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UK government rejects ‘clunky institutional framework’ for foreign policy cooperation.
Brexit is a Tory invention and pro-Europeans must still fight the prospect of EU exile, writes Will Hutton.
'We would have to start again with a blank sheet of paper as to how we build up that cooperation with our European partners'
Move sparks fears PM will use European security as Brexit bargaining chip
Strategy report setting out the big future challenges for the EU – and Scotland’s contribution to that European future
A large number of our readers have asked us to factcheck a list of claims about the Lisbon Treaty, or “what will actually happen if we stay in the EU”, which has gone viral on social media.
French president urges raft of reforms to EU including bloc-wide minimum wage, climate bank, and cyber defence agency.
Citizens of Europe, if I am taking the liberty of addressing you directly, it is not only in the name of the history and values that unite us. It is because time is of the essence. In a few weeks’ time, the European elections will be decisive for the future of our continent.
So is there a business case for CANZUK as a primary relationship for any of these four countries? Let’s look at where our potential partners currently sell goods and services.
The former head of MI6 says any Brexit makes security difficult to manage but "the harder the Brexit, the greater the damage". / The blunt warning comes from three men who have served at the very top of the British defence and security ...