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A French official has warned that some ferries between the Channel Islands and France could stop running from next year unless post-Brexit rules requiring French passengers to have a passport are relaxed.
Each year, donations from the Channel Islands make their way across Europe to help some of the most vulnerable. / But Jersey charities say that Brexit has created an "absolute nightmare" of extra costs and added paperwork.
COVID and Brexit have left Guernsey businesses in a minefield, according to the newly-elected president of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce, Diane De Garis.
It has not even been five months since the end of the Brexit transition period and there have been armed patrol vessels in the Channel.
Yesterday the Channel Islands celebrated Liberation Day. Ben Gidley explains the grim realities of starving islanders and concentration camps.
The European Commission has said that Jersey's new regime for controlling fishing in its waters has broken the UK-EU Brexit deal.
Gunboats patrolling Jersey’s waters was avoidable, yet the fracas with France is one of many Brexit-related issues plaguing the fishing industry, David Hencke and Sian Norris report.
Jersey's External Relations Minister Ian Gorst tells LBC he "absolutely knew" post-Brexit arrangements would cause difficulties with tensions escalating as the fishing row continues.
Licences for French boats do not meet terms of deal agreed by Boris Johnson, says Brussels.
Tensions escalated as French military boat Athos arrived this morning, while two Royal Navy ships watched a flotilla of French fishing boats as they protest over fishing rights.
French minister raises electricity supply as point of leverage in dispute over access to UK waters.
The French government warned Tuesday that it was weighing reprisals after Britain set new rules governing access for French fishing boats near the Channel Islands, the latest skirmish in a deepening post-Brexit dispute.
France has called on the European Commission to intervene after rejecting Britain’s provisional changes to fishing licences under the Brexit agreement, which would affect fishing rights in the Channel Islands.
The French government on Monday lashed out at new regulations which Britain has declared for fishing in its waters near the Channel Islands, deeming them "null and void" in a deepening post-Brexit row.
UK overseas territories such as Cayman Islands also may lose protection once afforded by UK’s EU membership.
'There is no reason to extend parts of the UK Fisheries Bill to Jersey. The inclusion of a Permissive Extent Clause is unwanted and completely unnecessary. Jersey remains in full control of its fisheries legislation and territorial waters.'
The Government and its partner organisations, will be hosting a 2 day public event on Thursday 22 and Friday 23 October 2020, to advise Islanders and businesses how to prepare for the end of the Brexit Transition Period.
LABELLING issues and European exchange rates may make developing a French freight route difficult, two of the Island’s largest food retailers have said.
A leaked Cabinet Office document describes a possible disaster in the coming months.
Downing Street has played down the prospect of food and water shortages this winter if a no-deal Brexit coincides with a second wave of coronavirus.
Contingencies drawn up for ‘no deal’ Brexit.
Portsmouth and Dover have done what they can to prepare for no deal but say latest funding will make no difference
The Isle of Man is about to start a "journey into the unknown" after the UK voted to leave the European Union, Chief Minister Allan Bell said. People in the Crown dependencies of the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey could not vote as none of them are in the EU.