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This week Jason and I are joined by George Revel, top international lawyer, in order to discuss the legal ramifications of #ProjectSuicide (aka Brexit) as it pertains to International Law.
Specialist in EU law, barrister Martin Kowe KC, believes that Boris Johnson's government "ran out of steam" whilst trying to achieve Brexit.
New Irish rules prevent dual-qualified lawyers practising in Ireland without a physical presence in the country.
The government is facing increasing scrutiny over its decision to use “committed Brexiteer” lawyers to provide advice on the legality of breaching the EU withdrawal agreement.
Lawyers trying to launch prosecution say MP falsely claimed UK sends EU £350m a week. / Boris Johnson lied and engaged in criminal conduct when he repeatedly claimed during the 2016 EU referendum that the UK sent £350m a week to Brussels, lawyers for a crowdfunded private prosecution of the MP have told a court.
Senior lawyers have warned Boris Johnson he would "open the door wide to mob rule" if he defies rebel legislation to stop a no-deal Brexit.
Critics are in U.K. prime minister’s own Conservative party. / Top government lawyer quits as Brexit spooks markets again.
Regardless of a deal or no-deal Brexit, the current political uncertainties are challenging the UK's position as the premier location for resolving disputes. Commercial courts have already opened in Paris and Amsterdam, with proceedings conducted entirely in English and expressly aimed at competing with the UK.
The Brexit agreement, greeted by lawyers with “sighs of relief”, had led to a “much more clunky world” for legal services, with important issues like privilege unresolved, the president of the Law Society of England and Wales said yesterday.
The Law Society of England and Wales has warned that COVID-19 lockdowns have delayed the full impact of Brexit on the legal sector, according to the Law Society Gazette of England and Wales.
Last Thursday, lawyers for former Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble (now Tory peer Lord Trimble), initiated a legal case against the UK government contending that the Withdrawal Agreement with the backstop is in breach of the Good Friday Agreement, the Act of Union and the Vienna Convention. Author and legal commentator Joshua Rozenberg gave Brexit Republic his view of the case.
The whistleblower at the heart of the scandal surrounding the main Brexit campaign has called for a police investigation into allegations that the group breached electoral spending rules.
Lawyers have set out some of the challenges that could be faced by the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) post-Brexit. / "This situation would be disastrous for the interests of the European competition (in the broad sense) against American and Chinese competitors. The cooperation between the CMA and the EUCR is therefore fundamental."
As the UK attempts to join the Lugano Convention, questions are being asked about London's position as a litigation and arbitration centre.
A Brexiteer MP has claimed that he did not send his 'ill-advised' letter to Joe Biden warning him about Brexit, after being convinced by Donald Trump's lawyers.
British food safety and competition regulators are “struggling to recruit and retain the skills they need to regulate effectively” post-Brexit, according to a Westminster committee of MPs.
One of the main concerns is that any update will serve the Conservatives' own interests.
The Commons Public Accounts committee has warned that regulators are ‘struggling to recruit and retain the skills they need to regulate effectively’. / Recruitment issues are hampering the ability of UK regulators to function post-Brexit, MPs have warned.
Tahir Amin is a British lawyer based in America who is an expert on drug pricing and on previous trade negotiations.
A group of lawyers and interested citizens have now come together to bring a case to the Court of Justice of the European Union to confirm that EU Citizenship is a Permanent Status.
Lawyers say lack of knowledge among employers and landlords about EU settlement scheme is seeing people wrongly refused employment and turned away by landlords.
The government has reportedly scrapped plans to end freedom of movement on 31 October after being told by lawyers that imposing the rule change on EU nationals could scupper no-deal planning and leave ministers at risk of legal action.
Hogan Lovells is to open in Dublin joining a procession of international law firms to set up shop there in response to Brexit.
Ashurst is the latest international law firm to establish an office in Dublin due to Brexit, following in the footsteps of, among others, Dentons, Burgess Salmon, DAC Beachcroft, DLA Piper, Pinsent Masons and Fieldfisher.
Lawyers have revealed five 'false claims' made by ministers they say prove the government refused to strike a deal to rescue visa-free touring in the EU.
'The patience of the regulatory authorities is now wearing quite thin,' says one City lawyer of Brexit loophole tactics.
Theresa May knew leave campaigners may have breached financial limits during the EU referendum campaign when she triggered article 50 initiating Brexit, her lawyers have admitted.
Scottish lawyer at prorogation hearing says Johnson government has proved itself unworthy of trust.
Immigration lawyers warn people eligible for UK status risk being ‘thrown into the hostile environment’ after visa system outsourced to French firm Sopra Steria. / Private firms have raked in millions of pounds through the Home Office’s newly outsourced visa system as people are forced to pay “extortionate” fees and travel long distances to apply for UK status.
EU children in the care of local authorities also face an uphill struggle, lawyer warns.
Sir Jonathan Jones, head of the Government’s Legal Service, has resigned reportedly over Boris Johnson’s plans to tweak the Northern Ireland protocol.
Lawyers working on behalf of the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) have identified five false claims made by government ministers in regards to promises of continuing visa-free touring of the EU post-Brexit for the music and entertainment industry.
The Food Standards Agency described the current situation as "hand-to-mouth" when it came to recruiting and retaining vets in sufficient numbers.
Armstrong Teasdale is the latest international law firm to establish offices in Dublin since Brexit and it plans to hire up to 20 lawyers for office headed by Irishman.
One of the few times I've seen a Brexiter corrected on this issue. From 10 December. @AdamBoulton corrects Martin Howe QC from @lawyers4britain on his claim that most of our trade is done on WTO terms. He gets pissy. Note his final "yes it is, it's true!"
Covid lockdowns have delayed the full impact of Brexit on the legal sector, the Law Society has warned, as international travel tentatively begins to open up. / ‘The people who are going to lose out are the younger generation, the people who are not based in the country but who would like to work there, who would like to have a European practice.’
Lucrative services sector cannot prepare for potentially huge new obstacles to trading in the EU – because it is ‘not sure what to prepare for’.
Lawyers have identified five false claims made by ministers for refusing to strike a deal to rescue visa-free touring of the EU, leaving performers with crippling new costs and red tape.


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