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UK PM Boris Johnson had been wildly happy about his new EU exit deal; then he introduced a law undermining both it, and the last round of trade negotiations. Speaking with two former permanent secretaries of the UK’s EU exit department, Matt Ross asks whether Johnson is applying firm leverage – or deliberately sabotaging the trade talks.
European Council president reveals frustration with prime minister - after they hold talks.
Paper on guarantees for struggling companies still leaves major gap with EU position.
Three-year transition period for European fishing fleets among proposals in negotiating paper.
Ex-deputy prime minister says ‘perfectly routine’ state aid compromise is on offer - and warns ‘Both sides stand to lose from a no-deal, but the UK more’.
EU sources fear Boris Johnson hasn’t yet got backing for compromises on state aid to business
An expert has perfectly demonstrated the hypocrisy surrounding Brexiteer outrage over trade talks between the UK and the EU in just 90 seconds.
Government ignored legal advice over proposed withdrawal agreement changes.
The UK Government's recent statements make a deal between the EU and UK less likely, regardless of whether that is the intent or not.
A government minister has said a new bill to amend the UK's Brexit deal with the EU will "break international law".
Brussels suspicions come as European commission chief warns Britain to abide by Northern Ireland protocol.
You may wonder why on earth a Tory government led by Boris Johnson, the heirs to Thatcher for goodness sake, are sacrificing the prospect of a trade deal with the EU because they want the right to subsidise British industry.
Ministers are planning new legislation that would override a key part of last year's EU withdrawal agreement.
Move threatens to collapse talks that PM has said must be completed within weeks.
The UK's chief Brexit negotiator has said the government is not "scared" of walking away from talks without a trade deal ready to come into force in 2021.
Pessimism in London and Brussels over the prospect of a deal amid deadlock over state aid and fisheries.
Meeting of EU leaders this month will instead focus on post-Covid recovery and China relations.
Boris Johnson has admitted the UK is currently heading for a no deal Brexit, with progress now “very difficult” as the two sides refuse to compromise.
Spokesman for Boris Johnson says hopes of meeting deadline in December are dwindling
The EU and UK can’t agree on the best approach to state aid rules. However, it’s in the best interests of both parties to compromise on the issue.
PM vowed to ‘take back control’ – but dithering has handed advantage to countries on other side of the table, Institute for Government says.