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'Obviously if we can’t then we will have the very good option also of an Australian-style arrangement,' says PM.
EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier complained of lack of respect and engagement by UK
Martin Wolf: Britain’s demands for its negotiations with the EU are unrealistic.
Leo Varadkar has urged the British government to tone down “nationalist rhetoric” over Brexit, and branded Dominic Raab’s memo to UK diplomats to sit separately from their EU counterparts as “petty”.
Tusk ‘fully behind Ireland’ as MEPs reject UK Brexit proposals.
Ireland‘s EU commissioner has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson, accusing the “unelected prime minister” of “gambling” with the Irish peace process.
Tánaiste says it is like saying ‘give me what I want or I’m going to burn the house down’.
Simon Coveney also warns no deal is more likely than ever. / Ireland’s foreign minister has blasted the “inaccurate” discussion of Brexit taking place during the Conservative leadership contest.
In his recent book, 9 Lessons in Brexit, Sir Ivan addresses the failures of the political class, and outlines the flaws in the UK’s Brexit strategy thus far. He also argues that the EU should think strategically about the long-term relationship with the UK as an important economic and security partner in the future.
Investigation could look at ballot wording, May’s red lines and negotiation strategy.
Party propping up Theresa May in power insists focus is on 'red line' that Northern Ireland must not be treated differently from rest of UK.
Yesterday Sir David Edward former British ECJ judge appeared on the BBC interviewed by @BBCSimonMcCoy. He explained that the British public had been woefully misinformed by the Leave campaign about the role of the ECJ and the EU in general.
Ministers threaten to quit as PM makes scant progress.
It is apposite that Sky News are now badging all of their Brexit coverage with the label ‘Brexit Crisis’. For the political crisis which has been incipient since, at least, the 2017 General Election is now well underway, and will almost certainly intensify.
There is now a dangerous void of leadership and policy at the heart of British politics. Indeed it would hardly be an exaggeration to say that, as regards Brexit, the UK no longer has a functioning government. There are no obvious solutions in sight, and the outcome is completely unpredictable.
Irish backstop is already a compromise designed around British red lines, says Coveney.
Brexit was to allow the United Kingdom to reclaim its former glory. Instead, the country's leaders have bumbled their way into catastrophe. Built on a false premise from the start, the UK's move away from the EU has been dominated by mistakes and miscalculations.
CBI appeals to Tory MPs to shift position to avoid a no-deal Brexit, or risk further harm to the economy.
Political declaration but not withdrawal agreement could be re-opened, Michel Barnier says.
Ambassador Declan Kelleher about the conduct of negotiations, red lines, the border on the island of Ireland, and the upcoming UK cabinet meeting at Chequers. / Jill Rutter, Institute for Government's Programme Director and an expert commentator on Brexit among other things. The IfG is seen as having an "up close" view of the UK government's thinking.