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The UK regions and Nations which voted for Brexit have increased their dependence on the EU for manufacturing exports, while the European market remains the overwhelming favoured destination for the sector.
Research also reveals EU remains ‘overwhelmingly dominant’ destination for UK manufacturing exports.
The EU’s share of Wales’ export market has risen from 58% to 60%, despite a reduced dependence on the EU and opening up export markets with the rest of the world being a stated objective of the Brexit project.
A "perfect storm" of Brexit, covid and poor macroeconomic fiscal policies by the Conservatives has weakened Britain's economy and diminished the UK's standing in Europe, says economist Duncan Weldon.
The leader of Plaid Cymru Adam Price calls on Labour to make the positive case for the single market and customs union.
Boris Johnson’s rotten regime has not covered itself in glory. / For an un-jaundiced sense of how post-Brexit – sorry Global – Britain is viewed from abroad as the wheels fall off Boris Johnson’s rotten regime, Italy is a good place to start.
When the Brexit transition period ended, new barriers for UK-EU trade were introduced.
Boris Johnson must rebuild relationships with neighbours to ‘make Brexit work,’ says shadow foreign secretary.
Alexander Stubb says claim is ‘utter rubbish’ and dismisses ‘Global Britain’ idea.
‘Global Britain’ can only become a reality if Johnson rebuilds his links with European partners.
Continuing the letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg, reminding him – he seems to need reminding – of the many new opportunities created by Brexit.
The recent report from Fox’s Global Britain Commission sets out Britain’s productivity problem but offers no answers to it.
Despite its claims of exceptionalism and the freedom to succeed outside of the European Union, in reality, the UK is no longer in the room where it happens, says former British diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall.
While the UK has now left the EU, Cronofy is about to re-join. The UK government's plans to weaken data privacy laws is the final straw.
Britain will lose influence in international affairs after it leaves the EU, the outgoing president of the European council has said. Speaking at the College of Europe, Donald Tusk said Brexit would be the 'real end' of the British empire.
Prime minister called the claim ‘fake news’ - but leaked email to Foreign Office staff confirmed it.
Report by the European Council on Foreign Relations says that more people see bloc as a key partner than the US.
BREXIT, according to its backers, was meant to create endless opportunities. So far, however, the UK has failed to make the vote profitable, with the prospect of "global Britain" quickly fading according to recent data.
Our populist leaders boast of exceptionalism while continuing to corrode crucial alliances.
'Global Britain' could increase emissions by the equivalent of 44,000 transatlantic flights, research found.
Findings cast doubt on Boris Johnson commitment to climate action ahead of key summit, Commission claims.
My daughter is right: she should raise her children in Germany rather than Boris Johnson’s increasingly debased Britain.
Boris Johnson chronically confuses culture and economics of affair called Brexit.
Just seven months after singing its praises, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is attempting to rewrite the Brexit deal he signed with the European Union.
British lawmakers are voting on whether to overturn a big cut to the U.K.'s foreign aid budget.