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Flagging trade talks have seen little progress.
Michel Barnier has schooled Brexiteer MP Mark Francois on the Withdrawal Agreement that he and his European Research Group (ERG) colleagues voted for, and told him that him there was no “added value” in leaving the EU.
Today’s papers bring another story that the UK might be planning to breach the Brexit withdrawal agreement – including the report that the new Attorney-General Suella Braverman is poised to attempt to justify this legally. So what happens if the UK (or the EU) breaches the withdrawal agreement is not a hypothetical issue.
Michel Barnier also accused Boris Johnson’s government of rowing back on commitments made in writing by Britain at the point before exit.
The EU's long-held insistence on level playing field provisions continues. How does the UK see its commitments to the Irish Protocol and the Political Declaration and what impact will deviation have on its credibility in other trade talks?
Prime Minister will not abide by political declaration following new election mandate.
As the EU and UK continue to prepare for the trade negotiations, there are clear signs that all is not well when it comes to implementing the divorce part of Brexit, in particular the Irish Protocol.
The Government has been accused of trying to play the “blame game” over a no-deal Brexit, as Michael Gove claimed that the EU was refusing to negotiate with Britain.
Germany lined up behind other EU states and official to warn that a new UK prime minister will not be able to renegotiate the Brexit withdrawal agreement struck between the EU and Theresa May.
It is apposite that Sky News are now badging all of their Brexit coverage with the label ‘Brexit Crisis’. For the political crisis which has been incipient since, at least, the 2017 General Election is now well underway, and will almost certainly intensify.
Political declaration but not withdrawal agreement could be re-opened, Michel Barnier says.
Last week, a Withdrawal Agreement, this week a Political Declaration. A frightening acceleration of developments after two and a half years. RTÉ's Europe Editor Tony Connelly and Deputy Foreign Editor Colm Ó Mongáin look at the text, who's happy and who's not.