or deliberately sabotaging the trade talks.
SF MLA says changes to withdrawal deal would drive ‘coach and horses’ through Belfast Agreement.
Mr Raab goes to Washington, Mr Miliband goes to town on Mr Johnson in another busy, busy Brexit week. Europe Editor Tony Connelly, London Correspondent Seán Whelan and Deputy Foreign Editor Colm Ó Mongáin look at the continuing external waves being made by the Internal Market Bill and go-slow negotiations.
Ursula von der Leyen says EU will ‘never backtrack’ on withdrawal agreement.
Remarks come as foreign secretary Dominic Raab visits Washington for meetings with senior US politicians.
MPs claim failure to implement a robust customs regime in Northern Ireland will lead to international criminals, including drug traffickers, making plans to target a soft border.
Special trade arrangements will apply from 1 January whether Johnson strikes deal or not.
EU negotiator signals future relationship negotiations are on course for acrimonious start.
As the EU and UK continue to prepare for the trade negotiations, there are clear signs that all is not well when it comes to implementing the divorce part of Brexit, in particular the Irish Protocol.
EU and UK negotiators reach a new Brexit agreement that would avoid a hard border.
New IRA says border infrastructure would be ‘legitimate target for attack’. In an interview with Channel 4 News, the group said it was committed to ‘armed actions’ against border infrastructure – and ‘the people who are manning them’.
Richard Neal says US is a ‘guarantor’ of agreement and will not see it compromised.
The Chairman of the US House of Representatives' Ways and Means Committee has issued a fresh warning that there will be no trade deal between the US and the UK if Brexit leads to the return of a hard border.
Survey reveals devastating emotional impact as people in area fear return of hard border.
South Armagh people unsure of impact on them if UK crashes out of EU.
The director of Europe’s oldest research centre on terrorism is “extremely worried” about the prospect of a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.
Britain imports radioactive isotopes to detect and cure cancer. Border chaos at Dover would make them useless in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
Ireland’s Leo Varadkar says PM’s pledge of no hard border contradicts written proposal.
Downing Street beats a hasty retreat after leak shows backsliding on Good Friday Agreement pledges. / There is near-unanimous political outrage in Ireland over a leaked British government plan to throw up a “buffer zone” with customs posts on the Irish border. Parties across the political spectrum branded it “out of the question”.
THE Tory peer who for the past decade was his party’s most senior adviser on Northern Ireland has warned of adverse consequences for the union if Boris Johnson fails to strike a deal with the EU.
Simon Byrne says his officers could be killed if they had to patrol border checkpoints.
Economic and political disenfranchisement are key drivers in the current swell of political violence in Northern Ireland, writes Séamas O'Reilly.
EU says prime minister presented no real proposals and seems to seek return of hard border in Ireland.