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Nissan Motor Co. gave the starkest warning yet on the future of the Japanese group’s car factories in Western Europe, with a plant in the U.K. threatened by Brexit and another in Spain suffering from a slump in demand.
The prime minister blackballed business groups from his keynote speech on the future of EU trade talks yesterday, accusing them of failing to prepare their members for the “reality” of post-Brexit Britain.
British PM is now more likely to push for 'harder' divorce from EU.
New Tory MPs have promised to transform the region, but its greatest threat will come in days, when Britain leaves the EU.
The Chancellor has warned there will be no alignment with EU regulations after Brexit - despite a pledge being made in the North East by Boris Johnson that standards would be protected.
Gianluca de Ficci delivered the starkest warning yet to our Industry Correspondent.
Japanese car maker Nissan will review its decision to build the Qashqai 4x4 in England if Britain leaves the EU without a deal, potentially leading to the closure of the Sunderland plant, the Financial Times reported.
Row breaks out with counter-protesters as March to Leave departs from Sunderland.
It had been billed as a mass protest, taking in the length of England and descending on Westminster, but the so-called “Brexit betrayal march” is only to be done in its entirety by 50 people – and their figurehead, Nigel Farage, won’t be there for most of it.
Firms including BMW and Toyota warn of potential UK job losses and plant closures.
Alarm raised after Nissan decision to halt expansion of Sunderland car plant.
The chairman of Nissan Europe has written to factory staff to confirm it will cancel plans.
Production of four of Nissan's car models in Sunderland fell by 10.7% in 2018 according to SMMT research.
The firm, which employs thousands of people in Sunderland, will reportedly make the announcement on Monday.
Daimler-owned brand looked into using Nissan’s Sunderland plant to manufacture cars
This week Graham Hughes and Jason Hunter are joined by local lad Paul Somerville in Sunderland, a city notorious for voting heavily to leave the EU against all sense of self-preservation.
Car manufacturers appear to be hitting the accelerator out of Britain as the country moves toward an exit from the European Union. More than 1,000 jobs are set to be lost at Ford's engine plant in Wales, German auto-maker BMW is reportedly considering the viability of its Mini plant in Oxford while Nissan wants the U.K. government to guarantee suppliers for its plant in North East England.
Despite assurances given in October that Japanese car manufacturer would continue with plans to invest in Sunderland plant after EU exit. / Nissan said it may “adjust” its business in the UK, depending on how Brexit turns out, potentially jeopardising 7,000 jobs at its Sunderland plant.