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In this special edition of #3Blokes, Jason Hunter and Graham Hughes travel to Gibraltar to speak to @PhilinGibraltar and discuss the impact of #Brexit on the British Overseas Territory known locally as The Rock... We discover that 96% of the residents of Gibraltar voted Remain for a damn good reason... In other news, the government created a minister for FOOD RATIONING last week.
Leaked No-deal Brexit planning documents from Operation Yellowhammer warn of the likely impact on the UK - not the worst case scenario, and have been likened to 'wartime' in peacetime by the Lib Dems
Gibraltar has been caught between a rock and a hard place since the UK quit the EU.
British supermarkets that have stores in Europe are facing supply problems because of post-Brexit rules on exports to the EU. It's affecting fresh produce at 20 Marks and Spencer stores in France, Morrison's in Gibraltar, and a chain of UK supermarkets in Belgium is on the verge of closure with no deliveries since December.
In a new direct Brexit spinoff, authorities at the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar have confirmed that routine patients may henceforth be ferried for treatment to Spanish hospitals only if their ambulances are staffed by Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) employees who live in Spain or by EU nationals, it was reported.
Territory’s economy at risk unless UK reaches agreement with Madrid over ownership.
The British Overseas Territories, while largely unknown to the British public, will be affected enormously by Brexit.
Britain itself called Gibraltar a “crown colony” for 268 years — from the time when it won the area in the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht, which ended the War of Spanish Succession, right up until 1981...
As the possibility of a no-deal Brexit scenario increases, and the government publishes its “no-deal preparedness” notices, it is worth taking stock of the sheer variety of problems that would arise with a no-deal Brexit – and the devastating consequences that would arise from such a legal limbo. Here’s what we know so far.
The Spanish workers of La Línea de la Concepción are at the ready to celebrate the removal of the Gibraltar border controls. And they have reason to.
Downing Street admits prime minister had warned Spain would exploit any bid to renegotiate withdrawal agreement.
The Spanish MEP Esteban Gonzalez Pons has told the European Parliament that Spain will defend its own priorities post-Brexit including the ‘decolonisation of Gibraltar’. This comes as the European Parliament today voted to support Spain's right to veto any agreement between the EU and the UK over Gibraltar.
'All of Gibraltar’s political, social, trade union and employers’ representatives joined to campaign for the ‘remain’ option.' / 'Although the result in Gibraltar was a resounding 96% in favour of remaining in the EU...' /
Spain and Britain are reportedly close to a deal on the status of Gibraltar, but those living there say the anxiety over their future is making it difficult to cope.
Fabian Picardo tells The Independent a clause in Gibraltar's constitution gives it the right to choose its own terms for matters such as trade tariffs and regulations, whatever Ms May agrees with Brussels, in a move that could embolden other regions calling for bespoke deals.
The head of the British overseas territory adds to calls for the UK to rescind its stated intention to leave the EU.
Chief minister Fabian Picardo says it does not ‘make sense’ for the territory to be cut off. / Gibraltar is considering joining the EU’s Schengen open borders area to limit disruption caused by Brexit, its chief minister has said.
Source says Gibraltar would fall outside any Brexit transition deal unless UK agrees deal with Madrid over its future status
Gibraltar is in talks with Scotland about a plan to keep parts of the UK in the EU, BBC Newsnight has learned.
The actual impact of the leave vote is still uncertain, but today Gibraltar has felt the weight of its possible implications.
Uncertain Brexit negotiations over a contested border, a troubled past, debates over sovereignty. It might sound familiar, but we're not talking about Northern Ireland.
EU guidelines make clear bloc will not overrule Spain in any trade or sovereignty dispute involving British overseas territory
The UK and European Union are poised to enter the final stretch of negotiations over post-Brexit trading arrangements for Northern Ireland. After years of distrust and tension both sides are optimistic that a settlement is within reach.
The Leader of the Liberal Party says of Brexit that no other government in Gibraltar's history has been called upon to deal with "an event of such magnitude over such a long period of time".
Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo urged UK and Spain to ‘defeat 300 years of history’ and seal a post-Brexit deal.
Malta’s gaming industry looks set to benefit greatly from Brexit, picking up the business lost by Gibraltar, experts have told The Associated Press.
Angela Johnson, a Morrisons supply chain manager, was responsible for making sure food was on shelves in the Gibraltar store, following the end of the EU transition period.
Household rubbish piling up at the Europa Advance Road tip, could see no deal Brexit measures activated, if exporting delays continue.
Ministers have been forced to publish details of concerns about public disorder and disruption to medicine and fuel supplies.
Negotiators hope an agreement can be struck in the first quarter of next year.
Spain and Gibraltar want to reach a side deal with Britain to avoid having a hard EU border in southern Spain after Brexit, but have stumbled on “a lack of political will” in London, a Spanish diplomatic source said.
The British territory is not part of the post-Brexit trade deal agreed between the EU and UK on Christmas Eve.
A large number of our readers have asked us to factcheck a list of claims about the Lisbon Treaty, or “what will actually happen if we stay in the EU”, which has gone viral on social media.
Warning comes as freight chiefs say prices to deliver goods to UK from EU already rising.
British tourists may have to pay to visit European countries after Brexit because of Spanish demands over the status of Gibraltar.
Some 250,000 Britons live in 14 territories, with many reporting fear and confusion as the Brexit deadline nears.
Some 250,000 Britons live in 14 territories, with many reporting fear and confusion as the Brexit deadline nears.
Britain has begun stockpiling food, fuel, spare parts and ammunition at military bases in Gibraltar, Cyprus and the Falklands in case of a no-deal Brexit, Sky News has learnt.
The EU committee said the single market and cross-border travel were vital to the territory's economy, and warned the UK government not to let Spain use trade talks to claim sovereignty.
A deal for joint sovereignty over Gibraltar between Spain and Britain should be revived as Brexit looms, former Europe minister Peter Hain has said.
The UK government says Gibraltar cannot independently negotiate a passport-free travel deal with the EU after Brexit.
A Vote Leave pledge that Brexit would “protect” Gibraltar is being derided after diplomatic tensions with Spain spiked over the disputed territory following Article 50 being triggered.
The UK government has stepped up its planning for leaving the EU without a deal, covering areas such as transport, healthcare, energy, food and water. But what is the EU doing to prepare for this scenario?
The uncertainties of Brexit spread far beyond the borders of the UK and continental Europe.
The British Overseas Territory was left out of the permanent post-Brexit deal which now governs the UK’s relations with the EU.
The Government says the GSD's analysis of the reciprocal healthcare arrangements is total nonsense and shows lack of understanding.
The daily movement of people and goods across the Frontier would be ‘abnormally disruptive’. / GIBRALTAR will experience six-hour border delays, a fall in tourist numbers and disruption to emergency services under a no-deal Brexit, the Government has said.


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