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YES supporters gathered in Edinburgh on Saturday to voice support for Scotland’s place in the European Union as an independent country.
The party's constitution secretary said the SNP would be pushing for a second independence referendum- despite a ruling from the Supreme Court that the Scottish Parliament had no power to hold a plebiscite.
For the UK to survive, the UK government's approach to devolution needs to "change fundamentally", Wales' Brexit minister has warned.
Five years ago Wednesday, Britons voted in a referendum that was meant to bring certainty to the U.K.’s unsettled relationship with its European neighbors, but it most certainly did not
Scottish voters are electing a new parliament this week, and again the pro-independence party SNP is expected to win. The vote could lead the way to the disintegration of the United Kingdom.
The SNP is likely to win a resounding victory in the Scottish Parliament elections. How long can London hold off a second independence referendum?
Data from HMRC shows that the value of Scottish exports has fallen by more than £2.2billion in the past two years.
Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson told the event an independent Scotland could be a ‘bridge’ between the EU and the rest of the UK. /
Time is running out to "save the United Kingdom," more than forty local leaders in England have warned Boris Johnson.
Brexit is a disaster for the United Kingdom. Given the risk that it will now lose Scotland and Northern Ireland to secession, the country seems to have accepted the idea of Great Britain turning back into “Little England.” Britain is that rare lion that chooses to become as small as a mouse.
The major Finnish newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, has published a long piece entitled “The Sixth Nordic country”. It’s about Scotland. Finnish readers learned that “gradually England and Scotland have been drifting apart, almost like tectonic plates,” and asked the question whether, after independence, Scotland’s new friends “could… be found from Finland and other Nordic countries?”
ALISTER Jack’s claim that the Scottish Border is “little more than a sign” indicates he needs to read up on the history of the country he represents, according to a leading historian.
THEY say a week is a long time in politics – and this week has certainly felt it! Intent on further undermining the devolution settlement and Scottish democracy, the UK Government is pushing ahead with its flawed Retained EU Law (REUL) Bill later today.
WATCHING our new and returning MSPs get into Holyrood and start work has been great to see, and the contrast between Scotland’s two parliaments last week was thought provoking than most.
THERE have been no advantages to leaving the European Union, the Constitution Secretary has said on the second anniversary of the end of the Brexit transition period.
SOME of the biggest names in the country’s cultural scene have put their names to a “Declaration For Independence” that calls for Scotland to take its place on the world stage.
A clip of Boris Johnson laying out the case for the union has backfired spectacularly after Twitter users pointed out the 'hypocrisy' of his argument.
THE number of people supporting Scottish Yes Tories, who are advocating Scottish Conservative 1 Alba 2 in the Holyrood election, appears to be on the rise thanks to the two Bs – Boris and Brexit.
The SNP is on the rise once again in Scotland and nationalist parties in Northern Ireland outnumber unionists for the first time in history.
If he refuses a referendum that Scots have voted for, there would be no lawful way to leave the UK. The implications are huge.
Prime minister Boris Johnson is planning to 'love-bomb' Scotland with a £5 million advertising campaign to attempt to save the union.
Boris Johnson has formally rejected a call for a second independence referendum in Scotland, claiming such a vote would result in “political stagnation”.
Dr Philippa Whitford, MP and eminent breast cancer surgeon, shares her concerns for the future of our NHS following Brexit. Recorded in front of a live audience at Arran High School Theatre on Friday 13th September 2019.
Philip Rycroft, the former Permanent Secretary for the DExEU ... discusses the 2016 EU referendum, the possibility of Scotland gaining independence
rexit is still influencing constitutional issues in the UK, with ‘Remainers’ increasingly unhappy with and mistrusting the government, an event discussing the National Centre for Social Research’s (NatCen’s) British Social Attitudes report has heard.
Even the keenest Brexiteer must feel that the process has been tortuously long. / That has been, in large part, because successive British governments have refused to accept the trade-off between untrammelled sovereignty and friction-free access to the EU’s single market, a refusal that shapes today’s increasingly testy relationship.
WELL, the cat is out of the bag. Brexit visionary Nigel Farage has finally admitted the truth – that Brexit has been an unmitigated disaster for households and businesses across these islands.
Six years on, it seems Europe still hasn’t got the memo. For that matter, neither has Britain. The United Kingdom, rather than leaping boldly into a brave new future, is imploding. Europe, meanwhile, seems to have found a new sense of purpose.
SCOTLAND’s Remain voters are shifting in favour of independence because of Brexit, according to recent polls.
ONE-THIRD of voters are more likely to back independence in a future referendum as a result of the UK Government’s “power grab” Internal Market Bill, according to the super-sized poll commissioned by Progress Scotland.
Nicola Sturgeon described Brexit as an “unnecessary and unforgivable act” that is damaging Scottish businesses and causing food shortages.
The latest annual British Social Attitudes survey throws the spotlight on rising nationalism in both Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Ex-PM joins fellow former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith in raising concerns over the potential break-up of the United Kingdom.
The Scottish Government has signalled its intention for Scotland to re-join the EU as an independent nation. / Brexit has been labelled as an “ongoing, cumulative calamity” – one year on from the UK cutting ties with the EU.
The agreement may have averted the economic chaos of a no deal Brexit. But commentators warn that Britain may have opened a Pandora's box of troubles - not least, Scottish dissatisfaction. There are already calls for a second independence referendum to be held in Scotland in the coming year. And this is not the only unknown. Post Brexit, the UK will be in completely uncharted territory.
Our fundamental values of democracy, human rights and the rule of law are under direct threat. The next election has to produce a different outcome, and we'll get it by holding the prime minister accountable
The UK Government's recent statements make a deal between the EU and UK less likely, regardless of whether that is the intent or not.
Panelists discuss the ongoing challenges in the post-Brexit process, the prospects that Northern Ireland and Scotland could leave the United Kingdom via referendums, and the possible implications for U.S. foreign policy in the United Kingdom and Europe.
ONE third of Scots say empty supermarket shelves and closed petrol station forecourts boost the case for Scotland to restore freedom of movement with the EU as an independent nation.
‘Scottish public have shifted even further towards supporting an independent Scotland, with record numbers now saying they would vote Yes’
BREXIT secretary Michael Russell says failing to halt the exit from the EU during the coronavirus pandemic will leave the UK facing an “economic Stone Age” while the rest of Europe recovers.
The harm done to Scotland’s economy, trade, population, education and governance by Brexit is becoming increasingly clear, a new paper finds.
THE UK Government has been accused of “clumsy control-freakery” after a letter sent to the devolved nations insisted that London be informed of all contact with the EU.
Brexit is now a reality: since the start of this year, the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union. In Scotland, which voted against leaving the EU in 2016, there are intense debates about when and how the Scots can re-join the continental bloc. However, Scotland could only do that by becoming an independent country, a prospect that could be closer than we think.
Scottish politicians react angrily to PM calling it Tony Blair’s ‘biggest mistake’
Although a narrow majority UK-wide (not, of course, in Scotland) voted for Brexit, many have already realised it was a grave mistake. It is the biggest economic, diplomatic and ­constitutional mistake in the history of the ­United ­Kingdom. It is likely to be proximate cause of the ­United Kingdom’s ultimate ­collapse.
“If Westminster maintains its control, recent history shows what Scotland can expect: an economic recovery hindered by a hard Brexit that is already taking a significant toll and the continued, systematic undermining of devolution, which is weakening our parliament’s powers to maintain food and environmental standards and protect the NHS from post-Brexit trade deals."
A NEW poll has indicated that almost half of Scots think Brexit has “gone badly” and has pushed some towards supporting independence.
No one expected the disengagement of the United Kingdom from the European Union, known as Brexit, to be simple. But the deal, reached at the very last moment in December 2020, has raised significant issues for the British government. Recent weeks have seen renewed calls for independence in Scotland, while Northern Irish Unionists want to challenge the Brexit deal in court. What happens next?
SCOTLAND was big news across Europe. Major media outlets from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and other EU countries headlined with comments by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and the latest opinion poll which confirmed growing majority support for Scottish independence.
A SENIOR German politician has given her support for an independent Scotland joining the EU – further undermining a plot by UK Tories to block the new state from being a member.
A TOP European economist has said it would be “inconceivable” for the EU to reject an independent Scotland’s membership.
'UNRELIABLE, unpredictable, and untrustworthy" – that's the way Europe now views the UK, according to a new expert report.
Europe for Scotland 29/04/2021
We are Europeans from across the continent and around the world. / We want the people of Scotland to know that Europeans everywhere would welcome them back in the European Union if this is still their democratic wish.
EUROPE will welcome back Scotland with open arms – that’s the message of a stirring new video that has captivated social media users.
IT'S one of the most commonly trotted out Unionist scare stories – claims that an independent Scotland would not be permitted to join the European Union. It just became even harder for Unionists to pretend that this is really the case.
THE CLAIM: "Any country joining the European Union must have a fiscal deficit at 3% or below. With the Scottish deficit at almost 8% the SNP must outline how Scotland could join the European Union as an independent country."
He was booed in Scotland. In Wales, a chicken submitted to his embrace, but politicians held him at arm’s length. And in Northern Ireland, there were rumblings of Irish unity — which could only come at the expense of its ties to the rest of the United Kingdom.
NICOLA Sturgeon has said she will request UK Government consent for another referendum on Scottish independence before the end of the year.
ON June 24, 2016, global markets were in turmoil, David Cameron was resigning, Trump was emboldened, and three million EU nationals in Britain were facing an uncertain future in a country that had just told them via the Brexit referendum they were no longer welcome. We were two of them.
Food shortages caused by Brexit give boost to the case for Scottish independence, according to polls.
I WAS struck last week how little notice was paid to the fourth anniversary of the Brexit referendum which took place last Tuesday.
INCREASING support for independence, the upcoming Holyrood election and Scotland’s removal from the EU are the focus of several news stories across Germany this morning.
First poll would be on principle of independence - with second ‘yes’ vote on outcome of negotiations required before Union is broken up.
On the first official day of campaigning in the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections, polling expert Sir John Curtice considers the "intense" battle for every vote ahead of polling day on 6 May.
SNP ministers are opposed to a third “home rule” option in a future independence vote.
A road trip through the ancient past and shaky future of the (dis)United Kingdom. / The grim reality for Britain as it faces up to 2022 is that no other major power on Earth stands quite as close to its own dissolution.
THE SNP’s Westminster leader has made a plea to Scots who are undecided on independence as the consequences of Brexit become more apparent.
Scottish independence offers the only way back for the country to rejoin the European Union, the Scottish Greens have claimed.
ACTIVISTS in Edinburgh have kicked off the third anniversary Brexit events with action outside the UK Government Hub.
THE SNP have said “independence is the only way to keep Scotland safe from the long-term damage of Brexit” as new figures show UK food and drink exports to the EU almost halved in the first quarter since Brexit.
Neil Gray’s comments came after Nicola Sturgeon unveiled her plans for the economy in an independent Scotland on Monday, with the third in a series of papers designed to refresh the prospectus for an independent Scotland.
SCOTS may face a referendum on the European Union post-independence under plans currently being considered by the SNP, according to reports.
AN independent Scotland would be first in line to rejoin the European Union, according to an expert from the London School of Economics.
A vote for Scottish independence would automatically be a vote to rejoin the European Union, Scotland’s constitution secretary has said.
SEet up offices in every European capital to prepare for independent Scotland's re-entry into the EU, a leading Irish politician has urged the Scottish Government.
THE UK’s leading election expert has predicted Brexit could provide the crucial moment for renewing the drive for indyref2 in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.
The former prime minister warned that “complacency” and “nostalgia” are the routes to a national decline and that the UK’s global influence has relied upon history, fortified by membership of the EU and close ties to the US.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned on Monday that Britain would be weaker if the union that binds its four nations were broken - his latest rejection of a growing push for Scottish independence.
The next instalment from Phantom Powers Journey to Yes series features philosophy professor Anthony Grayling who campaigned for the No argument on 2014.
Labour leader will announce plans to push power away from Westminster in keynote speech.
RECENT polls have suggested that opinion on independence versus staying in the UK is split almost 50:50. And once Boris Johnson and a possible "no-deal" Brexit are added into the mix, support for independence moves into the lead.
The cracks across Britain that appeared at the start of Brexit have begun to widen over the past few days. Scottish leaders are renewing a push for independence, the fragile agreement over Northern Ireland is falling apart, and Britain is reeling under price rises pushed up further by Brexit.
A TORY peer has said that Scotland will “almost certainly” become independent in the next decade, which he claimed would be a “constitutional and political tragedy”.
New polling conducted by Lord Ashcroft finds first lead for independence since March 2017.
MOST SCOTTISH voters believe the UK is “no longer a fully democratic country” because of Westminster’s refusal to allow indyref2 under any circumstances.
A MAJORITY of voters would now back Scottish independence, according to a landmark new poll carried out for the Scot Goes Pop blog and backed by The National.
BREXIT has caused the UK economy to spin in a "downward spiral", a north-east MSP has said.
Support for Scottish independence has surged after Boris Johnson and fellow ministers visited the country to shore up support for the union.
NI's fishermen fear they are going to be "mugged" by the government when it comes to the share-out of extra Brexit fish, it has been claimed.
Nicola Sturgeon said there was "growing urgency" for Scotland to become independent "sooner rather than later".
“As is becoming clearer by the day, achieving independence is not now just desirable, it is essential if Scotland is to escape the disaster of Brexit.”
SNP leader claims PM’s refusal of second Scottish referendum shows contempt for democracy.
The agreement solidifies the pro-independence majority in Holyrood and says a new Scottish independence referendum will be sought in the first half of the parliamentary session - if the COVID-19 pandemic is over.
NICOLA Sturgeon has suggested that there may be “room for discussions” with leadership hopeful Rishi Sunak after it emerged that he backed holding indyref2 after Brexit.
First Minister announces 'biggest campaign on the economics of independence' in party's history.
NICOLA Sturgeon will tell Westminster to hand over the keys to indyref2 and put the vote “beyond legal challenge”, Holyrood has heard.
NICOLA Sturgeon will this morning unveil her “next steps” in a major address to mark Brexit and launch her bid to regain EU membership for Scotland as an independent country.
Nicola Sturgeon said contingency plans for Britain's departure from the EU with no deal were "genuinely astonishing", in a speech in the US.
NICOLA Sturgeon says the appointment of hardline Brexiteer Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader underlines the need for Scotland to "have the right to determine our own future".
We speak now to Scotland’s First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon. During this European election campaign Channel 4 News has asked to speak to the leaders of every main British political party.
SIXTY percent of Scottish voters believe support for independence will sky-rocket if the UK crashes out of Europe with No Deal, a new poll has revealed.
BREXIT has slashed Scotland’s exports to the EU, pushed large and small firms to the brink of bankruptcy, created job losses, cost millions in lost orders and left fresh produce rotting in queueing lorries unable to get to European markets in time. And ironically the area of the UK to suffer most from Brexit is the area which wanted it least: Scotland.
Scottish first minister tells Guardian fresh poll impossible to resist should her party land majority next month
A new poll has found a majority of 52% in favour of Scottish independence. / The Lord Ashcroft survey also found a slim majority support holding indyref2 by 2021.
A MAJORITY of voters across the UK expressing a view support an independence referendum being held within the current term of the Scottish Parliament, according to a new poll.
Sir John Curtice warns Boris Johnson that "the pursuit of Brexit is indeed costing you support in Scotland".
A NEW report has shown that the UK government’s prospective Free Trade Agreements are projected to only add between 0% and 0.16% to the UK’s Gross Domestic Product, up to fifteen years after their implementation.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised the “strength of the union” on Thursday, using a visit to Scotland to dismiss the possibility of a new independence referendum for a nation that is increasingly at odds with his government.
ADVANCE notice is given of an important online event to discuss how an independent Scotland could make its way back into the European Union.
THOUSANDS will gather outside the Scottish Parliament on “Brexit Day” – a week today – in protest against Scotland being dragged from the EU and to call for a second independence referendum.
AN independent Scotland should set a target of four years to get the country back into the European Union, according to a major report being published today.
Richard Corbett, former Labour MEP, linguist, author and fluent and well-informed speaker will explain the background to Boris Johnson's Brexit deal and discuss the fallout. There are numerous consequences of Brexit which are not receiving sufficient publicity. Leaving the EU came at a huge cost to the UK economically, culturally and in terms of our standing in the world.
RISHI Sunak suggested holding a Scottish independence referendum after Brexit as he admitted it would be “hard” to block another ballot, unearthed comments from just five years ago have revealed.
Rod Stewart has blasted Brexit and said he backs a second Scottish independence referendum.
A majority of the UK public now believe Brexit is causing more problems than it solved, according to a new survey.
Scotland will continue to have "direct" relations with EU states as the country seeks to re-join the bloc as an independent nation, Constitution Secretary Mike Russell has told MSPs.
‘If you ask me about our emotions, you will witness I think always empathy,’ says former European Council president.
Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Wednesday that there was a stronger mandate for a Scottish independence referendum than there ever was for Britain's 2016 vote on whether to leave the EU.
Many people have criticised the SNP for being against Brexit but for independence of their own. This articulate caller explained to James O'Brien why they are actually polar opposite.
Legislation to enable the staging of a second referendum on independence has been published by the Scottish government, as Nicola Sturgeon said another vote before 2021 would give Scotland “the opportunity to choose to be an independent European nation – rather than have a Brexit future imposed upon us”.
A LEADING German newspaper is the latest international media outlet to shine a spotlight on the growing support for Scottish independence.
In an early sign that 2021 will bring a renewed push for Scottish independence, the First Minister claimed Brexit would prove to be the catalyst for a future Yes vote.
Sturgeon's preferred 'Plan B' is more likely to be a legal challenge, with a Scottish court asked to rule on the legitimacy of PM's refusal.
Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Friday said her devolved government would publish a "detailed democratic case" for a transfer of power from London to allow a fresh independence referendum in Scotland.
The Scottish National Party published a “Roadmap to Referendum” on Saturday, laying out plans for another vote on Scottish independence.
HELENSBURGH, Scotland (Reuters) - James Henderson has spent most of his life fiercely opposed to Scottish independence. Now, reluctantly he is backing it.
"Our hefty international influence rested on our history and reputation, buttressed by our membership of the European Union and our close alliance with the United States. Suddenly, we are no longer an irreplaceable bridge between Europe and America. We are now less relevant to them both."
The Scottish Government could use international law and the “principle of self-determination” to ramp up demands for a referendum on independence, a global constitutional law expert has said.
AN SNP MP has written to the Complaints Department of the UK Statistics Authority urging them to correct Michael Gove’s “wholly misleading” tweet about Brexit.
An SNP victory in the next Scottish Parliament election could give the party a "mandate for independence", one of the party's senior MSPs has claimed.
Ahead of the opposition day debate on the SNP motion, which would create a new parliamentary select committee focused on the impact of Brexit, MP Dr Philippa Whitford said, “independence is Scotland’s only route back to the EU”.
The party would seek to restore free movement and single market membership ahead of fully rejoining the EU.
THE publication of the SNP’s proposals for a way forward to an independence referendum come as an emphatic 20th successive poll shows majority support for independence.
Coogan signed a letter urging Scotland to reject independence in 2014 - but his position has changed.
The First Minister said she will bring forward legislation for the vote by the end of the year.
Scotland’s first minister makes assertion in phone call with Boris Johnson on Sunday evening.
SNP leader says there is rising support for independence at start of party conference.
NICOLA Sturgeon will today warn that Westminster is set to be “engulfed by Brexit chaos for years to come”, underlining the urgent need for Scotland to be able to choose a better future with independence.
Nicola Sturgeon has refused to rule out taking legal action if a Conservative government blocks a second Scottish independence vote.
The First Minister has branded the Prime Minister "deeply irresponsible" after Theresa May attacked MPs for not supporting her Brexit deal.
First minister says she will hold advisory referendum, whether Westminster consents or not
The First Minister said she had 'profound concerns' about the incoming PM Boris Johnson.
SUPPORT among Scottish voters to rejoin the EU is soaring, a poll has revealed. / A new Panelbase survey has found Scotland is even more opposed to Brexit than in 2016, when 62% voted against it.
The survey also put support for the SNP in a de facto referendum general election at 53%.
Rally comes as polls indicate SNP likely to make gains in European elections. / Tens of thousands of people are expected to march in Glasgow on Saturday afternoon in the largest show of support for Scottish independence since Nicola Sturgeon said she would introduce legislation to hold a second independence referendum.
The Blueprint is based on the potential scenario that after independence Scotland becomes a parliamentary republic with a written constitution.
THE right to self-determination and wanting a government that acts in the interest of the Scottish people are “powerful drivers of independence” according to a new academic report entitled Brexit and Beyond.
ONLY as an independent nation can Scotland secure a fair, strong and equal recovery say the SNP after new figures revealed the impact of Brexit and the pandemic on trade.
The UK government is preparing to reject any call from Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon for the power to hold another independence referendum, sources have told the BBC.
Former PM says Westminster government is out of touch and fundamental changes are needed
The breakup of the UK has been described as the “most likely” form of “constitutional watershed” from Brexit according to a politics professor.
THE price of UK home insurance has rocketed while rates in neighbouring EU countries have remained far lower, new research has shown.
The U.K. Supreme Court says will hold hearings in October on whether Scotland can call an independence referendum without the consent of the British government.
SCOTLAND is facing a choice between independence or staying in “very nationalistic” British state, according to one of the architects of the 2014 referendum.
Philip Rycroft says PM’s ‘muscular brand of unionism’ has deepened divisions between four nations.
The survey, fieldwork for which was conducted last year, found 52% of people said Scotland should be governed as an independent country.
BRITAIN'S leading polling expert has told The National that Unionists are “clearly on the back foot in the constitutional debate" after three polls in the space of a week showed rising support for independence.
THE race is on to see which will become independent first. For Scotland has a new competitor in the race to get out of Britain, and many citizens of the British Virgin Islands hope they will do so as soon as possible.
It divided the country, dominated politics for years and delivered the premiership to Boris Johnson. It’s five years ago tomorrow since the Brexit referendum produced its shock 52-48 result in favour of the UK quitting the European Union, and even though it was last year that we actually left, the consequences of that decision still have a long way to run.
WINGS Over Scotland is just awaiting the green light from Nicola Sturgeon to publish “Wee Blue Two” – a sequel to the Wee Blue Book which proved such an effective campaigning tool during the first referendum.
The Scottish National Party’s leader Nicola Sturgeon has accused the Conservatives of “raging against reality” by opposing another Scottish independence vote – insisting Scotland “cannot be imprisoned in the Union against its will”.
THE Union has been doomed for a century and Scotland will gain ­independence within five years, according to a bestselling historian.


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