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Probably not the anniversary present the government was hoping to offer the public.
Lidl has blamed empty shelves at some of its stores on "disruptions to supply chain networks".
Fears of ‘unimaginable’ supply chain collapse triggered by 60,000-strong shortfall of HGV drivers.
Calls to bring in the army to help ease the UK’s worsening driver shortage have been rebuffed by industry associations seeking “long-term sustainable solutions”.
Since the transition period ended, shops supplying British groceries say they have struggled with extra paperwork and import difficulties.
The European Union has agreed to allow the United States, Canada and Norway to join one of its military initiatives aimed at speeding up the deployment of troops and equipment around Europe.
First Minister Arlene Foster has called on Defence Secretary Ben Wallace to act.
First Minister says issues about symbolism and practicality.
The government is facing fresh criticism over the Northern Ireland Protocol amid warnings it obstructs the "free movement" of the military.
A government dossier leaked to the press has revealed that the military may be called in to airdrop food and patrol parts of the UK if it is hit by a no-deal Brexit and a second coronavirus wave at the same time.
Contingencies drawn up for ‘no deal’ Brexit.
The PM's controversial top aide will reportedly tour some of Britain's most highly classified national security sites as a review prepares to reshape billions of military spending.
UK government rejects ‘clunky institutional framework’ for foreign policy cooperation.
Commonwealth troops who earn less than the £25,600-a-year minimum salary threshold could be locked out under the rules - unless an exemption is carved out for them.
United States' last three formal defence reviews predicated on assumption Britain will never again fight a war without its help.
Cabinet secretary Sir Mark Sedwill says emergency contingency plans are needed.
Operation Redford involves having 3,500 troops on stand-by.
Some 3,500 troops held 'at readiness' to aid in contingency plans.
The Defence Secretary's comments in a speech reportedly led to the cancellation of a trade trip.
We asked EU law specialist Professor Michael Dougan, about the frequent claim that remaining in the EU would mean getting involved in an "EU army".
Britain has begun stockpiling food, fuel, spare parts and ammunition at military bases in Gibraltar, Cyprus and the Falklands in case of a no-deal Brexit, Sky News has learnt.
Ministry of Defence significantly steps up deployment of armed forces as EU withdrawal date edges closer.
Deal or no deal, here are the issues that need fixing by March 29.
This week Graham is joined in the pub by Steve Gavin from Veterans for Europe and Cosi Doerfel Hill of the In Limbo project. We discuss British servicemen and women whose lives have been impacted by the blithe cruelty that is #Brexit.
Ex-Nato chief accuses ministers of ‘clumsy’ approach after letter triggering article 50 appeared to threaten defence cooperation