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UK nationals (living in the EU27)


There are over 2.5m BRITISH people living in countries of the EU-27. Many of them were denied a vote in the EU referendum.
Uncertainty over UK citizens’ future status is prompting some European employers to steer clear.
Reciprocal scheme in which NHS reimburses cost of treatment will cease under a no-deal Brexit.
There are more than 116,470 British people living in Germany. Many of them have put roots down here, others are working, some are studying or travelling. All of them are affected by Brexit. We listened to their stories.
Brits abroad and EU citizens could be stripped of their voting rights in local elections if we can't secure a deal.
Unregistered British expatriates living in Spain are close to breaching the 90-day limit on their visa and must leave by March 31 or risk being fined as an illegal immigrant and possibly banned from returning.
After Britain leaves the European Union some 900 Britons serving on local councils in France will also have to give up their seat at the table. / Britons in France have the right to vote in local elections and stand for election ... But in leaving the bloc Britain will forfeit that right ... British residents will no longer be able to represent the communities some have served for years.
There are just over four months left to make the obligatory application. Here are some key tips for those yet to apply.
It’s tragic how little the British public was informed about the benefits of free movement, or of the variety of things they would stand to lose upon Britain’s departure from the EU.
ABTA has written to Lord Frost Minister of State highlighting the needs of the travel industry in the UK’s future relationships with the EU post Brexit. The letter raises the very serious challenges relating to labour mobility owing to restrictions on temporary entry of tourism workers across the EU...
This is consequence of UK's sole sovereign decision to withdraw from EU, says bloc's top court.
Brits in several municipalities discover biometric data for new residency cards ‘can only be processed in Lisbon’.
Home Office says in letter that it cannot give unilateral assurances until status of Britons in other EU countries is protected.
Michel Barnier said in his letter to the Brexit secretary that citizens’ rights could not be picked apart from the withdrawal agreement.
Research finds more insecurity for poorer Britons, women and those in poor health.
Gibraltar has been caught between a rock and a hard place since the UK quit the EU.
The Court of Justice of the European Union has listed the inability of British nationals to vote or stand as a candidate in municipal elections in the EU state they are residing as one of the many Brexit consequences.
Scots expats are worried about their right to stay there, their careers and a lack of information.
Thousands will wake up on Thursday as illegal aliens as a post-Brexit limit on time spent in the EU kicks in.
Underrepresented and alienated, the reality of Britons in Europe post-Brexit is far from appealing.
More than 14,000 UK citizens living in Germany took up citizenship in 2019, accounting for 23 per cent of those eligible.
Some British expats are “deliberately” ignoring strict rules to leave Spain despite new laws meaning those who decide to live “under the radar” could face deportation or fines.
Prior to the 2016 referendum on leaving, polling consistently showed that people in Britain had previously given little thought to the European Union. But a survey of British people living in Europe and UK-resident EU citizens conducted by our team at the universities of Birmingham and Lancaster suggests Brexit has triggered a profound shift.
Two British pensioners who followed their dream to move to France to be near their daughter have told how the fall of the pound since the referendum has left them hard up and now they cannot afford to stay.
Brexit has sparked major changes in migration decisions, equivalent to the impact of a serious economic or political crisis, according to a pioneering joint study between the Oxford-in-Berlin research partnership and the WZB Social Sciences Center Berlin.
A study has suggested that the complicated process of securing a visa to live in Spain was putting Britons off.
Charities in several countries in Europe have been handed government funding to help vulnerable residents apply for post-Brexit residency.
Brexpats - Hear Our Voice, (BHOV), is a pro-EU group, campaigning for the preservation of rights of British nationals in the EU. We also support EU citizens in the UK.
Welcome to the website of the community group of British immigrants living in Luxembourg established in July 2016 in response to the Brexit referendum. We aim to be your one-stop shop for news about your citizens’ rights post-Brexit, updates on the negotiations and life in Luxembourg.
Investigating police in Tenerife are investigating four Brits who are said to have presented fake "padron" certificates, which allow people to stay in Spain after Brexit.
Campaign group Bremain in Spain has accused some British expats of "burying their heads in the sand" despite the Withdrawal Agreement ushering a stricter policy on foreigners living in the EU.
Problems are mounting for thousands of Britons in Spain and the rest of Europe who chose not to apply for residency after Brexit.
British citizens in the EU after Brexit reports on the responses of 1328 British citizens who currently live in an EU/EEA member state to the survey ‘Migration and Citizenship after Brexit’.
"The British government has left us out in the cold," says Terence Knott. He's the man behind EUBritizens, an action group of British people living in Europe whose lives have changed dramatically due to Brexit.
Brits now can only stay without a permit in most EU countries for 90 days out of every 180 days.
A group of British nationals living in Spain were denied re-entry to the country and forced to return on a flight back to the UK after a dispute over post-Brexit paperwork at the airport.
Thousands of undocumented British expats in Spain are heading back to the UK as they fear being fined or deported as a result of post-Brexit immigration rules in the southern European country.
A British travel writer hit by rising property prices in Portugal says the government’s recent crackdown is targeting the wrong people.
Just 6.2 per cent backed Boris Johnson’s party in last year’s election – throwing doubt on whether he will carry out pledge to abolish time limit on expat voting.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has few friends in the Breton village of Gouarec, where over a quarter of its population is British. Many are anxious about the prospect of a no-deal Brexit, which leaves their access to healthcare and pension entitlement in question.
British in Europe is the largest coalition group of British citizens living and working in Europe. With representation across the whole continent, we actively campaign for the rights of UK citizens in the EU and support EU citizens in the UK.
Phillip Russell says he filed his paperwork just four days late, yet has failed in his appeal.
Will Hill, 37, is heartbroken to be leaving behind his cybersecurity career and his fiancee, Ida Bøgelund Larsen in Denmark due to post-Brexit rules
British nationals living in the Netherlands have been dropped from draft legislation which would allow dual nationality for people affected by the Brexit chaos.
Retirees suffer ‘real hardship’ and fear Brexit will impoverish them further, says Jeremy Morgan QC
Philip Russell, a British national, was four days late with his residency application early this year. It would appear he has paid the ultimate price for his country’s decision to leave the EU.
Lack of information has left thousands of expats confused about status, study shows.
‘We expect non-residents to take steps to return to the UK as soon as they can,’ says British ambassador to Spain
Immigration authorities have told the family they plan to deport Kathleen Poole after 18 years in the county.
Loss of free movement rights means UK workers not suitable for many professional roles.
Tens of thousands have yet to apply for post-Brexit residence in countries with 30 June cut-off date.
Up to 1 million British people living in the EU may have to take new driving tests after a no-deal Brexit if they do not exchange their UK licence for a European one before 29 March, the government has said.
A no-deal Brexit would be catastrophic for UK citizens in the EU. No wonder they spoiled Boris Johnson’s press conference.
Requirements and costs of staying put abroad after Brexit vary across EU member states.
Campaigners are concerned UK nationals may need insurance to remain in some countries
Britons dismayed by the loss of their European Union citizenship next year as a result of Brexit will have their complaints reviewed by the EU’s top court following a ruling by a Dutch judge on Wednesday.
Britons living in Portugal are complaining of being deprived of access to basic rights such as healthcare, employment and social security because they have not been issued with post-Brexit residency cards.
Furious Brits were reportedly turned away from a Ryanair flight from Manchester and Spain as expats face confusion caused by Brexit and a Covid travel ban.
Thousands of Brits residing in the EU have been informed by UK banks that their EU-based bank accounts will soon be shut.
BRITISH nationals living in Catalonia are stuck in a post-Brexit legal limbo with lengthy battles to secure the identity cards needed for them to remain.
“When your own government screws you over, forgets about you, and essentially makes you out to be a traitor to your own country, British in Europe were there for us," one Brit in the EU has said.
Hundreds of UK nationals who moved to Portugal before the end of the Brexit deadline are being caught out by delays in the processing of their residency applications.
“It’s scary stuff when you consider that British applicants might have sold up in the UK to buy their dream home here, shipped all their furniture and belongings over and their pets - what do they do?” a representative for British immigrants in Spain said.
When the Brexit transition period expired on 31 December 2020, British citizens lost their EU citizenship status. As a result, we became third-country nationals, with visits to Europe now limited to stays of 90 days in any 180-day period. That’s not just in one EU country, but all of them combined.
British citizens’ rights to live in member states change dramatically from 1 January 2021
Outward migration also rises significantly, with emigrants prepared to take more risks.
The Court of Justice of the European Union has confirmed that UK citizens no longer possess EU citizenship after it was asked to rule on the topic by a British woman living in France.
The amendment tabled on Tuesday morning by the Tory backbencher Alberto Costa seeks to ringfence the rights of all British nationals settled in the EU as well as EU citizens in the UK, regardless of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.
Rise in home working has led to people swapping small city flats for Spanish villas during the pandemic. / Mr Dell also says many younger people are moving to Spain to seek residency in a European State and regaining the rights they enjoyed on the continent before Brexit.
"I don't think anyone expected the rug to be pulled from under them so quickly."
Organisations using UK state funds to help vulnerable Britons with Brexit red tape are having to rethink the ways they can help due to Covid-19.
Britons living in the EU who return to the UK after Brexit will be able to bring non-British family members until the end of March 2022.
A Brexit deadline is looming that could see thousands of Britons who made EU countries their homes forced to return to the UK.
It has been claimed that the 1969 Vienna Convention would protect ‘acquired rights’ for estimated half a million Britons in France - but can this be relied on?
Any British national with right to live in the Netherlands on 29 March can continue to live there
Expat Citizen Rights in EU - 'ECREU' - is a lobby and self help group set up to make sure your rights are foremost in the minds of those negotiating your future within the EU.
Government’s home affairs spokesman in Lords suggests it is unclear how EU citizens’ immigration status would be affected by vote to leave.
A group of lawyers and interested citizens have now come together to bring a case to the Court of Justice of the European Union to confirm that EU Citizenship is a Permanent Status.
A ruling by the European Court of Justice on the Dutch nationality law raises new hopes for British residents in the European Union who wish to remain EU citizens after Brexit, legal experts say.
The European Union’s top court says British citizens living in the 27 EU member countries have no right to vote or stand for office in the bloc unless they have obtained a European nationality.
Eurocitizens 15/06/2021
We defend EU citizenship rights to live, work and study: for UK nationals in Spain and Spanish nationals in the UK. / Defendemos los derechos de ciudadanía europea (para vivir, trabajar, estudiar etc.) de los británicos en España y los españoles en el Reino Unido.
The BBC has been contacted by British expats from across the world who say their postal voting forms have arrived late, or not at all.
"The evidence we received makes very clear that the doctrine of acquired rights under public international law will provide little, if any, effective protection for former EU rights once the UK withdraws from the EU." - Conclusion to Ch. 6
A British councillor who was among hundreds disappointed at being unable to stand for re-election due to Brexit has had some good news.
UK nationals who have lived in Spain for more than six months will no longer be able to use their DVLA-issued licences.
Irish companies employing UK nationals working in other EU member states are being alerted to changes arising from Brexit which mean that their employees are now subject to potential work permission requirements.
Brexit and the end of free movement between the UK and the EU has had notable consequences for family life, particularly for mixed British-European families whether they are living in the UK or Europe.
A new website for applications for special new 'Brexit deal' residency cards for Britons in France will open in early July 2020 says the French government.
The number of Britons getting their hands on citizenship from an EU country nearly doubled in 2019, latest data reveals.
Germany has extended the grace period by which British citizens were allowed to live and work in Germany after Brexit without any documentation.
The £4.5m advertising campaign will include plans to spur Brits into taking action to prepare for the end of the transitional period in December
Pro-EU group New Europeans which has championed a ‘European green card’ scheme to safeguard free movement rights post-Brexit is hoping for a boost after it received a prestigious European award.
Government pledges £150m for those not covered by reciprocal arrangements if UK crashes out.
It is easier and cheaper to recruit from Australia and New Zealand, says business owner in the Alps.
Long-term citizens alarmed at letter saying they risk losing rights to work and healthcare unless they apply for post-Brexit status.
More than 350,000 UK citizens have opted to apply for post-Brexit insurance policy since 2016.
I’ve never considered myself trapped anywhere in almost 20 years of living in eight different countries. But Brexit has changed everything.
On the surface, 31 January is just another date. But for people like me, it brings feelings of loss, confusion, anger and sadness, writes Candy Scobling.
British people in France have raised concern about their job prospects after Brexit after several jobs ads were spotted specifying that UK passport holders would not be considered.
A leaked EU document lays bare for the first time the differences in how British nationals will be treated by the bloc’s member states after a no-deal Brexit, with two countries emphasising that requests to stay could be rejected on public order and security grounds.
French President Emmanuel Macron has written a letter to Britons on the occasion of Brexit seeking to give reassurance that France will still be home to the many British people in France.
Families with one partner from the United Kingdom and another one from the European countries have revealed they haven’t yet adjusted to new changes coming as a result of Brexit, which marked the UK officially leaving the EU back in 2020.
A major consequence has been to the rights of British nationals to move freely around Europe to travel, live and work; especially so for those with holiday homes who now find themselves limited to 90 days in every 180.
Parliament on Wednesday voted in favour of new rules aimed at protecting the rights of UK citizens living and working in Sweden before the Brexit transition period ends at the turn of the year.
Her [Theresa May's] plans for EU citizens in a no-deal Brexit scenario has been criticised by Alberto Costa, a loyalist MP who works as a parliamentary private secretary for David Mundell, the Scottish secretary. Mr Costa will table a motion to protect the right of three million EU citizens in the UK and one million UK citizens in the event of no deal.
A no deal Brexit could see between 50,000 and 250,000 British expats return to the UK from the European Union, a leaked government memo has revealed. The internal document, shared with Buzzfeed News, suggests government officials are preparing for a sudden rush of citizens to return home if Britain crashes out of the EU without a negotiated
Residency, work and healthcare rights would be ‘in pieces’ for years, says senior EU official.
The number of people who have decided to give up their UK citizenship has increased since the country decided to leave the EU, data obtained by the Independent has shown.
The numbers are currently six times what they were a decade ago - with Brexit making life for Brits abroad increasingly complicated.
Crisis has led to 500% increase in Britons taking up citizenship in an EU state
A British pensioner battling an aggressive form of cancer has told of his fears for the future over health coverage for Britons in France.
The House of Lords’ European affairs committee has urged the Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, Suella Braverman, to tackle post-Brexit travel problems, taking also into account issues with border officials as well as the new European Union visa system.
Rally 4 Our Rights 12/10/2019
Where does it end? How many rights will they have to take away? How many lives will they have to ruin? How many families will they have to break before they are finished?
Rebordering Britain and Britons after Brexit is an innovative research project exploring the long-term impacts of Brexit on migration between the EU and UK to uncover what this reveals about Britain’s migration story and future.
We provide information about residency and citizens’ rights for UK citizens who established residency in France prior to the 31st December 2020, and for their family members who plan to join them after that date.
The UK’s Brexit Minister has written to the EU encouraging it to agree to ‘ring-fence’ the rights of Britons living abroad in the EU and EU citizens abroad in the UK – however contrary to some reports, the EU has issued no response to this as yet.
There was a 30 per cent rise in people handing over their British passports in 2021.
Ryanair is planning to delist from the London Stock Exchange in coming months due to a fall in trading volumes there, executives said on Monday, dealing another blow to London's status as a global financial center after Brexit.
A mix of sadness, relief and desire to move on has greeted the UK election results among groups representing EU nationals in the UK and British residents in the EU.
A British man working as a security guard in France has said he risks losing his job because of a Brexit-related admin issue.
Two recent UK Constitutional Law Association blogs (see here and here) have highlighted the importance of rights in the context of the UK’s referendum on EU membership, and indeed within EU law more generally.
Thousands of British expats are unable to obtain driving licences – and some say the isolation and difficulty of not being able to drive has harmed their health.
EU rules post-Brexit limit UK nationals to maximum 90-day stay per 180 days.
Spain is poised to approve a new law containing contingency plans in the event that Britain crashes out of the European Union on March 29th without ratifying the Withdrawal Agreement.
The Spanish government has already passed a royal decree that covers nearly all areas of daily life for the more than 300,000 Britons officially registered in the country, but wants to see London respond in kind.
Support group will pass on data to British Embassy as application deadline of June 30 approaches.
Recent data from the official statistical office of the European Union, Eurostat, has shown that Sweden has expelled more British nationals than any other country in the bloc since Brexit.
Desperate Brits trying to stay in the EU post-Brexit have been accused of creating 'fake documents', and an arrest has been made in Tenerife.
British expats are known for sticking together when they move abroad, but new rules have provided a challenge – and an opportunity to integrate.
Many Brexiters, including the prime minister, are in denial about the cruelty that their choices have already inflicted on millions of people.
My amendment is to the Immigration Bill is asking members of the House of Lords to protect the freedom of Britons for decades to come.
How has the recruitment of UK-based teachers by international schools in Europe been affected by Brexit?
Thousands of British citizens may be waiting for family permits to be able to move to the UK, but the Home Office reportedly rejected freedom of information requests and parliamentary questions on data from the former Brexit select committee chair, Hilary Benn.
British Ambassador Andrew Noble has appealed to thousands of UK nationals in Romania to get their new post-Brexit residence documents before the Dec. 31 deadline and apply for a Romanian driving license.
UK nationals are struggling to adjust to new rules that follow Brexit – the act that marked the UK’s official exit from the European Union.
British nationals who have retired to EU countries including Spain and France will no longer have their healthcare covered by the NHS in the event of no Brexit deal, the government has said.
The UN is preparing for a project to help vulnerable British people in France through the issues thrown up by Brexit.
A SCOT who has been imprisoned for a month in Barcelona after Brexit rendered him a “flight risk” is likely to face his 31st birthday still incarcerated – before his case comes to trial.
Campaigners for British citizens in Europe say they are being treated as nonentities by Boris Johnson in his race to get Brexit over the line.
If not, and the vote is to exit, it will be no good saying afterwards that “we didn’t understand what we were voting for” – the repeated complaint made by eurosceptics about the 1975 Referendum. By then it will be too late.
Brits living and working in other European Union countries fear for their future.
Crashing out of the EU would affect UK politics, the economy, security and millions of British and European migrants.
Worries are growing that thousands of Brits in rural France are still unaware of just how Brexit could impact them, especially in the event of a no-deal, because the UK government is not doing enough to reach them.
The Association of British Travel Agents has stepped up its campaign to try to allow labour mobility. It says there is a possible solution to the problem.
France opted not to ask under-18s in families living in France since before Brexit to hold residency cards, but this is causing issues at the border and for education and work, a support group says.
Spain hosts the largest contingent of Britons on the continent, and their rights are protected by royal decree, but many fear what comes if the UK doesn’t uphold its side of the deal.


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