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Former Conservative Party chairman says on BBC Question "this is a word one isn’t supposed to use anymore" in attack on UK's problems.
'However, Britain’s current political and economic prospects look grim. To say this is not to be unreasonably pessimistic, but simply to face facts.'
Britons must look at themselves calmly and honestly, recognizing the tough times that lie ahead and the changes needed to get the country back on track. Unfortunately, the country's political leaders remain unwilling to treat voters like grown-ups.
Under current PM, government is not Conservative but English Nationalist, says Chris Patten.
Britain’s institutions, economic prospects, constitution and future are all at risk — but the delusion and lies continue
Five years after the Brexit vote, the costs of that decision are becoming clearer.
Former MP says problem is not sausages but ‘porkies’ from Downing Street.
Lord Patten said while he hoped for the best for the UK’s future, “I do fear for the worst”
Tobias Ellwood, chair of Parliament’s defence committee, voiced his concern with the plans, but a former Navy chief defended the suggestion.
Boris Johnson to reveal whether negotiations are over – plunging trade with EU into turmoil in 19 days’ time
Dr Amanda Kramer, Brexit Law NI, on the pervasive sense of unease around Brexit in Northern Ireland. She says loyalists fear the growing discussion around Irish unity, dissident republicans see Brexit as a colonial scourge and a "gift from God". / Lord Patten not optimistic about British chances of cutting trade deals nor impressed with Brexiteer solutions to avoid hard borders.
'The idea that creating a fake traffic jam will show the EU we are ready for a no deal is just plain stupid'
Declaration will make him latest Tory grandee to emerge as supporter of People’s Vote. / Chris Patten, the former Conservative party chairman, is to declare support for a second referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.