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If anyone wants a quick summary of the new deal, I explained to Al Jazeera today why it’s bad for jobs, bad for prosperity, bad for supply chains, bad for rights and protections, bad for border disruption, and bad for the DUP. It’s a really bad deal.
The latest opinion piece from the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) notes postponing import checks from the EU leaves UK meat exporters at a significant disadvantage.
Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis has admitted Brexit has caused "big disruption" in N Ireland.
In January, the port’s chief executive told me that, since leaving the EU, it now takes an extra 3 minutes for a vehicle to clear the border and check-in before boarding ship. / This makes Dover more susceptible to clogging-up when things get busy and queuing is more commonplace.
Deal or no deal, British companies will have to confront a wall of bureaucracy that threatens chaos at the border if they want to sell into the world’s biggest trading bloc when life after Brexit begins on January 1.
Leaked No-deal Brexit planning documents from Operation Yellowhammer warn of the likely impact on the UK - not the worst case scenario, and have been likened to 'wartime' in peacetime by the Lib Dems
U.K. companies exporting into the European Union will have to wait for permission from tax authorities before they can move their goods under plans being drawn up by the government.
Thousands of passengers unlawfully denied boarding because the UK government misinterpreted EU borders code.
It wasn't meant to be this way. From border delays to regulation and tariffs we were told would not exist Brexit is wreaking havoc on many businesses.
In frank interview, EU chief negotiator tells Britain that any lowering of regulatory standards will be punished.
The government's own impact assessment of the Brexit deal confirms firms will have to pay fees, fill out forms and face border inspections when sending goods within the UK.
Its publishers described it as an "industry-wide issue" amid uncertainty over arrangements for Northern Ireland post-Brexit.
Truckers claim they are not to blame for “any pending disaster” at UK borders as the grace period for customs declarations comes to an end with the year.
"The UK government’s decision to further delay the introduction of border controls on imports from the EU is a bitter blow to Scottish farmers and the Scottish food and drink industry."
Memo warns of ‘critical gaps’ in new IT systems – with just four months to go to end of transition.
Labour said the PM had 'squandered' Unionists' trust as Northern Ireland Secretary admitted 'concerns' about the Brexit deal were among factors in the unrest.
Not before time, Boris Johnson has resigned as leader of the UK’s Conservative Party. The Guardian reports that Johnson’s leadership “toppled under a wave of sleaze allegations and failure to tell the truth.” But his real scandal lies elsewhere — with Brexit.
Brexit has forced businesses to endure higher costs, more paperwork and border delays, a fresh report has found.
Border checks between Scotland, England and Wales could be required because of varying food standards after Brexit, academics have warned.
Another Brexit advertising campaign. They've replaced sporting events as signs of the changing seasons. Instead of Wimbledon or the Olympics, we get Michael Gove talking gibberish on television and further millions poured into preparedness exercises for an outcome with no tangible benefits.
The government confirmed the SPS (sanitary and phytosanitary) import controls would be introduced on a phased basis from 1 July in a bid to ensure both businesses and border inspectors are not overwhelmed initially.
Exporters have seen produce spoil or be impounded because of Brexit bureaucracy. / Up to 142,000 tonnes of food could be wasted over the next six months because of Brexit border disruption, ministers have admitted.
Norfolk firms are finding that they are being impacted by delays at the border caused by Brexit.
A senior Conservative MP has told PoliticsHome that he will be "seeking urgent clarification from the government" over reports time-sensitive cancer drugs were destroyed due to post-Brexit border delays.
Freight hauliers are rejecting more cargoes due to cross the U.K. border because of post-Brexit customs friction, and that’s likely to become the new normal.
Eurostar and Dover are at risk of Brexit border delays this summer when passenger numbers return to pre-pandemic levels, says parliamentary watchdog.
Essential post-Brexit freight software is unlikely to be ready on time for 1 January, those building it have warned.
A key U.K. government customs system has been overwhelmed within weeks of Brexit and threatens to trigger more disruption as freight traffic rebounds.
Trade with Great Britain has been severely disrupted since the Brexit agreement came into force. Fish traders and clothing sellers are struggling to cope with new customs and health regulations. Companies often bear the burden of the extra costs.
This is my last Brexit Briefing. / Because it is the last it is longer than usual. A long goodbye if you will. Over the past 5 years I have written 130 of them, following the twists and turns of the Brexit saga, as various UK actors came and went upon the stage, generally full of sound and fury, but often signifying little.
Republic-Europe shipping booms as traders avoid new border controls with Britain, report shows.
Gibraltar has been caught between a rock and a hard place since the UK quit the EU.
New Brexit checks will cause vast delays to tourists entering the EU unless a new agreement is brought in, the head of the Port of Dover has claimed.
Border checks said to have increased business costs and ‘suppressed’ trade, and the situation could worsen.
Some British firms have scaled back their operations on the continent after struggling with customs requirements.
Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney warns about the ongoing border disputes, but he stresses that violence is unlikely.
The UK Public Accounts Committee has said that Brexit and the issues surrounding their new borders have added costs to business in Britain.
Report finds almost two thirds of businesses have suffered from new EU import and export rules, while one in five companies have found it tougher to trade with Northern Ireland.
Britain's exit from the EU has so far made trade more expensive because of delays and red tape, and there could be border disruption ... the UK Public Accounts Committee said today. / Britain became the last G7 developed nation to see its goods exports surpass their 2018 average level since the onset of the Covid-19, underlining its poor trade performance.
We could have been forgiven for thinking Brexit was done when the UK left the EU at the very end of 2020. However, for retailers the real challenge of Brexit is likely to be felt in early 2022 when border controls are finally introduced for the UK.
The Treaty of Versailles established arrangements to prevent a hard border between Germany and Poland in Silesia. It failed, becoming a flashpoint in the relationship between the two countries. Even a permanent backstop is a poorer guarantor of peace in Northern Ireland than remaining in the EU. (Thea Don-Siemion)
Customs officers, border police, plant and veterinary inspectors, offices, carparks and IT systems are among the 'unheard of' expenses of reestablishing full border controls.
The next big money-making opportunity of Brexit has emerged: selling customs services.
Supply chain disruptions pushed U.K. manufacturing output to its weakest level in nine months as friction moving goods across the border after Brexit persisted.
The potential threats of Brexit to Scottish farmers continue to 'vastly outweigh' the potential opportunities, NFU Scotland has warned one year on from UK withdrawal.
For anyone who thought Brexit was done in 2020, the early signs are that it will, once virus woes settle, become Boris Johnson’s biggest headache. Again.
The House of Lords European Affairs Committee heard that whilst technology infrastructure and digital tools could help, more clarity and support is needed.
The British Meat Processors Association has published a Brexit Impact Report which draws on the experiences of meat exporters to date and says problems with new rules at the border are not going away and predicts a permanent reduction in trade.
Brexit is not done for many British-European families, even two and a half years after the UK left the European Union.
Those expecting the deal meant trade could carry on in the same friction-free, tariff-free manner as before were in for something of a shock on 1 January 2021 when shipments were stuck at borders due to incorrect paperwork.
Here are five of the outcomes that have been in the news so far this year.
Legal experts at Walker Morris discuss what food businesses need to know about phases 2 and 3 of implementing checks at the Great Britain/EU border now the Brexit transition period has ended.
There's been a lot of talk about free trade in the Brexit debate, but what exactly is a free trade agreement and how does it differ from what the UK has had with the EU?
In the months since the Brexit transition period ended, trade flows at British borders have plummeted and border checks have been deemed so unworkable that their implementation has been pushed back by a year. Dire figures and delays point to the fact there is far more to free trade than tariffs...
The United Kingdom will delay the introduction of border checks on imports from the European Union by as much as six months in a bid to avoid piling on the pain for British business and choking off vital food supplies.
The British government has once again delayed the introduction of checks on imports from the European Union as the food and drink industry warns that shortages caused by Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic could become permanent.
Britain has delayed imposing its full post-Brexit import controls on goods from the European Union again, pushing it back until the end of next year, saying it did not want to add more fuel to fast-rising inflation.
The idea that Britain can leave the European Union and maintain frictionless trade with the bloc of 27 countries is officially dead.
Jacob Rees-Mogg announced checks on imports to the UK, that were finally set to enter force in July, will now not happen as planned and instead be 'reviewed' before being introduced in a different form.
Britain will spend 705 million pounds on border infrastructure to help keep trade flowing after its transition deal with the European Union expires at the end of the year, Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove said on Sunday.
UK firms warn that even with a trade deal, both sides need to phase-in changes to border checks over six months.
Mark Simmonds, director of policy at the British Ports Association has said Brexit is responsible for delays at Dover, just hours after Liz Truss blamed the French authorities.
British travellers will get a stamp in their passport every time they enter and leave the European Union in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the European commission has confirmed.
SCOTTISH ministers have halted the construction of a customs checkpoint started as a consequence of Brexit because they say Westminster has so far declined to pay for it.
UK trade volumes have been “suppressed” by the impact of Brexit and Covid-19 and the impact of new customs agreements on businesses is “concerning”, according to MPs.
A farmer says the lack of border checks on meat coming into the UK is deeply worrying, as it could be putting the country at risk of diseases like foot and mouth.
There are fears that the cost of carrying out extra Brexit border checks may fall on island ratepayers unless more cash is forthcoming from central Government.
There are fears that the cost of carrying out extra Brexit border checks may fall on island ratepayers unless more cash is forthcoming from central Government.
Lengthy delays for passengers travelling to and from the UK have been exacerbated by confusion over the documents EU citizens living in the UK need in order to return, according to the citizens’ rights agency set up under the Brexit deal.
When Brexit happens, the UK will suddenly have a major land border with the EU - the frontier between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
Days after the Secretary of State declared “there is no Irish Sea border”, scores – and possibly hundreds – of products are disappearing from supermarket shelves in Northern Ireland because of that new border, the News Letter can reveal.
'In 2016, Dominic Raab was "jarred" and "bemused" by the idea that leaving the customs union could increase the burden of bureaucracy, despite @SimonFraser00's clear explanations.'
A new inland border control site for HGVs entering the UK via Dover is set for development near the town.
Natalie Elphicke has an interesting interpretation of the so-called "Brexit dividend". / The Tory MP for Dover has launched an innovative defence of Brexit, claiming that the mountains of new red tape is creating scores of new jobs.
Port of Dover boss Doug Bannister has told LBC that it's "absolutely true" that Brexit is ultimately to blame for the extreme delays at the port of Dover because passports require extra checks.
TRADERS hoping to pass goods through the UK’s busiest port have been hit by further trouble after the Government's post-Brexit IT system went down.
UK's most vital link with European Union says it was 'irrational' not to award cash for new facilities
Dublin Port chief executive Eamonn O’Reilly has said that Brexit has spelled the end of the British “landbridge” transit route, as new figures show a dramatic fall in lorry traffic with British ports, reports The Irish Times.
The five countries in East African Community are pushing to eliminate their borders to enhance an integrated trading block. However, many challenges have to be overcome before making this a reality as CNBC Africa's Beatrice Gachenge discovered.
The Spanish workers of La Línea de la Concepción are at the ready to celebrate the removal of the Gibraltar border controls. And they have reason to.
The European Commission said the UK suggestions 'fall short of satisfying all the objectives of the backstop'
'Patience is wearing thin' with the UK on the Northern Ireland Brexit protocol, the European Commission's vice-president, Maroš Šefčovič, has warned, adding the EU could retaliate by suspending some cooperation and imposing tariffs.
There will be border checks on trade inside the UK under the Brexit deal negotiated by Boris Johnson, the EU’s chief negotiator has said.
Lorries carrying food to Northern Ireland’s supermarkets may need more than 100 health certificates under the UK-EU trade deal, a business chief has warned.
The transition period ended on 31 December 2020. Since that date, trade volumes have been suppressed by the impact of COVID-19, EU exit, and wider global pressures. It may not be possible to separate out the impact of these individual elements on the UK’s trade with the EU, but it is clear that EU exit has had an impact, and that new border arrangements have added costs to business.
The European Commission expects permanent post-Brexit border control posts to be ready in Northern Ireland by the middle of this year.
The EU has launched fresh legal action against the UK over its enforcement of post-Brexit trading rules in Northern Ireland.
EU law expert, Professor Michael Dougan dissects Boris Johnson’s proposed deal to take the UK out of the EU if he is successful in the forthcoming General Election.
‘Grace period’ to exempt British food supplies from costly export health certificates to last only three months.
A former senior civil servant in charge of Brexit planning has warned some British businesses may “give up importing” as a result of new rules implemented in the new year.
A Dorset farm has suspended more than £150,000 of orders and may be forced to abandon any future activity in Europe because of post-Brexit changes at sea ports.
Food and drink supplies in the UK face more disruption after the end of the Brexit transition period than they did from Covid, the industry has said.
MPs claim failure to implement a robust customs regime in Northern Ireland will lead to international criminals, including drug traffickers, making plans to target a soft border.
When the Brexit transition ends on 1 January there will be a new trade border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.
Citizens of Europe, if I am taking the liberty of addressing you directly, it is not only in the name of the history and values that unite us. It is because time is of the essence. In a few weeks’ time, the European elections will be decisive for the future of our continent.
The man who negotiated the UK's Brexit agreement has accepted there are "extra costs" for British firms now they're outside of the EU, after a Commons report criticised the added bureaucracy necessary to trade with the bloc.
JOHN Bruton has accused the British government of using "threatening" language while "pretending" that it did not sign-up to a trade border in the Irish Sea.
A French regional leader has blamed Brexit for delays at Dover and Folkestone and suggested the UK should join the Schengen zone.
Travellers told to allow three to four hours to pass through security and French border checks at port. / French authorities have hit back at claims by the Port of Dover that French border control staff were to blame for a second day of hours-long delays, saying: “France is not responsible for Brexit.”
The government is exploring a controversial further delay to post-Brexit checks on imports from the EU because of growing alarm that they will exacerbate the cost of living crisis.
Any additional delays to the introduction of post-Brexit border checks on imports will simply postpone the inevitable, and send mixed signals to businesses that have been urged for months to get ready for the additional formalities involved with moving goods across the UK’s borders, according to business group Logistics UK.
Even if the European Union and the United Kingdom conclude a highly ambitious partnership covering all areas agreed in the Political Declaration by the end of 2020, the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU acquis, the internal market and the Customs Union, at the end of the transition period will inevitably create barriers to trade and cross-border exchanges that do not exist today.
Chief minister Fabian Picardo says it does not ‘make sense’ for the territory to be cut off. / Gibraltar is considering joining the EU’s Schengen open borders area to limit disruption caused by Brexit, its chief minister has said.
One of the most Blindingly Obvious Things in the history of Blindingly Obvious Things is that one consequence of the UK leaving the EU is that travel to and stay in the EU by British citizens is now different – the obvious corollary of travel to and stay in the UK by EU citizens being different, as the Leave campaign specifically demanded.
Gocycle, the award-winning e-bike brand founded by ex-Formula 1 engineer Richard Thorpe, is setting up a subsidiary in the Netherlands after the Brexit deal signed on Christmas Eve provided “certainty” about the future trading relationship between the UK and EU.
Cabinet Minister Michael Gove has defended his plans for new post-Brexit border infrastructure after Labour said the government was unprepared.
The Road Haulage Association takes aim at the Cabinet Office minister's engagement in a letter seen exclusively by Sky News.
British minister says North’s businesses won’t need exit summary declarations when they send goods to rest of the UK.
MINISTERS must do 'all they can’ to hack away the bureaucratic red tape plaguing post-Brexit trade talks with the EU, a Hampshire business boss has warned.
Ministers have admitted that emergency traffic measures needed to curb chaos on the roads in Kent would be run into 2021 - as the deadline for securing a Brexit deal looms.
The £4.5m advertising campaign will include plans to spur Brits into taking action to prepare for the end of the transitional period in December
Get Brexit Done’ has unravelled in a spectacular fashion; a significant knock to the economy, removal of rights and freedoms, more red tape for business and – the most heart-breaking of all – trouble has returned to Northern Ireland. The obvious answer to this foreseeable problem is for the UK to be part of the single market and customs union.
Pro-EU group New Europeans which has championed a ‘European green card’ scheme to safeguard free movement rights post-Brexit is hoping for a boost after it received a prestigious European award.
Although we have left the EU, there are still many issues to be resolved. One of the biggest dangers is that if the NI Protocol breaks so will the UK-EU trade deal.
CHIEF is expected to be closed down on 30 September 2022 after almost three decades in operation.
The UK’s chicken farmers have become the latest food suppliers to slam the government over new Brexit border rules, which are causing enormous disruption to supply chains.
We looked at breakdowns by analysts and the government on the money spent so far, and the estimates on what is still to come.
Food shortages in Northern Ireland and Scottish fisheries on the brink have been overlooked due to the ongoing pandemic
Repeated delays in implementing Brexit border controls mean that the state-of-the-art facility at Hull is standing empty, at great expense. / It cost £15.3mn to build and should have started being used earlier this month. Instead, the new state-of-the-art border control post (BCP) at Hull’s King George Dock stands empty...
An industry warning has been issued that the UK faces further potential supermarket shelf shortages – including confectionery, snacks and bakery aisles, amid Brexit-related supply chain complications, reports Neill Barston.
Ireland is increasingly concerned that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to completely rewrite the Northern Ireland section of the Brexit deal, RTE reported on Monday after London said the agreement was not sustainable.
The system for checks on agri-foods at Northern Ireland's sea ports is "not fit for purpose", according to an audit carried out by the European Commission.
Mixed loads of food products have emerged as the major problem for trade across the new Irish Sea border.
If so, Ireland would risk being seen as less than a full member of the EU single market.
It will “take a decade” to resolve the crisis inflicted on Ireland by Brexit and the border checks created in the Irish Sea, David Davis has suggested.
Following a weekend of utter chaos at the Channel crossing, James O'Brien reminds listeners how the Tories insisted Brexit would not bring about these very issues.
A van driver whose job is at risk because of Brexit called James O'Brien to reveal all - and it was one of James's most popular clips ever.
This Treasury document sets out things that trade experts have been saying pretty clearly, but that the government has refused to accept.
Another day, another Brexit blunder. This time all eyes are on Julia Hartley-Brewer who took the time out of her skiing holiday in Switzerland yesterday to tweet about free movement – and it backfired badly.
A parliamentary committee has criticized the British government over trade disruptions caused by Brexit. It has warned of further disruptions as the pandemic subsides. / The UK was the last of the Group of Seven — which includes France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada, and the US — to see its exports surpass the average level from 2018.
Lucrative live shellfish trade also hit hard, with consultation over further restrictions on live animal exports ending soon.
Some lorries bringing goods from the EU to the UK have been stuck at the border for four days, as logistics bosses blamed disruption on “terrible” new Brexit red tape.
Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo urged UK and Spain to ‘defeat 300 years of history’ and seal a post-Brexit deal.
Just over a year since the UK left the single market and customs union, and despite the impact of the pandemic, which makes this kind of analysis all the trickier, we can begin to analyse the impact that Brexit has had on the UK economy. These impacts will vary significantly by sector and also by region. In this report, the authors investigate what they might be in the area of manufacturing.
The retailer held a meeting with its EU suppliers on Friday amid worries the stricter border controls will deeply affect its entire supply chain.
Cabinet office minister says EU’s ‘maximalist’ approach to implementing the withdrawal agreement would endanger deal.
A freight firm warns drivers that vehicles are being held up or turned away from Dover in Kent and Calais and Dunkirk in France.
The introduction of electronic travel authorisations (ETAs) will further impact on border delays and costs, particularly for UK citizens.
Exporters advised by Department for International Trade officials to form EU-based companies to circumvent border issues.
It is an "insult" for the prime minister to describe disruption to trade across the Irish Sea border as teething problems, a DUP MP has said.
A group of MPs has questioned if the government can meet its promise of "unfettered" trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.
The UK Government’s lack of urgency in addressing “glaring holes” in its post-Brexit provisions for agri-food and livestock trade could cause businesses to close, according to a report published today.
ITV News Business and Economics Editor Joel Hills reports on the expected delays due to be caused when new biometric checks at the EU border in Kent are introduced.
The Unite union says the queues of lorries outside the town of Dover are a “direct consequence” of the introduction of additional border procedures at the beginning of the year.
Spare capacity at Hull's port is being used to avoid the type of congestion seen on roads leading to some Channel ports caused by new customs controls after Brexit.
A new trade border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK began operating at 23:00 GMT on Thursday.
Ireland’s deputy prime minister Leo Varadkar said the Irish will "absolutely be making their views known" on the matter.
The Managing Director of one of the UK's leading providers of Official Veterinarians and Meat Hygiene Inspectors has strongly criticised the UK Government’s decision to further delay checks on goods entering Great Britain from the European Union.
Sinn Féin say they will veto a Stormont Executive move to make border checks unlawful as part of the NI Protocol.
If there’s one thing the UK is learning at this very moment, it’s that it is most definitely possible to be part of the EU and control your own borders.
THERE are no discernable benefits of Brexit, the chief executive of Scotland Food and Drink has said. / James Withers also rubbished claims that leaving the EU had enhanced “global Britain” and mocked the appointment of a new Minister for Brexit Opportunities.
The report shows that no deal will not “get Brexit done” rather, it will usher in a period of prolonged uncertainty for citizens, workers and businesses, which is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon, our new report, No deal Brexit: issues, impacts, implications, reveals.
Sajid Javid says existing technology can solve the Irish border problem - there are no examples of borders with the EU where technology has eliminated the need for any physical checks though.
Commenting on the spate of recent media reports that the government is considering another delay to the introduction of post-Brexit border checks on goods entering Britain from the EU, the freight sector says that it comes as no great surprise.
As Boris Johnson careers towards a no-deal Brexit, what are the latest reports on the impact it would have?
Northern Ireland’s First Minister Arlene Foster laid out her plan to quit, sparking further upheaval at a time when London and Dublin are seeking to calm tensions in the region.
NORTHERN IRELAND SECRETARY Brandon Lewis has been questioned by MPs from the DUP and Labour over Boris Johnson’s previous statements that his Brexit deal would not result in checks between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, and how they may have fed into unionist and loyalist frustrations and anger in recent days.
The Northern Irish Minister of Agriculture ordered his services to stop post-Brexit controls on foodstuffs at midnight, an order whose practical consequences and legality are being questioned in the midst of negotiations between London and Brussels.
The biggest operator of ferries in the Irish Sea has confirmed that there will be checks, inspections and some new infrastructure for trade, and it wants to know what the government will pay for.
Since the start of the year, a raft of new requirements are making life increasingly difficult for UK businesses that trade with the EU.
Hopes for a last minute deal between Britain and the EU are fading and both sides are now preparing for the consequences of an unregulated Brexit, including higher customs duties, long delays and greater uncertainties.
Preparing Brexit: How ready is the UK? is our second report examining government and business preparations for the end of the transition period, building on Preparing Brexit: The scale of the task left for UK government and business, published in July.
The home secretary has been unable to clarify what checks will take place on goods moving between Northern Ireland and Great Britain after Brexit.
It is now just over a month since the UK and EU went their separate ways. But many retailers, carriers and others involved in the world of cross-border ecommerce, may well feel that they have aged considerably more than just a few weeks.
Richard Corbett, former Labour MEP, linguist, author and fluent and well-informed speaker will explain the background to Boris Johnson's Brexit deal and discuss the fallout. There are numerous consequences of Brexit which are not receiving sufficient publicity. Leaving the EU came at a huge cost to the UK economically, culturally and in terms of our standing in the world.
Hauliers increasingly refusing to take loads across channel because of Brexit controls.
New direct ferry routes led to a near fivefold increase in European freight volumes passing through Rosslare Europort as Irish traders chose to bypass Britain and post-Brexit border checks.
DUP MP Sammy Wilson has been urged to apologise for the consequences of his pro-Brexit position after he claimed the Port of Larne has been told to prepare to become a border control point.
The Scottish Government is preparing to create a new customs checkpoint in Dumfries and Galloway as a consequence of Brexit.
JERSEY’S historic oyster-growing industry could be decimated by Brexit, a third-generation shellfish farmer has said.
Wednesday marks exactly five years on from the Brexit referendum and the country is still torn over our exit from the EU. A new poll finds that if the vote was re-run now the result would be a narrow win for Remain – by 51% to 49%.
Spain and Gibraltar want to reach a side deal with Britain to avoid having a hard EU border in southern Spain after Brexit, but have stumbled on “a lack of political will” in London, a Spanish diplomatic source said.
The British territory is not part of the post-Brexit trade deal agreed between the EU and UK on Christmas Eve.
Spencer Group is working round the clock on a time-critical project to deliver new border checkpoints at the Humber ports.
Ferries put on more capacity on direct routes as businesses look to avoid border controls.
JUST 18 per cent of Northern Ireland manufacturers want to scrap the Irish protocol despite 77 per cent reporting a negative impact on their business since the end of the Brexit transition period.
Tesco, Britain’s biggest retailer, called on the British government to give greater clarity about how it will move goods across borders after Jan. 1, saying it would be the biggest Brexit challenge, not food price inflation.
Joe Marshall says the government’s latest decision to delay full border checks on EU imports is only storing up problems – and creating news ones.
The introduction of a new regulatory and customs border has made it more difficult and more expensive to trade with the EU. This impacts UK firms who import and export from and to that market.
In four months’ time, an avalanche of checks, paperwork and tariffs looks certain to hit Northern Ireland.
Disruption to medical supplies at the UK border in the wake of Brexit will be ‘unavoidable’ warn experts.
Freedom of movement between the EU and the UK is now a thing of the past. New border barriers are in place, or soon will be. People, goods, service, and data now need permissions to cross this new border.
A large number of our readers have asked us to factcheck a list of claims about the Lisbon Treaty, or “what will actually happen if we stay in the EU”, which has gone viral on social media.
Ardent Brexiteer Quentin Letts has a habit of making statements that rile people up, and this time his point about the Swiss border backfired badly.
Thousands of EU citizens were refused entry at the UK border in the first three months of 2021, representing a major surge in cases despite a decline in travel due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Three out of five manufacturing firms are suffering “significant” disruption because of border delays since the start of the year, new research suggests.
Warning comes as freight chiefs say prices to deliver goods to UK from EU already rising.
Unexpected Brexit bureaucracy is ensnaring products ranging from shellfish to jumpsuits.
"Since brexit it's been necessary to have every single passport stamped at Dover... and as a result of that everything takes much longer..."
Truck drivers bemoan long queues and endless paperwork needed to enter EU.
After weeks of denial that an Irish Sea border exists, Boris Johnson’s government has U-turned to ask for major parts of the trade frontier to be delayed for years.
Britain’s plans for its border controls after Brexit will depend on a new and untested IT system being ready in time, according to a 206-page government blueprint that sets out the extra burden businesses will face from the year-end.
The U.K.’s decision to postpone border checks on goods coming from the European Union until next year has delighted the country’s importers -- but left some exporters angry.
£84 million funding program to train new agents is depleted. / Britain due to need up to 50,000 agents to handle red tape.
The U.K. government backed down on plans to impose full-border checks after Brexit in an attempt to avoid piling an additional burden on businesses already struggling with the impact of coronavirus.
U.K. investment of more than 1 billion pounds ($1.4 billion) to smooth the passage of goods over its new post-Brexit border failed to prevent a slump in trade with the European Union.
The United Kingdom has abandoned its plan to introduce full border checks with the European Union on Jan. 1 as British ministers face pressure from businesses not to increase chaos already caused by the coronavirus outbreak, the Financial Times newspaper reported.
The UK and EU have reached agreement on how rules in the withdrawal agreement will be implemented, particularly in relation to Northern Ireland.
The government is to apply much less rigorous EU border checks on imports than it initially had planned, after the Brexit transition period finishes at the end of this year.
Government hasn't given business what it needs to prepare as deadline looms.
A claim by British secretary of state Brandon Lewis that there is no Irish Sea border does not match the legal reality, the High Court heard today.
British firms face the introduction of much-delayed post-Brexit border control checks from 1 January which will affect businesses importing $314 billion of goods a year from the European Union.
Export health certificates on food from the EU will now only be needed from July 1 next year - instead of October 1 under previous plans - after a crisis of lost lorry drivers and empty shelves.
The U.K. is postponing checks on imported food and fresh products from the EU until the end of 2023, as it announced a review of the post-Brexit regime.
Introduction postponed until 2022 because border post infrastructure will not be ready in time.
The UK government has confirmed to the EU it will enhance inspection posts at Northern Ireland's ports in order to deliver on the Brexit deal.
The EU's chief negotiator says the UK has yet to lay out its approach to implementing the Northern Ireland part of the Brexit deal.
'Yet a no deal outcome would still have profound implications for the uK. as we analyse in what follows, from trade to connectivity to foreign policy to cooperation in policing, a failure to strike an agreement with the eu will impact on us in numerous ways.'
Portsmouth City Council, which operates the Portsmouth International Port, is still footing the bill despite delayed customs checks. / Boris Johnson’s government has left Portsmouth’s local council holding the bag on a nearly £8 million loan it took out to build a giant warehouse to conduct post-Brexit border checks that may now never be used.
Britain’s trade with the European Union has been dented by Brexit, with businesses facing greater costs, paperwork and border delays since the UK’s full withdrawal, a watchdog panel of MPs said Wednesday.
Karen Wheeler’s resignation stokes fears the UK will not be ready for a no-deal Brexit by October. / The government official in charge of delivering “frictionless” Brexit border arrangements, including emergency plans for Dover and Ireland in the event of no deal, has quit just two years into her job.
‘There are certainly instruments that we may not have access to’, Foreign Secretary says - after police chiefs warned of ‘major impact on counter-terrorism’
Ports are seeking compensation for the facilities, which were meant to carry out the government's new post-Brexit checks but have been put on hold until the end of next year. / Ports across the country are threatening the government with legal action unless compensation is paid to cover the millions of pounds they've spent building new border control posts.
New recruits needed to process millions of extra declaration forms from 1 January 2020.
The European Commission's vice president Margaritis Schinas has told Britain it has to sort out its own migrant problems post-Brexit, as the war of words between France and UK over migration and fishing rights goes on unabated.
Ministers expected to take more flexible approach in bid to ease impact of coronavirus pandemic on economy.
New home secretary wants border restrictions imposed immediately on 31 October – despite warnings of people trapped in legal limbo.
Queues have been blamed on delays caused by extra checks needed and a shortage of police officers at passport control.
The Food and Drink Federation said Lord Frost's latest delay "penalises those who follow government advice".
Northern Ireland’s second-biggest political party says it will block the formation of a working Belfast legislature, deepening political deadlock over post-Brexit trade rules.
BORDER checks between Scotland, England and Wales could be required because of varying food standards after Brexit, academics have warned.
The U.K. risks failing to recruit the 50,000 customs agents the logistics industry says are needed before Britain’s final parting with the European Union, spelling potential chaos at the country’s busiest border.
More than 100 days after the end of the Brexit transition period, the trade in live animals for breeding is still being affected by the changes. Importers report delays, extra paperwork and mounting costs, while live exporting to the EU by sea has come to a complete halt because of a lack of border control posts on the other side of the Channel.
New post-Brexit border paperwork coming into force in July is expected to cost UK food companies millions of pounds, according to a trade body.
UK trade with the EU faces "significant disruption" when the Brexit transition period ends in January, a government spending watchdog has said.
Everyone is fishing in the same pond. Stocks built up in readiness for Brexit are having to be replenished. If another pandemic strikes, we’ll hardly be in the best position to get through it.
As the British government continues to debate the kind of customs relationship it wants with the European Union after Brexit, one question looms large: how will it solve the Irish border problem?
With the UK’s exit from the European Union, the challenge of managing the Irish border as a source and a symbol of British-Irish difference became an international concern. The solution found in the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement gives the Irish border a globally unique status.
From fish to border checks and even sausages in Northern Ireland, a host of issues need to be resolved in 2021.
We could end up with tonnes of fish that Brits don't even like and no way of selling them to the EU before they rot.
The UK asked for an European Union external frontier, similar to the hard borders the EU has with Russia and Turkey, to take effect in Kent.
There are fears that the cost of carrying out extra Brexit border checks may fall on island ratepayers unless more cash is forthcoming from central government.
The government has announced an extra £2.1bn of funding to prepare for a no-deal Brexit - doubling the amount of money it has set aside this year.
In its report published today the Public Accounts Committee says that since the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020, UK trade volumes been suppressed by the impact of COVID-19 and wider global pressures “but it is clear that EU exit has had an impact, and that new border arrangements have added costs to business”.
It is easier for the EU to import lamb from New Zealand than from Wales because of Brexit, MPs have been told.
"There is no question of there being checks on goods going NI to GB or GB to NI," the prime minister said. / A clip of Boris Johnson promising there would be no checks on good going from Great Britain to Northern Ireland under his Brexit deal has been doing the rounds on social media after it was shared by lawyer Peter Stefanovic.
People in Ebbsfleet and Warrington are worried by the development of inland border facilities on their doorstep. They tell Rory Sullivan about their concerns Rory Sullivan
The Public Accounts Committee ‘repeatedly’ raised concerns about the impact of new trading arrangements
The daily movement of people and goods across the Frontier would be ‘abnormally disruptive’. / GIBRALTAR will experience six-hour border delays, a fall in tourist numbers and disruption to emergency services under a no-deal Brexit, the Government has said.


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