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UK agriculture is highly exposed to serious diseases imported from Europe, including African swine fever (ASF), because of a failure to get new border control posts (BCPs) operational before July 2022, a senior vet has warned.
The latest Food and Drink Federation (FDF) trade snapshot in the UK has made for sobering reading, revealing that export trade with our nearest neighbours across market segments was down by 13.1% against figures from three years ago, at £20.2 billion.
Sharp fall in qualified professionals needed to sign off health certificates for products going to EU.
British companies say EU customers have walked away from them because of the new red tape.
New post-Brexit border paperwork coming into force in July is expected to cost UK food companies millions of pounds, according to a trade body.
Inflation is rising, worker shortages are grinding us down and consumers are hurting, but No.10 is introducing measures which will make the situation worse
Many Scottish food and drink suppliers plan to decrease or stop exports to the EU amid the regulatory fallout from Brexit, an industry survey suggests.
An Opinium poll also found that 42% of people who voted Leave in 2016 had a negative view of how it had turned out.
Industry chiefs and experts tell i the introduction of customs controls could also affect small businesses, some of which could be forced to pay tariffs.
SOME of Scotland’s most important exports have seen costly reductions in sales to other countries, research has revealed.
Figures reveal impact of Brexit and pandemic, with £2.7bn fall blamed largely on 24% drop in sales to bloc
Food and drink firms are seeing "terrifying" price rises, a sector trade body has said, warning of a knock-on effect for consumers.
‘In two years’ time you are all going to realise Brexit was bigger news than Covid,’ warns Justin King.
Export health certificates on food from the EU will now only be needed from July 1 next year - instead of October 1 under previous plans - after a crisis of lost lorry drivers and empty shelves.
The Food and Drink Federation said Lord Frost's latest delay "penalises those who follow government advice".
THE boss of the Food and Drink Federation has said that the days when UK consumers could expect to pick up nearly whatever product they want whenever they want from supermarket shelves are "over".
Ian Wright, who leads the Food and Drink Federation, said that things are going to get worse before they get better.
JAMES BALL examines the areas where Britain is now feeling the painful consequences of its departure from the EU.
First-half sales fall £2bn, says industry body, as barriers are compounded by staff shortages.
Sales to Germany, Spain and Italy all dropped by more than a third in the past year.
Food and drink exports from the UK have plummeted due to a sharp drop in trade with the EU after Brexit, according to fresh research published today.
Labour said the revelations "blow apart" the "myth" that UK-EU trade disruption is a temporary problem.
A lack of lorry drivers, abattoir staff and fruit pickers caused by Brexit is threatening both consumers’ pockets and meat such as turkeys and pigs in blankets.
Shortage caused by Brexit and the pandemic, Road Haulage Association says.