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Boris Johnson will be remembered as a “pound shop Nigel Farage” if he votes against Rishi Sunak’s Brexit deal, Steve Baker has said.
MP Steve Baker has apologised for the "pain and difficulty" Brexit has caused to Wycombe residents.
A government minister has warned the Democratic Unionist Party that Rishi Sunak's Brexit deal is a good as it is going to get.
But, it’s worth remembering that all of the Conservatives who are now praising the Windsor Framework (Sunak’s tweaked version of the Northern Ireland Protocol) once extended the same excitement to Johnson’s original deal in 2019...
Boris Johnson agreed in the final hours of the Northern Ireland Protocol negotiations that there would be customs declarations on goods exiting Northern Ireland to Britain, despite the fact that just three weeks later he told businesses in the North there would be "no forms, no checks, no barriers of any kind…," according to a detailed new account of the protocol negotiations.
Northern Ireland minister’s proposal comes after PM denied plans for Swiss-style relationship with EU.
Northern Ireland Minister Steve Baker is seeking to renegotiate part of the Brexit trade agreement to fix problems caused by the Northern Ireland Protocol.
The North is facing another toxic, polarising and futile Assembly election.
The new Prime Minister was decisively on the side of those who claimed that the country would have a better future outside the EU.
Many Conservative party members will be wondering where they go from here. / There is talk of damage limitation and trying to save as many seats as possible in the next election.
Brexiteer Steve Baker, who is now a Northern Ireland Minister, has apologised for his 'ferocious' stance on negotiations with the EU.
The apologetic comments of Northern Ireland Minister Steve Baker are surprising and positive but not completely unexpected. Baker was waving a flag, in a wider diplomatic game.
Conservative MP Steve Baker has apologised for some of his behaviour towards Ireland and the EU during the Brexit process.
Taoiseach (Irish PM) Micheál Martin has welcomed an apology from Northern Ireland Minister Steve Baker over Brexit negotiations as "honest" and "very helpful".
Conservative minister Steve Baker has said he is “really sorry” to the EU for “not always behaving” in a way that did not foster trust.
“The reason the UK will have the lowest growth in the G7 next year is Brexit. We’re not going to reverse the decline until we begin to remove the barriers – economic, social, scientific – that we chose to erect with the rest of our continent. That’s not rocket science. Just say it.”
Ex-adviser to PM says flawed Brexit deal was way to ‘whack Corbyn’ and ‘of course’ government can break it.
Baker has joined the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a group that perpetuates “lies and falsehoods” over climate science.
Steve Baker MP makes comments at right-wing Libertarian Alliance conference in 2010.
There are good reasons to believe latest move is partly theatre, but there are hefty issues at stake.
A pro-Brexit minister and MPs have accused the Civil Service of pursuing a ‘Remain’ agenda. Steve Bullock, a former civil servant, argues that the consequences of undermining civil servants in this way are potentially disastrous.
The leader of the right-wing Tory pressure group the European Research Group (ERG) has stepped down.
Ian Taylor launches attack on Boris Johnson's "misleading" promise to "Get Brexit Done".
EU gives go-ahead to weekend meetings after PM appears to backtrack on customs stance.