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Everyone should worry about no deal, the civil servant who was, until March, head of the Brexit department has said.
Minister says no deal is in place for extradition, data sharing and arrest warrants after Brexit.
Dozens of British security officials working at Europol will be ejected from the European crime-fighting agency in the event of a no-deal Brexit, putting thousands of criminal investigations in the UK at grave risk of collapse.
Losing access to European security arrangements post-Brexit "will only benefit criminals", Scotland's justice secretary has said.
It is "likely" the UK will leave Europol in the wake of Brexit unless a deal is made, the Home Secretary has said.
Is Europol a European FBI? No. Europol has no executive powers. ...
Are we really being serious when we ask the EU to give the UK, as a third country, the same level of access as a member to sensitive information like satellite development and criminal databases?
British citizens will be less safe if ministers fail to retain access to “mission critical” European intelligence services after Brexit, according to the former Metropolitan Police commissioner Lord Condon.
Prime minister’s remarks in article 50 letter prompt reply that other member states will not accept security collaboration as bargaining chip.
Today, the Prime Minister triggered Article 50. As she did so, with no warning she launched a veiled threat to Europe over security cooperation. Two hours later the Home Secretary made it worse - threatening to withhold security information from Europe if we don't get the deal we need.