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The British government on Sunday denied a report that it is seeking a “Swiss-style” relationship with the European Union that would remove many of the economic barriers erected by Brexit — even as it tries to improve ties with the bloc after years of acrimony.
Steve Barclay was forced to deny reports the UK Government is considering adopting a Swiss-style relationship with the EU.
There has been “greater friction” and “difficulties” over trade since Brexit, Health Secretary Steve Barclay has admitted, as he denied a report that the government is considering adopting a Swiss-style relationship with the EU.
Real pay set to be £470 lower per worker each year, say top economists. / “We can’t blame Brexit for all of the 5.2 per cent GDP shortfall … but it’s apparent that Brexit is largely to blame,” said John Springford, author of the CEF study.
The UK government is looking to scrap the cap on banker bonuses, as it eyes a further break with legacy EU rules, The Independent reported.
A couple of points are worth observing already. Nearly six years on from the Leave vote, the supposed opportunities of Brexit remain entirely conspicuous by their absence. And ramping up the rhetoric by claiming “immense opportunity” does not change this reality.
Former Brexit minister Steve Barclay is to become Boris Johnson’s chief of staff as the prime minister battles to save his premiership with further changes at No 10.
As part of our special edition looking at five years since the EU referendum, Alastair Campbell looks at the silence of the Leavers.
Scotland’s finance secretary, finally, received a response from the UK government regarding replacement funding, lost due to the UK’s exit from the EU.