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The UK Government's recent statements make a deal between the EU and UK less likely, regardless of whether that is the intent or not.
This article is going to try to accessibly explain regulations in the context of the EU-UK trade agreement, and trade more broadly.
Disagreements remain on fishing rights and so-called level playing field guarantees.
The EU's long-held insistence on level playing field provisions continues. How does the UK see its commitments to the Irish Protocol and the Political Declaration and what impact will deviation have on its credibility in other trade talks?
French government wants stronger UK commitments on ‘level playing field’ with EU
Leaked copy of plan suggests UK will be told to match EU on workers’ rights, environmental protection and state aid
'These slides are for presentational and information purposes only and we represented to the Council Working Party (Article 50) on 14 January 2020. The contents are without prejudice to discussions on the future relationship.'
Croatia’s prime minister, Andrej Plenković, hinted at move to ensure level playing field.
Chief negotiator sets out red lines for ‘basic agreement’ and says UK will have to agree to ‘level playing field’ if it wants access to European markets.