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Cabinet minister appears to pitch to Brexit Party voters, after No.10 rule out extension to transition period at end of 2020.
Boris Johnson is demanding complete secrecy from the European Union as the Government dispatches its “take it or leave” Brexit blueprint to Brussels.
This is absolutely disgusting and should set of alarm bells in the mind of anyone who's studied the Weimar republic. / Government Minister James Cleverly refuses to rule out simply cancelling laws passed by our elected Parliament.
Mr Cleverly also claimed the document, codenamed Operation Yellowhammer, was “out of date” despite his tacit admission that it was produced just three weeks ago.
Tory chiefs are refusing to publish a dire leaked warning about No Deal Brexit - claiming people would "misunderstand".
Conservative Party Chairman James Cleverly said that remain voters were 'screaming to be listened too'.
Leading Tories accused of ‘sniping at the huge numbers of people in this country who want to make their voice heard’.