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Government announces which tariffs will change after UK leaves single market.
The world moved a step closer to a free-for-all in international trade as Robert Azevedo, World Trade Organisation (WTO) director general, announces he plans to quit with over a year to go on his four-year contract.
Michel Barnier also accused Boris Johnson’s government of rowing back on commitments made in writing by Britain at the point before exit.
The Scottish government has called on Boris Johnson to extend the Brexit transition period by two years, as stalled trade talks restart.
Small towns in the Midlands and North are among the areas likely to suffer most from the bare-bones trade deal Boris Johnson is seeking with Brussels, according to a respected economic thinktank.
Jobs and industry 'in peril' if they face post-Brexit tariffs and delays, says top Tory.
Prime minister had claimed ‘Australia-style’ Brexit could be an option.
European commission chief picks out contradictions in UK approach to post-Brexit deal.
Martin Wolf: Britain’s demands for its negotiations with the EU are unrealistic.
Boris Johnson’s government is waging a war of words not against the EU but the British people.
Phil Hogan notes the EU does not have a deal with Australia.
Prime minister on course to strike only 'barest of bare bone deals' by end of 2020, think tank concludes - and failing to be upfront about 'trade-offs'.
Scottish foods that are sold in Europe could be hit by a 50%-plus price hike following Brexit, it has been claimed.
The UK must ensure that it retains access to the Single Market, has an open trading regime and maintains a stable regulatory framework with the European Union to minimise the impact of Brexit on the North East economy. This is the key conclusion of ‘Leaving the European Union’, a report by a powerful regional economic group says today.
The UK Chancellor said the Treasury would not lend support to manufacturers that favour EU rules.
Brussels rules out 'mutual recognition' of regulations between EU and UK ahead of talks.
Angry MPs say the move threatens jobs, the environment and the NHS in a cliff-edge crash-out on WTO terms.
The threat of a no-deal Brexit remains on the table, Boris Johnson has suggested, as he confirmed preparations for an exit to WTO terms will continue if he wins the election.
Institute for Fiscal Studies says it is 'plausible' to expect a £50 billion boost to UK economy if Brexit is cancelled.
The biggest crisis of Brexit to date actually still lies ahead of us in late 2020.
The Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day is planned for tomorrow. KEITH TAYLOR MEP examines whether Brexit and the withdrawal from the European Union will make it more likely that live animal exports will be stopped...