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Designers and architects in the UK are suffering in the wake of Brexit, with companies abandoning exports and setting up offices in the EU to avoid losing clients.
"We're stuffed" - Brixham fish merchant Ian Perkes says he's unable to export his fish to France now the new post-Brexit rules and regulation have come into force.
Less than a month after leaving the EU, trade is flowing so badly that small firms are moving operations abroad to survive.
Daniel Lambert blasts government and on Twitter castigates bureaucratic procedures.
Freight company director blames new requirement for EU transport firms to provide VAT and tariff guarantees.
UK firms and customers are struggling with a wave of new paperwork and costs on goods sent to the European Union, and even Northern Ireland, as the economic fallout of Brexit continues to grow.
The financial toll of Brexit is clear for exporters like cookware maker Neil Currie: He is buried in new paperwork, has lost orders and the cost of exporting frying pans to France has doubled.
Scottish fishing representative made renewed plea for a 'grace period' and for EU customs posts in Scotland to reduce bureaucratic delays being faced by exporters.
The extra costs of doing trade with Europe have already wiped out the entire 2020 profits of Frog Bikes in Pontypool
Brexit red tape has left the Cheshire Cheese Company unable to sell to the EU and Northern Ireland and "it seems that it can't be resolved."
This is the moment a caller told LBC that Brexit represents "self-sabotage".
Bologna Children’s Book Fair got off to a “vibrant” start yesterday, with publishers feeling positive and reporting full schedules for their rights teams, despite Brexit complications and the absence of some international publishers.
After years of cancellations thanks to COVID, this summer sees the return of music festivals to the UK - but after leaving the EU, those involved with British events are facing challenges and calling for support.
The number of UK artists booked for European festivals this summer is down 45% compared to 2017-19, according to the group Best for Britain - which previously campaigned against Brexit.
MUSICIANS and artists need visa-free access to EU countries to enable them to tour once the coronavirus restrictions are lifted, Scotland’s Culture Secretary has argued.
Businesses in the West Midlands say they are experiencing big delays in exporting to Europe or having goods returned to the UK due to problems with paperwork and VAT payments.
This exporter tells James O'Brien that "filling in commodity codes" and "getting test certificates" for his products because of Brexit has caused "staggering and obscene" costs and delays for his business.
A Welsh business is at risk of losing £400,000 because of "preposterous bureaucracy" brought about by Brexit.
Deal or no deal, British companies will have to confront a wall of bureaucracy that threatens chaos at the border if they want to sell into the world’s biggest trading bloc when life after Brexit begins on January 1.
Report finds civil service will need to be told which projects to delay or cancel as it is pushed to limit by Brexit
Over a week on from the end of the Brexit transition period some hauliers say they have faced long delays.
Brexit red tape has meant this caller's disabled daughter cannot receive her wheelchair leaving her in 'constant agony'.
Tony Hale has five containers of pork sitting at Rotterdam port that is now "rotten".
'We are not the envy of the world anymore, we are the crackpot aunty in the corner that everyone laughs at.'
A Welsh shellfish wholesaler says she is worried for her future after nearly £50,000 of lobsters, prawns and crabs were delayed for more than 30 hours on a lorry to Spain.
EA chief executive Sir James Bevan argues strong environmental regulation crucial to post-pandemic economic recovery.
Every time Johnson Government waffles on about NI's integral place in UK Internal Market and guarantee of unfettered trade with Great Britain, this Commission summary of what businesses need to prepare for under Tories' "Great Brexit Deal" acts as a very effective lie detector.
Vote Leave promised to “cut red tape” for the fishing industries. Now, one Oyster farmer tells @mikegalsworthy he can no longer export to Spain because of extra bureaucracy caused by Brexit.
'Sadly we need to suspend accepting orders for delivery to Northern Ireland with immediate effect. We know this will be disappointing for our NI customers. We just don’t have the resources to undertake the paperwork required. We are so sorry.'
It’s almost 100 days since Britain completed its split from the EU -- almost five years after the referendum vote –- and a clearer picture of the consequences of the decision to leave is starting to emerge.
The Historic and Classic Vehicles Alliance says jobs could be lost through Brexit bureaucracy and poorly-targeted environmental legislation.
Truckers are trying to avoid the U.K. as Brexit red tape keeps them waiting to get to the continent.
Five years after the Brexit referendum, many British companies now complain about higher transport costs and more bureaucracy. But the biggest problem is a labor shortage.
Saturday 20 February was the 50th day since Boris Johnson’s Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) came into effect. Anyone expecting it to settle all questions, or even most of the details, of how we will do business with the EU from now on will be mightily disappointed.
GKN is planning to shut an automotive factory in Birmingham with the loss of 500 jobs.
With Britain out of the European Union, companies that trade with the continent are contending with expensive disruptions to their businesses and a plunge in exports.
As we pass 60 days of Brexit entering the final month of the first quarter of 2021, let’s take a deeper look at the impact of Brexit on UK businesses and especially e-commerce businesses. Before authoring this article, I had numerous conversations with independent e-commerce business founders. I have based this article on those discussions to bring forward first-hand experiences.
In the 31 days since Brexit was signed, sealed and delivered we’ve seen no end of complaints and ‘red-tape’ measures imposed upon traders and customers who deal with Europe, which hasn’t been helped by the coronavirus pandemic.
Almost all car makers in the UK are having a hard time figuring out new trade rules post-Brexit, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said on Thursday, as it announced that UK car production rose for the first time in 18 months.
A decades-old fishing business in a major British shellfish port has said that it has been forced to close due to new paperwork brought about by the UK's exit from the European Union.
Johnsons of Whixley, which sells over 5 million plants per year, said in a press release yesterday that the “bureaucratic burden” of Brexit had reduced revenue, increased cost and slowed its supply chain.
One month after Britain made a New Year split from the European Union’s economic embrace, businesses that once traded freely are getting used to frustrating checks, delays and red tape.
A significant proportion of small exporters have stopped trading to the EU as shipping times have increased in 2021.
IoD warns a lack of preparedness will exacerbate port congestion when grace period ends in January.
Far from minimal disruption, the full impact of leaving the EU may take 15 years to appear.
UK food company, Helen Browning’s Organic, whose products appear on the shelves of the largest supermarkets in the country has decided to stop using British pork in their sausages following the post-Brexit complications in moving meat across borders.
Within a week, implications of the Brexit are being felt by businesses as food deliveries are delayed for not having the right customs paperwork, logistics companies halt the shipment of goods, and retailers discover their supply chains might be obsolete.
Additional paperwork and certification have cost the UK meat industry up to £120 million since the end of the transition period, a new report states.
A major North West manufacturer with a plant in Hungary says it will now reduce its UK operations and invest in EU facilities after what it described as a "lack of clarity and preparedness" following Brexit.
A "safety and security" agreement removing the need for post-Brexit entry and exit declarations between Britain and the north of Ireland is needed, the freight industry said.
Small businesses and the agri-food sector have been hardest hit by changes to trade following the implementation of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) nearly a year ago, peers warn.
An influential cross-party group of MPs and peers issued a major report today calling on the government to remove the barriers facing UK musicians touring the EU.
U.K. exporters reported lower sales in the first quarter after Covid-19 and the completion of Brexit added to shipping delays, higher transport costs and more extensive paperwork.
For many sellers on Amazon, Brexit is causing significant problems. Last week my company decided to attempt our first shipment into one of Amazon’s European fulfilment centres since Britain left the European Union on 1 January 2021.
The American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham-EU) published a cross-sectoral position paper on Tuesday turning the screw on the UK Government’s hard-line negotiating stance. Although it urges both sides to “work to mitigate disruption as much as possible”, the paper deals a devastating blow to Britain’s present strategy.
Brexit will never be done. Because it can never be done. Not for as long as the UK sits 50km off the European mainland and does 50% of its business with Europe. Not when the island of Ireland sits behind it – and the north east corner of that island is contested political ground.
The renewed tension in Northern Ireland could have far-reaching implications for the future of the United Kingdom - and post-Brexit relations with the EU.
UK firms may struggle to get vital parts from the EU as new laws will force businesses across the channel to set up a presence in the UK.
The government is being urged to negotiate a visa waiver for performers with the EU and provide an emergency creative fund. / More than 300 creative organisations have signed a letter to demand that Boris Johnson delivers on his promise to "fix the Brexit crisis" for their industry.
It wasn't meant to be this way. From border delays to regulation and tariffs we were told would not exist Brexit is wreaking havoc on many businesses.
If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, the government will not be able to support all affected industries. Against a backdrop of steeply deteriorating public finances, the government will be forced into impossible choices about which businesses and industries to save. Without clear principles, the fight over subsidies will be swamped by politics.
Government poised to announce further extensions to post-Brexit ‘grace periods’ until at least the end of the year.
The government's own impact assessment of the Brexit deal confirms firms will have to pay fees, fill out forms and face border inspections when sending goods within the UK.
Results from the first major business survey for 2021 by the British Chambers of Commerce on Brexit found that half (49%) of exporters are facing difficulties in adapting to the changes in the trade of goods following the ratification of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) on 1 January 2021.
This real-life experience of a small West Yorkshire company, before and after the creation of the single market, provides an insight into our imminent future in the event that we leave the EU without a worthwhile trading deal.
After six years and nearly £500,000, fears have been aired over the future of the Shotley pier restoration.
Luxury carmaker Bentley (VOWG_p.DE) said free trade with Europe not the United States was its priority as Britain negotiates its new relationship with the European Union...
Brexit is likely to drive up prices at Boohoo, with additional costs largely relating to distribution and administration to blame.
Literature lovers in Spain are among those feeling the post-Brexit pinch, forced to pay more for books they love due to customs charges.
The number of British musical acts appearing on the lineups of European festivals has dropped by nearly half in the post-Brexit world, per the findings of new research.
"The UK government’s decision to further delay the introduction of border controls on imports from the EU is a bitter blow to Scottish farmers and the Scottish food and drink industry."
Post-Brexit transition border checks could cause fresh food supply problems, an industry body has warned.
Ian Paisley accuses prime minister of insulting people’s intelligence after he describes post-Brexit disruption as “teething problems”.
Boris Johnson's Brexit Bill has major consequences for the UK and our future prosperity. MPs would be failing in their duty if they did not scrutinise it line-by-line.
A couple of points are worth observing already. Nearly six years on from the Leave vote, the supposed opportunities of Brexit remain entirely conspicuous by their absence. And ramping up the rhetoric by claiming “immense opportunity” does not change this reality.
Report cites leaked proposals for clearance areas 5-10 miles from border and real-time tracking of goods.
Lord Frost claimed he 'underestimated' the scale of problems in moving goods from Britain - while another minister said it's been 'more difficult than we anticipated'
North’s economy will be closer to Republic’s in terms of rules, regulations and practices.
The former Soviet satellite state is welcoming British companies looking to escape the tangle of regulations and financial obstacles of doing business in Europe.
UK now has a more limited relationship than when it was inside the EU... These difficulties have manifested themselves in various forms of red tape and difficulties around SPS rules.
Brexit has forced businesses to endure higher costs, more paperwork and border delays, a fresh report has found.
The Royal British Legion will no longer sell poppies in the European Union due to red tape following Brexit, according to reports.
THE UK made history by leaving the European Union. Now Brexit threatens the archaeology work that links us to our past as experts are blocked by red tape, it is claimed.
Sally-Ann Hart, feels that Brexit “has not worked” for the fishermen of Hastings and Rye. When you consider the promises that the Conservatives were making – such as Dominic Raab’s claim that they had achieved “a great deal for the fishing industry” – the MP’s words are almost shocking in their plain honesty.
Customs duty collected on goods imported from abroad jumps as a result of Brexit.
Post-Brexit barriers facing the arts are "heartbreaking" and "confirm worst fears", industry leaders have said.
Shipping wine to the UK is now a "bloody nightmare" and it's only likely to get worse.
Lull in traffic means delays haven’t hit major U.K. ports, yet. / Trucks delayed at pick-up points as customs agents struggle.
The number of UK businesses exporting to the EU fell by a third in 2021, new figures revealed.
British zoos are struggling with post-Brexit paperwork rules, undermining conservation efforts both in the U.K. and the EU.
Business grew to the extent that the company began exporting successfully to Europe, where its products were becoming increasingly popular. That was, until Brexit.
The government confirmed the SPS (sanitary and phytosanitary) import controls would be introduced on a phased basis from 1 July in a bid to ensure both businesses and border inspectors are not overwhelmed initially.
Exports of seafood and meat products to the EU have been disrupted since the end of the transition period on January 1st, with businesses of all sizes reporting losing money and trade due to bureaucratic border processes. ... House of Commons EFRA Committee today launch an inquiry into how the Government can support meat and fish exporters.
British tourists headed for city breaks in Paris or sunny getaways in Spain in September could be hit by new biometric checks set to be required at the border.
Trade with Great Britain has been severely disrupted since the Brexit agreement came into force. Fish traders and clothing sellers are struggling to cope with new customs and health regulations. Companies often bear the burden of the extra costs.
It has been another gloomy week on the sunlit uplands of sovereign Britain, as a senior minister accused the EU of seeking “petty revenge” – and then hinted that the government might ban imports of European mineral water and seed potatoes.
A district councillor has claimed 'people didn't know what they were voting for' when they decided to leave the European Union, and blasted quitting the bloc as a 'complete and utter disaster'.
Small design firms in the UK are moving their production abroad and setting up businesses in the European Union to get around a slump in business following Brexit. / "The UK is no longer a viable distribution hub" / "Best to not have anything even touching the UK" / "If you speak to any company, they're finding ways to remain in the EU"
When Dutch boat captain and engineer Ernst-Jan de Groot applied to continue working in Britain after Brexit, he became ensnared in a bureaucratic nightmare because of an online glitch and says he is now likely to lose his job.
Scottish rural economy minister Fergus Ewing said the sector was being decimated by the pandemic, Brexit and tariffs.
Several hundred tonnes of beetroot have been left to rot on Will Woodhall's farm in central England due to Brexit.
The new post-Brexit trading environment is making life difficult for UK firms trying to export to SMEs in the EU – with little government guidance on how to cut through the bureaucratese.
Brexit has dealt a blow to Andrew Duff’s business. His burgeoning sales of high end Scottish beef to Europe are on hold because his business is too small to navigate the post-Brexit customs border for now.
rish government figures come days after M&S says it is scrapping 800 lines due to ‘excessive paperwork’
The "only detectable impact" of Brexit on British businesses so far is "increased costs, paperwork and border delays", says the chair of a prominent parliamentary committee.
New post-Brexit trade restrictions have pushed up the cost of parts and raw materials for two thirds of small British manufacturers surveyed last month, and a majority reported some level of disruption.
The Financial Conduct Authority has reminded UK payment service providers to prepare for changes to the law affecting cross-border payments due to Brexit.
Make UK says two-thirds of companies fear customs delays and red tape from new rules will further hamper supply chains.
A South Yorkshire exporter is unable to export to the EU amid the chaos stemming from the Brexit deal – threatening 30 per cent of business and a £1m sales boost.
Full customs controls on imports from the EU to Britain will finally begin on New Year's Day after being delayed three times - and business groups can't guarantee it'll all go smoothly.
While the picture’s hardly pretty and certainly not what advocates of Brexit envisioned, none of it surprises economists. As a former Bank of England official observed: “You run a trade war against yourself, bad things happen.”
Wholesalers recently warned that the cost of basics such as cooking oil and vegetables had mushroomed.
Lincoln-based insulation manufacturer and supplier, SuperFOIL Insulation, says it has lost a quarter of a million pounds revenue as a result of Brexit.
UK meat exporters could permanently lose half their trade due to Brexit, according to the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA).
Disruption to trade is not ‘teething problem’, parliamentary committee hears.
Figures from the Irish statistics service reveal the scale of challenges as traders grappled with new customs requirements, covid-19 restrictions and pre-Brexit stockpiling.
Border checks said to have increased business costs and ‘suppressed’ trade, and the situation could worsen.
The Ulster Farmers’ Union has said Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal is “complex and bureaucratic” in its first assessment of the plans.
UK businesses have said the Brexit trade deal has pushed up costs, increased paperwork and delays, and put the UK at a competitive disadvantage, research from the British Chambers of Commerce has found.
Export health certification cost over £26m from January to June this year, claims the food industry's sanitary & phytosanitary (SPS) certification working group, which wants food business operators to support e-certification trials.
As of December 2022, UK companies importing medicines from the EU may need to set up new batch testing facilities. What will this mean for the industry and how did the situation come about?
Thousands will wake up on Thursday as illegal aliens as a post-Brexit limit on time spent in the EU kicks in.
UK clothing and lifestyle brand Joules is terminating some of its wholesale agreements with stockists in the European Union. Drapers explores who else is following suit, and what the implications are.
A British student is spending the festive season in Spain rather than with family – because Spanish red tape combined with Brexit means she cannot leave the country while her visa is processed.
Red tape means Neil Alcock’s Seiont Nurseries in Caernarfon has a four-day marathon via France, Holland and England – at £280 a trolley instead of £100
LSE finds one-third decline in trading relationships under Boris Johnson’s deal – which has hit small firms hardest. / Brexit red tape means the UK has “stopped selling” many products to smaller EU countries, according to alarming new evidence of the impact on trade.
Around half of UK SMEs believe that Brexit has had a negative impact on the UK’s society as a whole awhile 64 per cent believe that it has negatively influenced the UK economy.
Britain's exit from the EU has so far made trade more expensive because of delays and red tape, and there could be border disruption ... the UK Public Accounts Committee said today. / Britain became the last G7 developed nation to see its goods exports surpass their 2018 average level since the onset of the Covid-19, underlining its poor trade performance.
However, there is another threat to music in Britain, and it’s not the virus. It is the government. One music campaigner put it to me: “The British government has given the creative industries of the United Kingdom a No Deal Brexit. It is simply killing us.”
A leading customs expert who predicted the truck driver shortage and issues causes by the sea border in the Irish Sea believe delayed bureaucratic customs laws will lead to meats, fruit and vegetables from the EU being too costly to import.
It is increasingly clear that Brexit has cost not saved money, encumbered not liberated trade, inhibited not enhanced our sovereignty, and threatens to break up the UK. In fact, argues Nick Westcott, it is nothing more than a political Ponzi scheme – and it is still going on.
As Prime Minister Boris Johnson prepares to depart Downing Street, tossed from office by his own party, his legacy — the opening lines of his eventual obituary — will call him the man who “got Brexit done.” / So how is that going? What can be said about the post-Brexit Britain that Johnson is leaving behind?
Architects need to make their voices heard about the impact of Brexit – it is threatening London’s position as the global hub for international architectural services, says Patrick Richard.
Despite repeated assurances that the government understood the need for frictionless travel after Brexit, hugely increased bureaucracy and costs look set to devastate the present – and the future – of musicians and music-making in the UK
Supply chain issues, skills shortages, increased costs and red tape among the issues cited.
Cult sustainable labels like Fruity Booty are up against insane levels of paperwork and shipping delays.
We could have been forgiven for thinking Brexit was done when the UK left the EU at the very end of 2020. However, for retailers the real challenge of Brexit is likely to be felt in early 2022 when border controls are finally introduced for the UK.
Empty shelves and disrupted supply chains will continue unless the food and drink sector get the support it needs to trade under new Brexit rules, the boss of a cheese firm has claimed.
Shrewsbury-based natural food company Purition says it has currently been forced to stop trading with Europe because of Brexit issues.
Since the transition period ended, shops supplying British groceries say they have struggled with extra paperwork and import difficulties.
An increase in red tape and charges means headaches for those sending gifts to Europe.
It has been a gloomy week on the sunlit uplands of sovereign Britain, as failure to award enough licences to the French mean our government is now loathed by fishermen on both sides of the channel.
Touring could become “prohibitively bureaucratic and expensive” for musicians and other performers based in the UK because of Brexit, a committee of peers has warned.
Holidaymakers heading to Europe will now face extra costs and paperwork following UK's exit from the EU.
Brexit ministers are demanding that Phillip Hammond provide them with “hundreds more” members of staff after departments have been forced to make cuts.
THE SNP has warned that households across the UK are set to feel the “bitter bite of Tory Brexit” this New Year, with a significant number of people concerned about food prices, shortages and delays to gifts due in part to Brexit.
UK musicians must now secure visa or work permit for each country they want to play in.
Brexiters told us that Brexit meant freedom. One month on... how free do Britons actually feel now?
Confusion around the new Brexit rules for importing goods into Northern Ireland has caused a "nightmare", small business owners have said.
The end of the transition period late on New Year's Eve brought into force the different regulatory and customs arrangements to the rest of the UK.
The U.K. government just presented a 206-page manual for how the country will trade with the European Union on Jan. 1, when Britain’s exit from the 27-nation bloc becomes official 4 1/2 years after the nation voted to leave.
Many U.K. small firms are facing an “existential” threat as they grapple with obstacles Brexit has imposed on trade with the European Union, one of the country’s largest business groups said.
British traders are falling foul of a new information technology system policing goods crossing the English Channel, as companies grapple with a fresh wave of post-Brexit red tape.
Demand for British wine is up domestically but at the same time, Brexit has led to a shortage of seasonal workers, increased costs and red tape. / Across the country, similar problems have disrupted businesses since Britain fully left the European Union in January.
One local business that is very much at the forefront of the impact of Brexit is BJW Logistics Ltd, a small transport company in Taunton, Somerset. I spoke to Barry, the owner and director of the company.
London's five-day digital fashion week begins today against a backdrop of anxiety about cost of doing business with the European Union after Brexit.
A week ago the UK fully left the EU. The moment we all campaigned against, warned about and feared the consequences of became reality – and it’s every bit as bad as forecast.
A new report exposes in detail the impact that Brexit is having on businesses - with the effects getting worse over time, not better.
Food labelling laws – after leaving the EU – require food firms in Great Britain to have an European Union or Northern Ireland address, but many cannot afford the extra costs
The UK’s biggest shellfish exporter says it’s opening an EU base to avoid paying up to £1 million a year in Brexit-related red tape.
The UK’s biggest shellfish exporter says it’s opening an EU base to avoid paying up to £1 million a year in Brexit-related red tape.
Northern Ireland Affairs Committee told of myriad difficulties with existing arrangements.
The Reds are searching for their third manager in 18 months after Championship rivals West Brom bought out Ismael's contract.
Border hold-ups and complex new rules are causing supply shortages in laboratories that jeopardise research, says Wellcome Sanger Institute.
Archie Norman, the chair of Marks and Spencer, revealed the mountain of bureaucracy that is making international trade impossible for small producers, leading many to give up entirely.
A pioneering exporter who sold lobsters to Europe from the Yorkshire coast has been forced to wind up his 40-year-old family business – because of Brexit red tape.
More than half of Irish businesses said they experienced increased regulatory burdens because of Brexit in 2020 -- exceeding the 40% that endured global supply disruptions due to Covid-19.
A businessman who says Brexit is destroying his business thanks to red tape has challenged the Prime Minister to try filling in the necessary customs forms.
The next big money-making opportunity of Brexit has emerged: selling customs services.
Stock regularly held up in Dublin Port for three to five days at a time, with some consignments delayed for up to 10 days.
A LOCAL heritage railway has discovered that the movement of goods between Britain and Northern Ireland is not going full steam ahead post Brexit.
Some small firms are likely to go under due to the extra cost of exporting to Europe, experts have predicted.
Cross-border tax complexities cost the UK economy £47.6bn in lost revenue last year, an average revenue loss of 16 per cent on total EU exports, according to fresh industry data shared with City A.M. this morning.
The logistics sector, with its daily responsibility for keeping goods, food and medical supplies crisscrossing the UK, was hit by a double whammy in 2020 and the opening two months of 2021.
Great British sausages and mince will now require health certificates for exports to Northern Ireland in the latest example of Brexit red tape.
120,000 exporters need to prove source of goods going to EU. / Carmakers face existential threat without rules of origin deal.
“This shows how the post-Brexit increase in custom costs to UK consumers is really biting," a senior manager at an accountancy firm has said.
The UK’s decision to leave the EU trading bloc has left many small- and medium-sized farm businesses struggling to cope with extra customs checks and red tape.
Generic makers have started to withdraw because they cannot afford to meet the costs of new post-Brexit red tape.
Salmon farmers are, like all of us, anticipating the arrival of the United Nation’s COP26 conference in Glasgow later this year and are actively engaging with the Scottish Government’s target of net-zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045.
Brexit was hailed as an escape from the ‘red tape’ of the EU, however ecommerce businesses are learning that selling into the EU comes with more Brexit red tape than they ever had to deal with before.
MPs were told that some fishing firms are looking at relocating parts of their operation to the European Union.
A leading musician with plans to tour in Europe has spoken of the “nightmare” Brexit is causing the British music industry.
Tony's in Helsinki at the EPP's Spitzenkandidat coronation / No deal and what it means for Irish businesses (spoiler - lot's of paperwork) / BDO's Carol Lynch gives ground level view on what will happen at Irish ports and to Irish businesses if no deal is agreed, or later if a free trade agreement is reached.
Gisela Stuart on why she believes exiting the Single Market and Customs Union is the Brexit the UK voted for in 2016. / Liesbeth Kooijman, Dutch Ministry of Agriculture on how much time Brexit could add to foodstuffs travelling from Europe to UK shops in the event of Brexit. / Roel Van't Veld, Dutch Customs Authority on the added burden leaving the Customs Union will have for the UK and Europe.
BREXIT has halted charitable efforts from Swindon which help vulnerable street dogs and cats in the European Union.
Trade barriers erected in Boris Johnson’s deal have cost exporters more than £1.1 billion since the start of the year, the Food and Drink Federation said.
Despite a Brexit setback, a celebration of the release of a new French wine will go ahead at Askham Hall.
BREXIT is set to cost the UK between £2 and £4 billion in lost food exports across its first full year out of the European Union.
The capital’s service sectors will bear the brunt of a downturn, according to a study published by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.
For many suppliers and logistics specialists, it was obvious that Brexit would disrupt the continuity of trade, and its negative effects would affect both the United Kingdom and the countries of the European Union.
Brexit is likely to have a negative impact on the business between Germany and the UK, the German DIHK Chambers of Industry and Commerce said on Tuesday, adding that a trade and cooperation agreement with Britain can only partially offset the downturn.
New red tape and charges causing ‘major problems’ to 35 per cent of traders relying on parcel deliveries.
Scottish firms have been “thrown to the wolves” over the post-Brexit trade chaos at cross-channel ports and the situation may worsen, MSPs have been warned.
The post-Brexit trade deal between the UK and EU is a "thin deal' for Wales, says the first minister.
Business leaders have called for urgent removal of red tape that is damaging trade between the UK and the EU.
Prime minister accused of not being ‘honest’ with voters about downsides of his agreement - risking their anger later on.
From 1 January firms face a barrage of new red tape while others are still waiting on vital decisions about how they will trade with the EU in the post-Brexit era.
Customs paperwork diverts trucks from UK ‘land bridge’ on to EU-Ireland sea routes.
Britain’s bigget seaport says Brexit bureaucracy could bite when mass travel makes a comeback.
For anyone who thought Brexit was done in 2020, the early signs are that it will, once virus woes settle, become Boris Johnson’s biggest headache. Again.
The House of Lords European Affairs Committee heard that whilst technology infrastructure and digital tools could help, more clarity and support is needed.
The BWF is urging its members and the wider wood-using industries to prepare for changes coming with the end of the Brexit transition period at the end of December.
Brexit red tape is likely to increase food supply chain costs, the Food and Drink Federation has warned.
The Food and Drink Federation has warned of extra costs for businesses and consumers due to major changes in the way in which manufacturers in the UK and EU interact at borders.
British companies have filled in 48 million customs declarations and 140,000 export health certificates since Britain left the EU.
BRITONS aiming to buy a country property in Spain have been warned that since Brexit they will need permission from the Spanish Ministry of Defence, which could add six months to their timescale and around €1000 (£830) to their costs.
The boss of one of Britain's big retailers says Brexit has turned out to be "considerably worse" than he feared.
Incorrectly filled-out forms, missing data and documents: Even over 5 weeks after the UK left the EU, goods transports via the Channel are still fraught with obstacles – particularly to the detriment of British companies.
One of the UK’s leading commercial nurseries has had to stop supplying plants to Northern Ireland after new Brexit restrictions came into force in January.
Scotland’s rural affairs secretary hit out at the UK leaving the EU two years on from the finalisation of a deal to leave the bloc.
New Impact Report from the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) reveals the real cost of Brexit to the UK meat industry.
Those expecting the deal meant trade could carry on in the same friction-free, tariff-free manner as before were in for something of a shock on 1 January 2021 when shipments were stuck at borders due to incorrect paperwork.
Industry insiders blame the shift on the travel-throttling coronavirus and Brexit, which has made transporting cars and tools across the Channel more costly and onerous.
The UK’s official departure from the EU took place on January 1, 2021. The Brexit roll-out, not unexpectedly, has been awash with problems.
On April 14, 2021, the Warsaw Institute, together with The Warsaw Institute Review quarterly, had the honor of hosting another online event – the Diplomacy Talks Series. The title of the discussion, moderated by the president of the Warsaw Institute, Tomasz Kijewski, was “BREXIT and its importance for Europe and the Polish diaspora in Great Britain and Northern Ireland”.
A lack of lorry drivers, abattoir staff and fruit pickers caused by Brexit is threatening both consumers’ pockets and meat such as turkeys and pigs in blankets.
"It's slow, it's outdated, it's challenging in a number of ways we never expected," says Charlie Samways.
Over 6,000 checks have now been carried out on British goods by Belgium’s Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) since January 2021.
Here are five of the outcomes that have been in the news so far this year.
Legal experts at Walker Morris discuss what food businesses need to know about phases 2 and 3 of implementing checks at the Great Britain/EU border now the Brexit transition period has ended.
Proposed procedures for importing and exporting of goods are “convoluted, expensive and will seriously hamper trade with other countries”, says BMPA.
There's been a lot of talk about free trade in the Brexit debate, but what exactly is a free trade agreement and how does it differ from what the UK has had with the EU?
The British economy is beginning to understand what it is to be tipped over the cliff edge. Cries of alarm and distress flares are going up across the length and breadth of the country, and from industries as diverse as fishing and finance and from pigs to paint.
“This has placed British businesses at a competitive disadvantage and reduced the incentive on the European Commission to negotiate measures that would lessen the burdens facing British producers."
In the months since the Brexit transition period ended, trade flows at British borders have plummeted and border checks have been deemed so unworkable that their implementation has been pushed back by a year. Dire figures and delays point to the fact there is far more to free trade than tariffs...
Brexit delays and costs are escalating rapidly, warns international courier services specialist ParcelHero.
Firms have been hit by increasing red tape and delays at ports since Brexit at the year end, while the Northern Ireland Protocol has caused significant disruption at the Britain and Northern Ireland border.
One term that keeps cropping up in discussions around Brexit is the customs union. What is it and how does it work?
Tor Mackenzie, Founder of MAD Yorkshire takes stock of the issues created by Brexit and how the industry can bounce back.
Organisers behind the Museum of Brexit want the public to donate money and mementos to create a permanent exhibition devoted to the UK’s exit from the EU.
Johnson is at the mercy of his cabinet. The trouble is, as Leavers, none of them will face up to our post-EU crisis either
It would be fair to say that businesses in Somerset are now really starting to feel the effects of Brexit and our new trade deals with the EU and the rest of the world. From all the businesses I have spoken to so far the effects have ranged from bureaucratic nightmares with unnecessary paperwork and extra costs to complete shutdowns of exports.
Britain is on course to lose its status as one of Germany's top ten trading partners this year for the first time since 1950, as Brexit-related trade barriers drive firms in Europe's largest economy to look for business elsewhere.
EU will examine cases where citizens have met 'bureaucratic wall' trying to secure right to remain in UK.
British companies trading with Europe will have to absorb a post-Brexit bureaucracy burden and fill in an extra 215m customs declarations at a cost of about £7bn a year, according to government officials.
Caroline Rush today told of the “challenges” Brexit and the pandemic had posed for her industry as London Fashion Week got under way.
The director general of the Chilled Food Association said health assessment forms stand to increase by one-third, and costs for companies are spiralling.
British food businesses face ‘outright export bans’ and ‘structural’ barriers to trade with Europe thanks to bureaucracy linked with Brexit, according to the House of Lords EU Environment sub-committee.
Hauliers carrying goods to Europe have warned they face more damaging restrictions as the latest figures show exports dropped by two-fifths in January as the Brexit transition period came to an end.
Britain’s meat industry could permanently lost up to half of its exports because of “mountains” of Brexit red tape, a leading trade body has warned.
Weaknesses in the current export system and “mountains” of red tape due to Brexit could lead to a potential permanent loss of trade of between 20% and 50% for British meat companies, an industry body has warned.
British meat processors are registering businesses in the European Union in order to bypass post-Brexit export delays, with flows just 50% of normal levels and costs soaring, the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) said on Tuesday.
Port managers warn that shops may face shortages if imports are held up.
Daniel Lambert, who supplies M&S, Waitrose and 300 independent retailers, to set up in France after £150,000 hole in revenue.
A British tourist was denied entry to Spain when she could not show a particular passport stamp that is now required post-Brexit.
Thousands face not having a valid permit after lack of deal between UK and France and flood of applications.
Peter Ricketts, former British ambassador to France, tells of the difficulties faced by businesses and the 'extra red tape' as well as travel changes.
Pet Passports will become invalid when the Brexit transition period ends in December
Thousands of Brits residing in the EU have been informed by UK banks that their EU-based bank accounts will soon be shut.
Property owners in France who have British friends or family staying with them this summer face form-filling and extra costs due to Brexit.
UK visitors to Spain who want to stay with friends or family may need to get a letter from the police due to post-Brexit red tape.
Covid tests for drivers and Brexit red tape mean more firms are looking at sending trailers on ferries without a cab
AS prominent British performers such as Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Joss Stone and Bob Geldof call for the UK government to make future touring in Europe easier for musicians, a Pembrokeshire venue has said that the mountain of paperwork faced by EU musicians playing in the UK is also having an adverse effect.
Before the UK left the European Union, the beer, which makes up 80 per cent of his stock, would have arrived within 10 to 14 days 'without a hitch'.
Companies in the ITV Anglia region say new customs controls are causing delays and could lead to problems with supply.
Some food and drink companies have seen their income shrink by as much as half. / Scottish businesses are losing millions of pounds because of the soaring cost of exporting to the EU in the wake of Brexit.
Around 10 to 12 inland posts, five of which will be in Kent, are expected to be required to process goods coming in and out of Great Britain.
BUSINESSES should expect more paperwork, bureaucracy and additional costs on trade between the north and Britain when the Brexit transition period ends in seven months’ time...
SCOTTISH fishing businesses have bemoaned the “unnecessary hassle” of bureaucratic changes to exporting goods to the continent under Brexit rules.
Leaving EU without a deal will result in 'significant new and ongoing administrative burden' of firms filling out 215 million customs forms a year, assessment finds.
Nearly half of all UK consumers who bought goods from EU-based retailers since the end of the Brexit transition period on 31 December experienced some issues, such as extra paperwork, delays or surprise costs, a new survey by the consumer group found.
A Caithness fish exporter has revealed how post-Brexit bureaucracy has resulted in shipments of fresh produce taking up to three days longer to reach vital European Union markets.
Many European businesses have yet to anticipate the new red tape that will be compulsory to trade with Britain after Jan. 1, the head of French customs warned.
UK trade volumes have been “suppressed” by the impact of Brexit and Covid-19 and the impact of new customs agreements on businesses is “concerning”, according to MPs.
This frustrated business owner who voted for Brexit because she was "fed up with the bureaucracy" of the EU now has "more of it" as her business struggles to cope with additional costs and delays.
The shortages have been brought on by a combination of Covid-19 and Brexit, with some laboratories predicting that they may not be resolved until late June.
Canada has pledged to fill British supermarket shelves with hormone-pumped beef as the two countries opened post-Brexit trade talks.
With European touring getting properly going again following the relaxation of COVID restrictions, the UK music industry is now fully dealing with the realities of Brexit and the new bureaucracy touring musicians face.
Head of Welsh CBI tells committee pharmaceutical firm has had to move production to Dublin.
The letter hits out at the "mountains of red tape" now needed for UK artists to tour in the EU.
Importing cars from the UK to Ireland is not a new phenomenon. For decades motorists have been looking across the pond for better deals on superior spec vehicles. However things have shifted radically in the past 12 months.
The Chancellor has warned there will be no alignment with EU regulations after Brexit - despite a pledge being made in the North East by Boris Johnson that standards would be protected.
Customs expert says extra costs and delays will harm small businesses and WTO rules would ‘kill UK farming’
A cheese-maker from Cheshire says the post-Brexit trade deal with the UK has led to him losing hundreds of thousands of pounds-worth of business.
‘Since getting in touch with suppliers ahead of reopening, I’ve found certain fruit and veg is harder – for smaller importers, it’s not worth the extra expense and time’
Brexit’s sunlit uplands are proving difficult to access and, for one sector at least, the blame for this problem cannot be pinned on one year of lockdown.
Richard Griffiths, chief executive of the British Poultry Council, said the ban on so-called 'low skilled' workers has been a hammer blow to the supply chain - and therefore to chicken-lovers everywhere.
The civil service will not be able to implement Brexit while carrying out its other duties after having been shrunk to its smallest size since the second world war, Bob Kerslake, a former Whitehall chief, has warned.
The owner of a popular Bury St Edmunds shop which specialises in European beers fears he may have to close after Brexit related red tape depleted his stock.
Companies bringing goods into Great Britain face a new set of bureaucratic hurdles from 1 January, as the UK imposes full Brexit customs controls on imports from the EU for the first time.
Dozens of UK wine merchants and retailers have called on government to scrap plans for new post-Brexit import papers, warning they already face higher costs and drinkers will lose out.
Treasury committee says confidence in preparations has collapsed amid customs chiefs’ doubts that IT system will be ready. There will be a fivefold increase in customs checks at Dover and other UK ports after Brexit, an influential group of MPs has found.
A farmer says the lack of border checks on meat coming into the UK is deeply worrying, as it could be putting the country at risk of diseases like foot and mouth.
Government announces three-month grace period on customs declarations hours before transition period ends, leaving businesses scrambling to change plans.
Post-Brexit trade disruption and ongoing congestion are causing critical build-ups of containers at UK ports, according to the latest data from Container xChange.
Pero Foods in Betws-y-Coed has spoken of the post-Brexit 'chaos' in the system for exporting to the EU.
Britain 'fortunate' it had not crashed out of bloc when coronavirus struck, Commission says – even as Boris Johnson vows to do just that if necessary.
More than half of UK hauliers are considering moving operations to the EU, according to a survey.
The artisan brewing business based in Kinloss, Morayshire, founded by Heather McDonald, has suffered “unsustainable cash flow problems” arising from the rapid contraction of the global hospitality and licensed trade industry and problems and costs for exporters arising from Brexit.
Organisations using UK state funds to help vulnerable Britons with Brexit red tape are having to rethink the ways they can help due to Covid-19.
Yoyo-ing lockdowns, unexpected home improvement surges and Brexit red tape have caused chaos in the materials supply chain. Where does that leave construction capacity?
Businesses in Ireland have been warned that if they buy Christmas crackers sourced from the UK, they will have to add additional labelling to them before they can sell them, because of Brexit.
MPs discussed EU visas for artists which have resulted in bureaucracy and added costs.
Incident cited as one example of the ‘disastrous’ impact of new rules on goods crossing Irish Sea
More than 100 medics and nurses must now be registered in both the UK and Republic of Ireland due to their involvement in cross-border transfers and all-island work.
A new cross-party group comprising of MPs, business leaders and economic exports is being established to provide independent scrutiny of the UK’s trade deals with Europe and the rest of the world.
Shoppers tell of shock at unexpected bills for VAT or customs duty as some retailers stop shipping to continent.
The head of the UK's largest dairy farmers' co-operative has warned that prices may rise sharply in the event of a "no-deal" Brexit.
"The next time some Brexit grandee dials it in from Provence to assure the Today Programme that all is well, report them to the Excise, for not doing the paperwork for their phone, that'll reverse Brexit."
But practice admits decision to leave EU has created ‘operational challenges’.
‘We have been too purist on this’, concedes minister who rejected EU offer – breaking promise to rescue visa free tours.
The chief negotiator of the Brexit deal has now called for fresh talks over the issue, adding: "This time, we should try harder"
There are a ‘lack of things to talk about‘, ex-negotiator argues – one day after collapse in trading links revealed.
Boris Johnson vowed Brexit minister would ‘fix’ problem - but peer insists it’s down to more junior departments.
Days after the Secretary of State declared “there is no Irish Sea border”, scores – and possibly hundreds – of products are disappearing from supermarket shelves in Northern Ireland because of that new border, the News Letter can reveal.
German logistics company cites ‘significant’ paperwork issues. / U.K.-EU trade being disrupted by post-Brexit red tape.
People looking to send gifts abroad this Christmas have alarmingly little understanding of how to navigate the customs rules and charges introduced when the UK left the European Union, new Which? research can reveal.
Anyone sending Christmas presents to loved ones should get moving – and be aware of the hoops they must jump through.
Shane Brennan, chief executive of the Cold Chain Federation, discusses new Brexit import rules with Sky's Ian King.
‘Everyone is panicking,’ says Freight UK manager – despite Michael Gove’s attempts to reassure logistics industry.
UK food manufacturers are said to be rushing to hire trade specialists to cope with the delays and red tape involved with getting products in and out of Northern Ireland.
When travelling to Sweden to begin my PhD studies in Stockholm I was denied entry and deported. I was told that this is because I am a non-EU citizen. This is another example of a failure of the government’s Brexit deal, which has stolen the rights of British citizens to live and work on our continent.
One of the few dairies allowed to make Stilton said it has had to stop sales to the European Union (EU) since Brexit.
New visa rules, taxes and transport restrictions are some of the hurdles British dance and theatre organisations must now overcome to tour Europe.
Time-sensitive seafood exports have been hit hard as the fishing industry struggles to deal with long-winded paperwork and new rules
Reflecting on the time since the UK’s exit from the EU, businesses surveyed report ongoing challenges and concerns since the departure, including volume of paperwork (45%) and complexity of regulations (50%).
The egg industry has raised concern over difficulties faced by those exporting 'seconds' to the EU following the end of the Brexit transition period.
A Tory MP has left people rolling their eyes after she blamed the EU, not Brexit, for traffic jams near the port of Dover.
'In 2016, Dominic Raab was "jarred" and "bemused" by the idea that leaving the customs union could increase the burden of bureaucracy, despite @SimonFraser00's clear explanations.'
A Doncaster firm is calling on the Government to improve business with Europe following a massive slump in trade caused by Brexit.
Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross says there is still work to be done after Brexit – but does not see it as an “electoral issue”. / Since the UK officially left with a deal this year, key sectors such as seafood have been caught up with delays and red tape.
DOUGLAS Ross has been heavily criticised for “betraying” the Scottish fishing industry after he took part in a leaders’ phone-in earlier today.
Natalie Elphicke has an interesting interpretation of the so-called "Brexit dividend". / The Tory MP for Dover has launched an innovative defence of Brexit, claiming that the mountains of new red tape is creating scores of new jobs.
Port of Dover boss Doug Bannister has told LBC that it's "absolutely true" that Brexit is ultimately to blame for the extreme delays at the port of Dover because passports require extra checks.
The Shellfish Association of Great Britain wrote to its members stating that in private the UK government had “changed this position” and confirmed that the EU’s stance “is correct”.
Driver shortages remain the single biggest crisis in the haulage industry in the wake of Brexit, with a shortfall of nearly 70,000, according to courier firm Speedy Freight – which also cites the ongoing impact of red tape.
More than a year on from Brexit Welsh companies say they are feeling the pinch from making fewer sales to Europe.
Cheese lovers Carol and Olav Kloster decided to start making their own Dutch favourites when Brexit bureaucracy made it difficult to import directly from producers in Holland.
A restaurant owner has warned businesses are still feeling the impact of higher import costs after Brexit - and says it could force him to the wall.
An award-winning East Lothian chocolatier has warned that his family business is being devastated as he tries to deal with Brexit rules during the coronavirus pandemic.
Who’d have thought that three months on we’d still be struggling with Brexit barriers that impact how cross channel trade works? In fact, as a country, we haven’t even really got internal trade sorted with Northern Ireland still seeing issues ordering goods to and from mainland Britain.
An exclusive poll for i shows that firms feel the Government had not done enough to support them through Brexit.
‘The government seems unable or unwilling to fix this gaping hole in their trade deal and defaults to blaming the EU rather than finding ways out of this mess,’ musician says.
“Despite this looming catastrophe, the government seems unable or unwilling to fix this gaping hole in their trade deal"
Elton John has accused Lord Frost and other ministers of being unwilling to fix the “gaping hole” in the current Brexit deal which means that artists must get visas and permits to go on tour in Europe.
Attracting academics from the EU to the UK has become challenging because of #Brexit – and it’s vital we adapt to avoid getting left behind in science and technology.
It comes after the UK extended grace periods until October to avoid red tape for goods travelling from Britain to Northern Ireland.
EU teachers are likely to face fees of £4,345 to work in the UK for five years after Brexit in a move that will worsen an existing recruitment crisis, ministers have been warned.
Lorries carrying food to Northern Ireland’s supermarkets may need more than 100 health certificates under the UK-EU trade deal, a business chief has warned.
Some EU specialist online retailers have said they will no longer deliver to the UK because of tax changes which came into force on 1 January.
For some weeks the British government has been planning a “shock and awe” campaign to warn British businesses that they have less than six months to prepare for Brexit; but the EU has beaten them to it.
Online deliveries to the UK from Europe have plunged 50.7 per cent in the first quarter of 2021, according to e-commerce shipping platform Sendcloud.
"Brexit is a historic mistake. It was pushed through by irresponsible nationalism, based on false promises and shortsightedness," declared Austrian MEP Andreas Schieder who helped prepare the vote. / "Brexit is bad for Britain and Brexit is bad for Europe," he said.
Speak to any business owner in 2018 and their biggest headache was getting to grips with changes in data protection law. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) shone a light on how businesses handled information about employees and customers.
A former senior civil servant in charge of Brexit planning has warned some British businesses may “give up importing” as a result of new rules implemented in the new year.
A leading skateboard distributor has set up another business in the Netherlands to avoid paying tax twice on exports after Brexit.
‘Bureaucracy’ at the borders is ‘because we chose to leave the single market’ says former prime minister.
A Scottish fisherman says it's "cheaper and quicker" to export his shellfish to Asia than it is to France under post-Brexit rules. / Because the UK is out of the single market, British fish exports to Europe are now subject to new customs and veterinary checks.
Britain’s departure from the European Union has triggered the biggest change in trade since it joined the bloc 48 years ago, with companies grappling with export documents, longer delivery times and the need to re-engineer supply chains.
The Guide Dog National Breeding Centre in England has had to stop sending pups to volunteers in the north as part of its specialist training programme.
More than half of farms will go bust if Boris Johnson forces through a no-deal Brexit, farmers are warning, as some join the campaign for a fresh referendum. / Farmers for a People’s Vote group is unveiled, as latest arm of the movement demanding a Final Say referendum.
Uncommonly exposed to red tape and restrictions across the English Channel, the UK’s £35 billion fashion and textile industry is feeling the effects of its situation.
Designer Katharine Hamnett has warned that UK fashion businesses are already closing as a result of post-Brexit paperwork, and that she herself has been forced to pause sales to the bloc.
The UK fashion industry is facing a number of critical issues, which without urgent attention will jeopardise the immediate and long term future of the sector.
Deliveries from France and Germany are at around 50 per cent of pre-Brexit levels as hauliers avoid red tape and queues.
"The government need to get an agreement with the EU for touring acts to move freely."
Truckers are trying to avoid the U.K. as Brexit red tape keeps them waiting to get to the continent.
Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU) brought to an abrupt end for the UK business aviation sector years of operating on a level playing field with its EU-based counterparts. ... unfettered access to the markets of some 27 member states was halted for the UK’s unscheduled operators, and a whole new relationship with the bloc began under stricter and often burdensome terms.
Just as firms wrestle with a global supply chain crisis and fresh pandemic restrictions, companies in the U.K. and European Union face another looming headache: More post-Brexit red tape.
Business leaders are urging the UK government to delay planned border checks on imports, warning some firms already face “existential” problems under new Brexit rules.
Two in five firms that trade with the EU expect to see a fall in business compared to before the coronavirus crisis, a new study suggests.
DPD pauses road service and retailers suspend sales or reduce lines amid concerns over paperwork and tariffs.
U.K. traders are falling foul of a new IT system policing goods crossing the English Channel, as companies grapple with a fresh wave of post-Brexit red tape.
New border rules introduced last week are already creating problems for exporters and traders, say firms.
HMRC document shows firms in Great Britain will be obliged to complete three types of electronic paperwork.
The UK's fish and shellfish exports to the European Union dropped by a whopping 83% in January, while meat sales dropped by two-thirds, with Brexit being blamed as the primary reason.
Salmon farmers in Scotland are calling for action to ease the burden of export paperwork following the UK’s exit from the European Union.
Brixham-based fish merchant Ian Perkes told Financial Times that he “never looked at implications of the paperwork” that a vote to leave would bring.
Boris Johnson’s “sea of opportunity” promise to fishermen has turned into a “nightmare”, with hundreds of thousands of pounds of sales lost due to new red tape, the SNP’s Westminster leader has said.
British fishing businesses could go bust or move to Europe because of post-Brexit trading disruption, industry figures have warned, writes the BBC.
British fishing businesses could go bust or move to Europe because of post-Brexit trading disruption, industry figures have warned.
Government promises that the fishing industry would benefit to the tune of tens of millions of pounds from Brexit has been challenged by analysis by a fishermen’s trade organisation, which says it will make multi-million pound losses every year instead.
A seafood organisation has warned the Brexit red tape seen earlier this year could be the demise of small fishing businesses.
Seafood firms have seen export costs “treble” in the six months following Brexit, leading MPs to warn that the industry now faces an “existential threat”.
SALMON producers are calling for the creation of a cross-Border government task force to stop Brexit buckling business.
With less than a fortnight to go before the end of the transition period, lorry drivers face huge delays on their way to the border.
Alarm raised over business ‘barriers’ which ‘cost jobs and money in the UK’ – as public unhappiness confirmed. / “no appetite for widespread deregulation or divergence from EU rules” – UK Trade and Business Commission
Flower and bulb growers say uncertainty around any Brexit deal is their "biggest issue" at the moment.
Extra charges for flowers after Britain's EU exit still harming him.
The UK exported more food and drink to outside the EU than into it in the first few months after Brexit as exports to the bloc nosedived.
‘Mounting pressures from rising commodity and shipping costs as well as Brexit-related red tape, mean [low costs] will not be sustainable for much longer,’ warns British Retail Consortium
M&S expects to pay between £42 million and £47 million in additional costs this year, versus £16 million in 2020.
Scotland's food and drink industry is warning of price rises and potential shortages when new Brexit rules on imports come into force in April.
“WE FEEL BETRAYED,” laments Petra Braun, a southern German who with her partner, Peter Wengerodt, runs Hansel & Pretzel, a German deli and bakery in Richmond, a suburb of London.
The man who negotiated the UK's Brexit agreement has accepted there are "extra costs" for British firms now they're outside of the EU, after a Commons report criticised the added bureaucracy necessary to trade with the bloc.
The UK’s chief Brexit negotiator David Frost has admitted that he was “too purist” when it came to negotiating with the European Union over the free movement of performers and musicians across Europe, resulting in a bad deal for the British creative industries.
Brexit correspondent Lisa O’Carroll distils a few of the post-exit bumps facing individual British firms that she has investigated for the Guardian
Lorry loads of items donated by people across south Wales to help those fleeing the war in Ukraine are being delayed from getting through to those who need them 'because of red tape at customs'.
FREIGHT companies have expressed “dismay” over new customs controls at the UK border which will begin in the new year, MSPs have been told.
The volume of lorries passing between Britain and its major European trading partners has fallen dramatically this month.
The European Parliament is expected to ratify the post-Brexit EU-UK trade deal, amid tensions including a French threat of reprisals against the UK.
Another layer of Brexit red tape associated with the Northern Ireland Protocol has come into effect, with health certificates on Great British sausages and mince now required.
The government is exploring a controversial further delay to post-Brexit checks on imports from the EU because of growing alarm that they will exacerbate the cost of living crisis.
Export firms point to post-Brexit delays around health certificates, IT systems and missing customs papers.
A new survey of UK and Netherlands firms shows two-thirds think our departure from the single market has had a negative effect
Two years since Britain left the EU, Brexit is still very much at the top of the news agenda with lorry queues lengthening at Dover as exporting firms struggle with red tape.
Heinz's announcement that it was to start making ketchup in the UK again was widely hailed, but the UK's post-Brexit food and drink manufacturing sector still faces stern challenges.
A Fylde coast small business is among thousands nationally being hammered by extra charges in the wake of Brexit.
A Castle Douglas firm has suspended taking orders from customers in Northern Ireland due to the amount of red tape introduced by Brexit.
Wholesaler Gardners is opening a separate sister company in France to mitigate the "frustrations, paperwork, and additional costs" for European customers since the beginning of 2021 due to the changes introduced by Brexit.
The new Irish Sea border will involve as many as 30 million customs declarations annually on trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Home Office criticised for 'outrageous' letter telling people with residency rights they need to get ready to leave.
'Inevitably it is perishable goods which are the most obviously impacted by transport delays, but the problems go much wider.'
Even if the European Union and the United Kingdom conclude a highly ambitious partnership covering all areas agreed in the Political Declaration by the end of 2020, the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU acquis, the internal market and the Customs Union, at the end of the transition period will inevitably create barriers to trade and cross-border exchanges that do not exist today.
The data also revealed a 25% decline in exports to the EU, which The Gin Guild has pinpointed as a “key element” in the loss.
Gocycle, the award-winning e-bike brand founded by ex-Formula 1 engineer Richard Thorpe, is setting up a subsidiary in the Netherlands after the Brexit deal signed on Christmas Eve provided “certainty” about the future trading relationship between the UK and EU.
New Brexit regulations have slowed down the process for midfielder Madger Gomes to make his debut for Crewe Alexandra.
Minister says checks on animals and food products will be necessary to maintain island of Ireland’s ‘disease-free status’
Cabinet Minister Michael Gove has defended his plans for new post-Brexit border infrastructure after Labour said the government was unprepared.
British minister says North’s businesses won’t need exit summary declarations when they send goods to rest of the UK.
The government is “in denial” about the size of disruption to the UK’s fishing industry post-Brexit, according to Scottish industry leaders.
MINISTERS must do 'all they can’ to hack away the bureaucratic red tape plaguing post-Brexit trade talks with the EU, a Hampshire business boss has warned.
Industry leaders fail to see the ‘streamlined and simplified’ customs paperwork hailed by UK government.
Ministers say port does not tell government how long hauliers are waiting for ‘security’ reasons.
The call centres will help British businesses navigate a sea of new rules set to come in from the start of next year.
The government is strongly considering delaying checks on imports from the European Union again amid warnings of severe disruption to supplies in the run-up to Christmas.
Businesses that export to the EU will be offered support from the hotline, called the Export Support Service, on things like “queries around rules of origin” and “recognising professional qualifications and entering new markets”.
Since the Brexit Deal (or Trade and Cooperation Agreement) came into force in January 2021, a mountain of costly red tape has prevented musicians from planning tours in Europe as performances return after coronavirus.
Get Brexit Done’ has unravelled in a spectacular fashion; a significant knock to the economy, removal of rights and freedoms, more red tape for business and – the most heart-breaking of all – trouble has returned to Northern Ireland. The obvious answer to this foreseeable problem is for the UK to be part of the single market and customs union.
Andrew Lynas, managing director of Coleraine-based Lynas Foodservice, told MPs that buying mozzarella cheese from one of his long-standing suppliers in England now requires eight separate processes under the Northern Ireland Protocol.
ITV News Europe Editor James Mates visited Greece, where traders and businesses tell him that cost and paperwork is making them turn to other countries to do business.
With Britain’s businesses having to declare imports of all EU goods as of 1 January, experts have told City A.M. UK firms lack the skills and expertise to handle the increase in declarations.
Hair salons have become the latest businesses to be hit by the Brexit chaos since Britain’s split with the European Union was finalised at the end of the year.
Six months after the transition period expired, Alex Fotheringham, Operations Director – Cosmetics of MSL Solution Providers, reflects on the regulatory changes and the issues that have arisen as a result of the UK’s exit from the EU
Just under half of the UK’s exporters are having difficulties with new post-Brexit regulations, according to a new survey.
Business lobby group BCC urges swift action by both UK government and Brussels to deal with major problems
New rules and standards on EU trade will make the first set of Brexit measures pale into insignificance.
June 2021 saw 31 haulage firm insolvencies, the highest in a single month since January 2019 as Brexit and driver shortages bite, according to data from Tower Bridge-based audit firm Mazars that was shared exclusively with City A.M. this afternoon.
Transport and logistics experts attempting to navigate customs changes brought about by Brexit have criticised a support scheme managed under a £200m contract awarded to a consortium led by a multinational IT firm.
A business owner left ‘horrified’ after seeing the cost of a single consignment of goods imported from the Netherlands rise by 37 per cent post-Brexit believes the Government needs to step in and address the issue.
It started from the rich and interwoven history of textiles in Yorkshire from the 18th century, when the region stood at the forefront with its countless cotton and wool mills.
CHIEF is expected to be closed down on 30 September 2022 after almost three decades in operation.
HONDA bosses are warning of ‘unprecedented’ disruption to its supply chain if Britain leaves the customs union after Brexit.
Horse racing and breeding in the UK is being hit by rules over exports brought about by the exit from the European Union, industry figures have warned.
A show jumping trainer has said that Brexit has stopped her taking horses to Europe to compete in events.
People moving house from GB to Northern Ireland now need, in some circumstances, a customs declaration for their possessions.
In the months after Boris Johnson signed his post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union, the coronavirus masked the economic damage of leaving the bloc. As the pandemic drags on, the cost is becoming clearer -- and voters are noticing.
Producers in Great Britain could once sell meat to EU customers as easily as they could at home. Since Brexit, exporters face a process of up to 26 steps, with every shipment logged in multiple databases and certified by reams of red tape. Here are all the hoops exporters must jump through
We’re still only seeing the start of the changes Brexit will bring to the seafood industry (and, in truth, the entire food and beverage sector). In the coming years, there will be continual changes as we adjust our operating model and there’s no clear view on when it will settle down.
Britain’s economic and cultural prowess is suffering due to post-Brexit tax changes, reports Sascha Lavin. / As the Government publishes a 100-page ‘benefits of Brexit’ paper today, luxury brands are calling on Boris Johnson to rethink a post-Brexit policy that is harming their international competitiveness.
Exports of chocolate to Europe have turned into a nightmare of paperwork and delays, making fine British chocolate scarce in Europe.