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In this rather fiery and impassioned episode of #3Blokes In A Pub, we talk to scientist Dr Mike Galsworthy about #Brexit's impact on medicine and the NHS.
Reciprocal scheme in which NHS reimburses cost of treatment will cease under a no-deal Brexit.
Brexit red tape has meant this caller's disabled daughter cannot receive her wheelchair leaving her in 'constant agony'.
People could die as a result of shortages of vital medical supplies in the event of no-deal Brexit, England's chief medical officer has warned.
MORE than 50 people are on waiting lists for wheelchairs across Cork and Kerry amid calls for greater funding and resourcing to ensure people are not left facing major delays.
The BMA has repeatedly warned that a 'no deal' Brexit will have damaging consequences for patients, the health workforce and health services across the UK and Europe. From the supply of medicines and patient access to care, to Northern Ireland and the impact on the health workforce: no part of the health service will be left unscathed.
Without free trade with the EU, British health services are set to face grave challenges throughout the second wave of coronavirus and beyond.
Leaving the EU will damage health in this country where it was suffering the most before the pandemic, and where covid-19 hit it hardest, says Martha McCarey.
Leaving the EU without a deal threatens health and the NHS in many ways, but the scale of the threat remains unclear. / We propose a framework that could be the basis for the comprehensive health impact assessment to inform politicians and the public. / The government’s claims that it is prepared for no deal are implausible and, at best, might mitigate some of the worst consequences.
Dr Chaand Nagpaul tells i a no deal Brexit would be disastrous, leading to potentially thousands of EU doctors leaving the service.
After initially claiming it did not join an EU scheme for ventilators because of Brexit, it now blames an ‘email error’ for missing the invitation.
'The government walking away from this EU deal just smacks of ideological dogma'
Eight-year-old Murray Gray, from Edinburgh, must fund £1,300 in cannabis oil shipments from Holland every month to battle life threatening epilepsy seizures
Dr Philippa Whitford, MP and eminent breast cancer surgeon, shares her concerns for the future of our NHS following Brexit. Recorded in front of a live audience at Arran High School Theatre on Friday 13th September 2019.
Research finds more insecurity for poorer Britons, women and those in poor health.
Hospitals are likely to experience delays to cancer testing and treatment regardless of the result of next week's Brexit vote, BBC Newsnight has learned.
Experts warn that European Medicines Agency membership would have had advantages.
In what follows, a group of leading social scientists explore these themes, explaining what has happened in the past, the situation the UK finds itself in now, and the issues that might confront us going forward. The collection is intended as a guide to the big questions confronting the country in the years to come.
Find out more about what is at risk for healthcare if the UK does not reach a Brexit deal in this infographic from the Brexit Health Alliance.
The BMA has published a series of briefings, which outline our policy positions on a range of key issues relating to the impact of Brexit on the UK healthcare system.
Gary McFarlane, director of the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health in Northern Ireland, has warned MPs that delays caused by Brexit may cause a ‘risk to public health’.
RESEARCH experts and charities working with people with serious and often terminal illnesses have said that delays to research and clinical trials from Brexit could mean the difference between "life or death" for patients.
The U.K. government’s preparations for a no-deal Brexit took “significant time and resources” away from planning for a potential pandemic, a major report found.
Supplies face ‘unprecedented’ disruption, yet ministers have not shared assessments with public for fear of sparking panic-buying by consumers.
Brexit has delayed Northern Ireland’s right to use a life-saving cancer drug in the same way as the UK.
Brexit comes with uncertainty regarding the approval of medicines and medical devices, including software and technology. Regulatory hurdles could disrupt the approval of existing and new devices and technology.
It was last September, in the midst of the pandemic, that my tenacious, confident disabled daughter Emily had an urgent scoliosis operation on her back.
In a new direct Brexit spinoff, authorities at the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar have confirmed that routine patients may henceforth be ferried for treatment to Spanish hospitals only if their ambulances are staffed by Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) employees who live in Spain or by EU nationals, it was reported.
Brexit is having as much or more of an impact on the mental health of small business owners in Suffolk than the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been warned.
STAFF shortages in the health and care sector are pushing the NHS to breaking point – and they are in part the result of a “reckless” and “cynical” decision by the UK Government to push through a hard Brexit in the midst of a pandemic.
About 40 severely epileptic children are affected because supply of medical cannabis is terminated
Brexit poses a real risk to the health of children in the UK, with concerns over recruiting specialist doctors and access to research funding, according to a new report.
Britain faces expulsion from a medical network that helps to identify and treat conditions that affect tens of thousands.
The coronavirus should remind us of just why international cooperation is so important in reducing the threat of infectious disease.
Crashing out without a deal could contribute to an additional 12,400 cardiovascular deaths between 2021 and 2030, according to the research published in the journal BMJ Open on Monday.
The paper, commissioned by the Scottish Government, identified 137 potential impacts.
Britain imports radioactive isotopes to detect and cure cancer. Border chaos at Dover would make them useless in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
Brexit could have major implications for health and social care in England. Here we look at some of the latest developments that could have an impact.
Brexiteers who claimed the NHS would receive an extra £350m after Brexit have been condemned for voting down an amendment demanding an analysis of the impact of exiting the EU on the health service.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has few friends in the Breton village of Gouarec, where over a quarter of its population is British. Many are anxious about the prospect of a no-deal Brexit, which leaves their access to healthcare and pension entitlement in question.
Campaigners are concerned UK nationals may need insurance to remain in some countries
Commenting on reports that the Prime Minister has indicated that post-Brexit checks on food imports from the EU to Great Britain are to be delayed for a fourth time, the British Veterinary Association has reiterated a stark warning over disease threats.
AN EU health scheme used as a last resort by patients on waiting lists in Northern Ireland has ended due to Brexit - leading to calls for a similar initiative to be set up.
Downing Street has blamed an administrative error for the UK's failure to sign up to an emergency EU scheme to help procure vital medical equipment to fight coronavirus.
Head of Commons health committee also raises alarm over UK missing out on benefits of new clinical trials.
"The EU and its member states are working together to reinforce national healthcare systems and contain the spread of the virus. At the same time, the EU and its member states are taking action to mitigate the socio-economic impact of COVID-19."
More than 100 medics and nurses must now be registered in both the UK and Republic of Ireland due to their involvement in cross-border transfers and all-island work.
David Nicholl, who drew up a risk register of epilepsy and neurology drugs for the government’s Operation Yellowhammer plans for no deal, said he was not going to take lessons from a “muppet” who had no medical qualifications.
The BMA has detailed the likely consequences of Brexit, in a series of Brexit briefings, most recently today [02 Sep 2019]. All of the briefings warn of the harm that Brexit could do.
The Swiss pharmaceuticals company Novartis has said it is stockpiling drugs in the UK before a possible no-deal Brexit, which it warned would be “hugely impactful” for patients.
The Early Warning and Response System (EWRS) is a web-based platform linking the European Commission, ECDC and public health authorities in EU/EEA countries responsible for measures to control serious cross-border threats to health, including communicable diseases.
If the UK leaves the EU with no deal, you won't be able to rely on your EHIC card for medical treatment in Europe.
Health union leaders have issued an urgent warning that a no-deal Brexit could "devastate" the NHS and cause potentially "fatal" shortages and delays.
England's Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies warned that a no-deal Brexit could lead to "deaths", amid suggestions the Government could adopt leaving the EU without a deal as an official position in an election.
Millions of EU citizens who live in the UK were given until the end of this month to apply for settled status. It’s feared that many people will fail to meet that deadline and campaigners want it extended.
Those who miss 30 June deadline will immediately be charged for non-urgent NHS treatment.
The Government denied it could leave millions of EU citizens with healthcare bills and said it was committed to protecting their rights.
“In most countries in the world, laws that act retroactively are illegal. We need your support, we need you to raise awareness that things are not fine.”
In total, European Commission has pledged €232M to help contain coronavirus outbreak, as Italy becomes an infection hotspot.
Ministers face calls to scrap the new requirement for EU students to pay the immigration health surcharge then claim it back again.
Future British governments could be unable to repeal new laws on workers’ rights, the environment, and health and safety, under the terms of the EU’s proposed Brexit trade deal.
The European Commission is coordinating a common European response to the Coronavirus outbreak.
The government is planning to water down the regulatory requirements on key chemicals, in what experts fear could be the first move to a weaker post-Brexit safety regime for potentially toxic substances.
As the EU referendum grows ever closer, Lord Darzi, Elias Mossialos and colleagues seek to redress a lack of evidence on the role of the union on our health system.
Northern Ireland has purchased more than £60m worth of services from the Republic in the last five years.
End-of-life patients being cared for at home are having to wait for bedsore-relieving equipment, one family member has said.
Ministers accused of ‘disgraceful’ failure to assess potential risks, including shortage of medical supplies and health workers.
The government has said it could use its new Brexit "freedoms" to ditch planned EU car safety regulations. / Package of measures aimed to reduce head injuries and pedestrian deaths.
Government pledges £150m for those not covered by reciprocal arrangements if UK crashes out.
Department of Health writes to trusts advising of contingency plans for short supply of imported ingredients.
The UK is going to be at a distinct disadvantage in this negotiation – desperate for a deal the US could happily live without.
DAN WHITE explains why so many of Britain's disabled community are fearful of a no-deal Brexit.
All forms of Brexit are bad for health, but some are worse than others. This paper builds on our 2017 analysis using the WHO health system building blocks framework to assess the likely effects of Brexit on the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK.
I spoke up on the dangers of medicine supply plans for No-Deal Brexit, but was ignored by my MP Sajid Javid. So now I'm running against him.
It may soon be open season on the NHS for private US healthcare companies, writes Professor Harry Burns.
To estimate the potential impacts of different Brexit trade policy scenarios on the price and intake of fruits and vegetables (F&V) and consequent cardiovascular disease (CVD) deaths in England between 2021 and 2030.
Last week the Home Office launched an app for EU citizens, but it has spread anxiety.
Simon Coveney says Ireland will work to ensure the 'practical benefits' of EU citizenship continue to apply to people in Northern Ireland.
While Americans insist the practice of washing chicken in chlorine is completely safe, critics argue it can be used to compensate for poor hygiene or contamination at other stages of the production process.
A review of evidence about opportunities, challenges and risks to the North East economy and its key sectors with recommendations for action.
As COVID-19 and the new variant add further complications to a possible no-deal Brexit for the NHS, the NHS Confederation asks the Prime Minister to seek a one-month extension to the Brexit transition period.
The government would do well to read the House of Lords EU committee report on Brexit impacts, recently debated in the Lords.
Verdict has conducted a poll to analyse whether medical devices in the UK will continue to have a high degree of safety until all new post-Brexit regulations come into effect by 2023.
Medical supplies crucial to fight a second wave of coronavirus face being disrupted by a no-deal Brexit, a leading health think tank has warned.
Millions of British travellers to Europe face high medical bills or the prospect of returning home early as the deadline looms for the UK to leave the EU at 11pm British Summer Time on Friday 12 April.
Government gives two weeks notice that access to epilepsy treatment for nine-year-old Alfie Dingley will end
Join the BMA and the BMJ to look at the impact of Brexit on health services across the UK - from workforce and regulation, to reciprocal healthcare and medical research, there’s barely a part of the health service that will be unaffected by the UK’s decision to leave the EU.
Informa Pharma Intelligence (IPI) has found that some drug firms may withdraw up to 90% of their products from Northern Ireland, once the Brexit grace period has passed.
NHS Against Brexit is the grassroots campaign fighting to protect UK health and social care from the negative effect Brexit would have on the country. We believe that the jobs of NHS staff from EU countries can't be threatened, that free movement and tariff-free borders are vital to get the medicines we need into the country, and that there is no Brexit dividend.
Have you ever been in a Twitter debate about Brexit where you just can't remember where you saw that stat? Or been talking to someone close to you who doesn't quite believe that the NHS will be damaged by Brexit? That's where we come in!
Ministers accused of 'gagging order' as health chiefs told all communications must be 'aligned' with No 10’s 'top lines'.
The NHS has said it will cancel blood donation sessions in Dover and Folkestone for two months while Britain exits the EU.
The Brexit bulletin is produced by the NHS Confederation European Office in order to bring together all the latest Brexit news for the health and care sector.
The medical chiefs warned that doctors face ‘difficult choices’ over which patients will be offered potentially life-saving blood tests.
No 10 told failure to agree deal will push health service ‘over the edge’ in January.
EU citizens living in the UK will be forced to prove their right to free healthcare under the NHS after a no-deal Brexit, according to a report, in a move which campaigners have called "discriminatory and outrageous."
Matt Hancock wanted to retain membership of EWRS as part of EU-UK future relationship deal, but Number 10 said no.
The report shows that no deal will not “get Brexit done” rather, it will usher in a period of prolonged uncertainty for citizens, workers and businesses, which is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon, our new report, No deal Brexit: issues, impacts, implications, reveals.
Scotland's public health minister, Joe Fitzpatrick, also described the lack of guarantees over medical supplies in the event of a no-deal as "completely unacceptable".
UK researchers fear being blocked from EU-wide testing of treatments for diseases including rare childhood cancers.
Doctors are warning that a no-deal Brexit is likely to delay the supply of flu vaccines, at the same moment that "a particularly virulent" strain of the illness is on its way to our shores.
Doctors have a duty to set out the harm of crashing out of the EU and this is not scaremongering, union says.
Residency, work and healthcare rights would be ‘in pieces’ for years, says senior EU official.
DOWNING STREET ignored pleas by health chiefs to keep Britain in the European Union’s pandemic early warning system — because of Brexit.
A previously confidential government study detailing 142 areas of life in Northern Ireland that will be impacted by Brexit has been published, revealing risks to everything from cooperation on congenital heart disease and cross-border child protection to rules preventing the looting of national treasures.
Our report published today looks at six key areas of health and social care that are being impacted by Brexit.
Government concedes that it 'will not be practical to stockpile products to cover expected delays of up to six months'.
Ministers have been forced to publish details of concerns about public disorder and disruption to medicine and fuel supplies.
IN September 2019, the UK Government made public its list of “reasonable worst case assumptions” in the wake of a no-deal Brexit.
A British pensioner battling an aggressive form of cancer has told of his fears for the future over health coverage for Britons in France.
PEOPLE living in the north are to be given access to the equivalent of the European Health Insurance Card post-Brexit.
The United Kingdom’s food system will be greatly impacted by Brexit-related trade deals and policy developments—with implications for dietary risk factors and public health. Here we use an integrated economic–health modelling framework to analyse the impacts of different policy approaches to Brexit.
A new report urges consideration of public health and well-being in post-Brexit trade agreements to avoid making existing health and inequalities in Wales worse.
There are a number of measures that the UK Government must take in order to address the challenges of leaving the EU's single market.
Verdict conducted a poll to analyse the impact of the post-Brexit points-based immigration system on the UK’s healthcare system.
The EU’s Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) annual report reveals that a record exchange of information helped to trace and remove affected products from the market.
The RCGP has formally opposed the UK's exit from the EU and backed a 'people's vote' on Brexit negotiations following a meeting of its governing council.
In the run up to Brexit, we’ve written to the Prime Minister, along with 16 other health organisations, calling for healthcare to be at the heart of EU exit negotiations.
the app to follow coronavirus health and travel developments in your country and beyond, is now available for free download on Google Play and the App Store.
San Francisco-based clinical-stage life science company Recardio is halting clinical trials in the U.K. of a new heart drug due to concerns about Brexit and how new drugs will be approved.
A no-deal Brexit could threaten safe and effective patient care, a major Scottish health board has warned.
Theresa May’s offer was supposed to reassure the 3 million from Europe who call Britain home. But therapists report many are profoundly affected
SNP MEP Alan Smyth and party MSP Bob Doris have urged the EU to allow Scotland to remain within a Europe-wide network of medical expertise on rare diseases after being told it will be expelled.
Nobody ever said that a no-deal Brexit would badly affect our ability to deal with the global outbreak of a viral illness. Well, apart from the British Medical Association in 2018. And the Faculty of Public Health, in 2016 before the referendum was held.
An EU healthcare option, no longer available in the UK due to Brexit, was growing in popularity on both sides of the Irish border, figures have shown.
Brexit uncertainty adds another dimension of disruption to a health service already struggling with the unknown legacy of a global pandemic
If Brexiteers had been more honest, arguing we face perhaps a decade of pain to reset our global stance, I would have more respect for them.
The government’s ‘serious shortage protocols’ are a real danger to the British public’s health – and may be illegal.
The decisions made in these trade talks will define the health of the UK’s population as well as the country’s environment and economy for years to come.
In this thread Steve Analyst reviews submissions from US businesses on their requirements for a US-UK trade deal including: lower food, contamination and safety standards; removing labels for traceability; admission of GMO; ...
The government's lack of clarity over how the UK's immigration system will work after Brexit could leave the NHS spending up to half a billion pounds per year on international recruitment, explains RCP president-elect Dr Andrew Goddard.
Evidence to back up industry claims 'neither compelling or detailed' say health chiefs who were asked to strike an urgent deal with EU chiefs on tobacco giants' behalf amid Brexit planning.
Analysis finds changes such as removal of blanket ban on hormone-disrupting chemicals. / The UK has been accused of “silently eroding” key environmental and human health protections in the Brexit-inspired rush to convert thousands of pages of European Union pesticide policy into British law.
More than 200 UK agencies that provide ‘CE’ safety labels may lose recognition after March 2019
British nationals who have retired to EU countries including Spain and France will no longer have their healthcare covered by the NHS in the event of no Brexit deal, the government has said.
UK policy was recently ruled in breach of its obligations under the European Social Charter but has yet to be changed
Fears of illness over nitrites used in US but currently banned in Britain and EU.
Shortages could occur within weeks of no-deal Brexit, pharmaceutical industry says. / Crashing out of the EU on 31 October would have serious implications for hospitals, patients and pharmacies, with shortages of some medicines within weeks, MPs have been told by the pharmaceutical industry.
Everyone is fishing in the same pond. Stocks built up in readiness for Brexit are having to be replenished. If another pandemic strikes, we’ll hardly be in the best position to get through it.
A prolonged economic fallout as a result of Brexit could have a chilling effect on the NHS budget, writes the head of the NHS European Office.
There could be between 3000 and 23,000 extra deaths in the UK by 2030 because the cost of fruit and vegetables will rise so much after Brexit, warns a study that modelled the impact of various Brexit scenarios.
If you go on holiday in 2020, you will still be able to use your EHIC. / What happens in 2021 and beyond will be decided in negotiations that will soon start.


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