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European money and support has helped to shape the region as we see it today.
A sea border would mean checks at major ports in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, such as Holyhead, Liverpool, Belfast and Larne.
Ministers accused of 'fiddling the figures' to disguise chaos from HGVs being prevented from reaching the border in the first place.
Prominent Tory's falsehoods range from incorrect 14th century history to the EU banana police. / Boris Johnson’s flirtation with dishonesty has cost him at least three jobs and damaged his standing with the people of Liverpool and London.
Jürgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, has told the Guardian that Brexit “makes no sense at all” and that he believes British people should have the chance to vote again on their future either in or outside the European Union.
I'm joined by two of my Liverpool mates, Andrew "AB" Abrahamson and Mark "Bean" Sabino. They're not Anti-Brexit activists, trade experts or politicians; they're fairly typical left-leaning bods just getting by. So I got in a round and asked them: what is this "Lexit" (people on the left advocating the horrifically damaging Tory policy of leaving the EU) all about?
Despite persistently asking for answers I’ve not had a single reply from Government on the implications for Liverpool, its port, its industries and businesses.
Rock for Europe is organising music events in Chester, Liverpool and Manchester to support the People’s Vote. This is a unique project – a nationwide event using music to spread the message – that Brexit is not a done deal. We must demand a final say on the Brexit deal, with the option to remain.