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The United Kingdom has passed the point of no return. It has less than six months to reach a new trade deal with the European Union or risk heaping more pressure on companies that are already laying off tens of thousands of workers because of the coronavirus pandemic.
'Obviously if we can’t then we will have the very good option also of an Australian-style arrangement,' says PM.
EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier complained of lack of respect and engagement by UK
The European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator rejected the U.K.’s latest proposals for financial firms to do business with the 27-nation bloc after Brexit, accusing Britain of trying to keep as many of the benefits of the single market as it can.
Deadline to agree regulatory equivalence for financial services and allow business after Brexit likely to be missed.
British minister says North’s businesses won’t need exit summary declarations when they send goods to rest of the UK.
On 7 October last year, there was a defining phone call between Boris Johnson and Angel Merkel.
Commission president draws attention to less well-known area where two sides are at odds.
Michel Barnier accuses UK of "backtracking" on commitments but government sources accuse EU of offering only a "binary choice".
"In all areas, the U.K. continues to backtrack," says EU Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier, accusing Boris Johnson's government of distancing itself from the political declaration previously agreed with the bloc
EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier has accused the UK of "backtracking" on its commitments in the latest round of post-Brexit trade talks.
The EU fears that the UK government is deliberately stalling on Brexit trade deal negotiations, and may secretly be aiming to exit European trade arrangements without first agreeing a new deal.
The U.K. needs to be “more realistic” in its demands as trade talks with the European Union continue this week, according to the bloc’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier.
‘The UK has been taking three steps back from the original commitments,’ says EU negotiator.
EU’s Michel Barnier writes to opposition leader repeating offer of two-year extension.
EU chief negotiator blasts back at UK counterpart's letter.
'I remain convinced that with mutual respect and constructive engagement by the #UK across the board, on all issues of the negotiating table, we can move forward in the limited available time.'
The EU's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, has been told there is "significant opposition" to the United Kingdom Government's refusal to consider extending the timetable for talks.
The downbeat assessment comes as EU negotiator Michel Barnier describes the latest round of negotiations as "disappointing".
But EU warns UK does not understand position it has got itself into.
The EU's chief negotiator says the UK has yet to lay out its approach to implementing the Northern Ireland part of the Brexit deal.
The UK government has confirmed to the EU it will enhance inspection posts at Northern Ireland's ports in order to deliver on the Brexit deal.