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Amid growing support for Britain to rejoin the EU, James O'Brien says those who are still claiming they are glad to have voted to leave are "lying to themselves".
The LBC presenter read out all the rights we could lose under Jacob Rees-Mogg's retained EU law bill and put them to Mick Lynch.
Looking for a handy list of disastrous Brexit consequences? Look no further (with a hat-tip to Mr James O’Brien!)
James O’Brien engages in an exhausting back-and-forth with this caller who struggles to justify why he voted for Brexit.
"They're going from claiming it was all a load of scaremongering, Remoaner, Project Fear nonsense to claiming that everybody knew that this was going to happen."
This is the moment James O'Brien reacts to former Brexit Secretary David Davis telling LBC that the haulage industry's failure to act has led to post-Brexit tanker and HGV driver shortages.
Today marks the fifth anniversary of the EU referendum and the Department for Education have encouraged schoolchildren to celebrate with the anthem "One Britain One Nation". James O'Brien gives his reaction.
James O'Brien reels off all the Brexit chaos - from the last two days.
This was James O'Brien's powerful reaction to UK firms saying they are being advised by the Government to set up in the EU to avoid trade disruption.
A Sunday bonus: the first of our two DEMOCALYPSE 2019 shows at the Leicester Square Theatre from Monday 23 Sept, in case you couldn’t make it or you want to “experience the magic” again. /
A Tory councillor was grilled by LBC host James O'Brien after he called into his radio show to claim Brexit would deliver an "astonishing advantage" by delivering many of the things the UK currently enjoys with its EU membership.
Many people have criticised the SNP for being against Brexit but for independence of their own. This articulate caller explained to James O'Brien why they are actually polar opposite.
Journalist Peter Oborne admitted to James that he had made a mistaken analysis. Now he thinks that fellow Brexiteers must swallow their pride and think again.
Matthew, from Dover, voted to Leave the EU in the 2016 EU referendum. Here he calls James O'Brien on LBC to apologise to Remainers and say that he would now vote Remain.
Conservative MP Dominic Raab has blocked James O’Brien on Twitter after the LBC host published a video dissecting his public comments.
James O’Brien received support over his Brexit explanation on the Irish backstop from an unlikely source... Theresa May.
This van driver gave a fascinating insight into how Brexit will affect business in Britain - leading some Brexiteers to admit they may have voted the wrong way.
A fruit and vegetable buyer for a major supermarket told James O'Brien the reality of how food supplies and prices would be affected in a no-deal Brexit - and it's not good news.
James O'Brien and Jacob Rees-Mogg clashed in spectacular fashion as they debated the Brexit vote.
A second referendum now looks like the only way to break the deadlock in Parliament, but it also offers a vital chance to bring the country together around what is best for the UK’s future and its young people. The Convention will prepare for what will be the most important public engagement of our times.
What kind of trade arrangements could the UK negotiate with the European Union after leaving? Newsnight's James O'Brien was joined by former Director-General of the World Trade Organisation Pascal Lamy, and Vote Leave's Andrea Leadsom to discuss.