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A year on from leaving the EU, it’s time for an annual report on how Brexit has worked out for Wales.
Many in the arts will look at 2022 with trepidation. There are still many issues with the Brexit deal from 12 months ago.
British Council stripped of contract – despite long experience arranging student placements abroad.
SCOTLAND has received around £14 million less under the UK Government’s post- Brexit student exchange programme compared to the EU’s Erasmus+ scheme.
It comes after Boris Johnson’s government decided to end UK participation in the EU’s Erasmus+ programme.
Scottish ministers are under fresh pressure to boost student exchange links with the EU as frustration grows over Britain’s post-Brexit Turing Scheme.
People, businesses and communities are now paying a heavy price for a hard Brexit we never voted for, imposed by a Tory government we never voted for. / Here’s a rolling list of the impacts of Brexit.
This note summarises the evidence so far of the impacts on Brexit on Scotland. It sets out early evidence related to areas such as trade, the workforce and EU programmes.
Some institutions faced insolvency last year, the report from the Scottish Affairs Committee adds.
The shock announcement at the end of 2020 that the UK will be leaving the Erasmus+ Programme sparked disbelief and disappointment on both sides of the Channel.
Touring could become “prohibitively bureaucratic and expensive” for musicians and other performers based in the UK because of Brexit, a committee of peers has warned.
Improvements ‘essential’ to rescue services trade, peers say – warning ‘too much is at stake if we don’t’.
Wales is to launch a new international learning exchange programme following the UK government’s decision to withdraw from Erasmus after Brexit.
There is widespread recognition for the impressive reputation and record of the EU’s Erasmus Plus programme as a tried and trusted system of international educational collaboration. But a growing number of voices are being raised, within the UK and externally, asking probing questions about the architecture and limited ambitions of the UK government’s intended replacement, the Turing scheme.
The replacement for the Erasmus scheme has been opened - but critics say it's much less generous than the programme available before Brexit.
It was once considered a rite of passage for millions of students who lived, worked, and travelled across Europe - but access to a new British scheme this year hopes to make the Erasmus programme a distant memory.
The replacement for the Erasmus study exchange scheme will not fund tuition or travel costs, it has emerged – and the living allowance has been slashed.
Most people have heard of Erasmus+, but very few know why Britain decided not to participate in it after leaving the EU.
There is growing momentum behind the campaign to reverse the UK government’s decision to exit the European Union’s Erasmus programme, the largest international education programme in the world.
In a strongly-worded joint statement, the two nations said the planned Turing Scheme was a ‘lesser imitation of the real thing’.
The UK will no longer participate in the European Union scheme but will now create the Turing scheme in its place.