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Exporters to the EU face 7,000-truck-long queues in Kent and two-day delays to trade after the Brexit transition period ends, the government has warned.
'For at the same time as attempting to relegate Brexit to distant memory, the government is also claiming all kinds of benefits from “having left the EU”.'
‘I didn’t vote to stand in a queue for over an hour [while] some jobsworth checks our passports’
Portsmouth and Dover have done what they can to prepare for no deal but say latest funding will make no difference
French customs staff stage work-to-rule to demonstrate March 29 reality. One border guard declared: 'This will be what it is like after Brexit. Back to 1970s.'
UK tourists to some of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations could face hours of delays because of additional entry checks at EU airports in a no-deal Brexit, an investigation has found.
Police fear the fallout from a "no-deal" Brexit could lead to "wide-scale disruption and dangers for the general public" and have warned they may not have the resources to cope.
Firms fear imports of raw materials will dry up or rise in price when Britain leaves the EU, survey says.
And it’s not just the town on the iconic white cliffs. The U.K.’s impending divorce from Europe could clog ports across the country.
The UK Trade Policy Observatory said even a new customs deal would inevitably lead to considerable disruption relative to the current frictionless cross-border goods trade with the EU