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Paul Routledge on the everyday nightmare that Brexit is fast becoming, and now with EU business decreasing sharply, what's next for the Tories - aka the Brexit Party?
The British government on Sunday denied a report that it is seeking a “Swiss-style” relationship with the European Union that would remove many of the economic barriers erected by Brexit — even as it tries to improve ties with the bloc after years of acrimony.
Boris Johnson was represented by an empty lectern during Channel 4′s Tory leadership contest on Sunday evening, after the frontrunner to succeed Theresa May refused to take part.
"It is deeply disturbing that Boris Johnson, a high priest of the Brexit movement, still doesn't seem to understand the most basic aspects of his project ..."
More Tory MPs have come out to support an amendment to a trade bill that would make it harder for the government to sign trade deals with countries that have committed genocide.
Boris Johnson’s claims about the prospects of rewriting the Brexit deal have been compared by the European parliament’s Brexit coordinator to the “false promises, pseudo-patriotism and foreigner-bashing” he is said to have used to win the EU referendum.
The next, Brexit-induced recession will be most painful for poorer households, who are also those that voted Leave in greatest numbers.
THE UK will be the only major economy to plunge into recession the year, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned – with the finger pointed at the “economic self-harm of Brexit” on the three year anniversary of Britain leaving the EU.
Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has accepted that Brexit has imposed “costs” on the UK, but insisted he did not believe EU withdrawal would make Britain poorer in the long run.
Jeremy Hunt’s comments show how far we are from a rational debate about the economic consequences of leaving the EU.
Brexit is to blame for the Dover travel misery blighting Britons’ Easter holiday trips to the Continent, a senior Tory MP said on Monday.
The impact of Brexit on people’s earnings could be ‘substantial’, say experts. / Millions of workers in Britain will be about £1,300 worse off a year due to Brexit, leading experts have said.
The chair of the British Chambers of Commerce, Shevaun Haviland, says British exporters have faced "huge issues" trying to sell their goods abroad since Brexit.
Suggestions of the UK aiming for a ‘Swiss-style’ deal with the EU are misleading, unrealistic and unattainable.
Jeremy Hunt insisted the UK would find a way to improve trading ties with the EU without rejoining the single market. / "The latest evidence suggests that Brexit has had a significant adverse impact on UK trade, via reducing both overall trade volumes and the number of trading relationships between UK and EU firms."
Asked about feared 4% GDP slump, Jeremy Hunt says he doesn’t accept ’all’ OBR forecasts – adding ‘I accept all the ones I agree with’.
Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has been accused of encouraging a “race to the bottom” after he unveiled ‘big bang’ plans to slash City red tape.
Head of Commons health committee also raises alarm over UK missing out on benefits of new clinical trials.
British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt claims German Chancellor Angela Merkel hinted to him that the EU would be willing to renegotiate the Brexit separation deal.
"The need for tax rises and spending cuts wouldn't be there if Brexit hadn't reduced the economy's potential output so much."
Boris Johnson viewed as Trump-like figure while Dominic Raab accused of ‘making things up’. / The EU has been on a Brexit break since the UK secured a six-month delay to its departure. With Theresa May soon to leave 10 Downing Street, Brussels is tuning in to the Westminster drama of the Tory leadership race – with both amazement and exasperation.
A French regional leader has blamed Brexit for delays at Dover and Folkestone and suggested the UK should join the Schengen zone.
Grant Shapps has stressed the importance of post-Brexit controls on work visas after government sources confirmed that ministers are braced for a record increase in immigration figures this month.
Spectre of Iraq War intelligence misuse raised at EU council meeting. / There was strong support among EU countries for an independent UN investigation and calls for more evidence – with the UK relatively isolating in its support the Trump administration’s line.
Brexit denialist-in-chief Jacob Rees-Mogg is still in full flow. He denies that any harm has come from Brexit – even though he can’t find any benefits.
The admission is the starkest assessment yet of the impact of crashing out of the European Union, which both Tory leadership candidates say they are ready to do on 31 October.
Not everyone is convinced that scrapping a number of regulations imposed after the 2008 financial crash will benefit the economy.
Forecasts of the economic hit caused by Brexit from the UK’s budgetary watchdog are wrong, according to chancellor Jeremy Hunt.
Marr: "Are you really prepared to look those people in the eye and say you're going to lose your job because I am going for a no deal?"
Leadership contender says threat would force general election and destroy Tories.
In this video, our Director Brendan Donnelly argues that Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt realise Brexit is in trouble. ... The Conservative Party is incapable of extricating itself from Brexit. The force of economic circumstances and changing public opinion may however encourage Labour leader Keir Starmer reluctantly to abandon his futile hope of "making Brexit work".
The contenders to become Britain’s prime minister should not “dumb down” the issues Brexit presents for the Irish border by suggesting simplistic solutions, Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said on Friday.
We are stuck in the Tory game of make-believe that everything is coming up roses in an English country garden. The reality is that following Brexit the rest of the world looks at England with a mixture of perplexity, pity, and amused contempt.
Trade talks will go ahead despite reported dismay at language used by Liam Fox and Jeremy Hunt.
Labour and the Lib Dems have condemned the chancellor's plan to weaken regulations introduced after the financial crash.
Foreign secretary says article 50 extension may be necessary if deal agreed close to deadline.
The UK's finance minister has said he recognises that Brexit has brought trade barriers with the EU, but rejected calls for Britain to rejoin the single market, arguing that most obstacles can be removed over time.
Chancellor Jeremy Hunt blamed Brexit for years of political instability, admitting that the turmoil in government undermined Britain economically.
Jeremy Hunt has failed to deny he was the source behind a claim the UK will seek a “Swiss-style deal” to improve the Brexit agreement – but insisted he did not brief that is his aim.
Jeremy Hunt has offered one of Britain’s biggest car manufacturers half a billion pounds in government subsidies not to go abroad to build a new electric battery “giga-factory”.
Jeremy Hunt has been accused of trying to boost his Conservative leadership campaign by withdrawing Foreign Office (FCO) support for Nicola Sturgeon’s overseas visits.
Jeremy Hunt conceded there have been damaging trade barriers with the EU created by Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.
Former UK Foreign Office leaders also condemn speech attacking European Union over Brexit talks.
Jeremy Hunt recognised the cost Brexit has imposed on the United Kingdom during an interview with BBC's Laura Kuenssberg. "I don't deny there are costs to a decision like Brexit, but there are also opportunities," the chancellor said.
Former health secretary Jeremy Hunt has said Brexit may have had some impact on staffing following a new report exposing major shortages in the NHS.
Tory leadership hopeful says he would tell bankrupt firms their sacrifice was worth it. / Business groups have expressed anger after Jeremy Hunt said he would willingly tell people whose companies went bust after a no-deal Brexit that their sacrifice had been necessary.
Jeremy Hunt has declared that he would refuse to pay some of the £39bn bill it would cost the UK to leave the European Union.
Hunt repeatedly said he did not “accept” the OBR’s prediction that Brexit will cause a 4 per cent GDP reduction in the long term.
The foreign secretary flew at our expense to lie to young students in Japan, in order to appeal to old Tories at home.
Conservative leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt has said he is prepared to sacrifice the jobs of British people in order to deliver Brexit.
Jeremy Hunt has denied that the decision to give some overseas construction workers easier access to UK jobs was a "betrayal of Brexit".
The president of the Royal Society has warned the Tory leadership candidates that UK research could be damaged by a bad deal or no-deal Brexit.
Make UK says Tory candidates show ‘zero understanding’ of consequences of no deal.
So far, the MoD has spent nearly £2.5 million on staffing costs and consultancy fees related to the project.
Brexit's the elephant in the room that can be avoided no longer when quitting the European Union plunges a Disunited United Kingdom deeper into economic horror.
Michael Gove has failed to name a single change from Brexit that has “made business easier”, as criticism of the economic harm from the trade deal grows.
Richard Porritt and Steve Anglesey return for another bout of Brexit madness. This week they turn their backs on the Brexit Party and wonder what Jeremy Hunt will promise next.
Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has held talks with European leaders as part of a visit to Brussels.
Brexit has failed to deliver any notable economic benefits, more than six years after the vote to leave the EU, David Davis has admitted.
The collapse of Liz Truss’s authority is the logical conclusion of the anti-EU cult that has wrecked Britain’s economy over the last six years. / When asked about Brexit, Carney managed to sound diplomatic while also lobbing a hand grenade. “Put it this way,” he said. “In 2016 the British economy was 90% the size of Germany’s. Now it is less than 70%.”
A £250m national flagship proposed by former prime minister Boris Johnson while in office will be cancelled by the new chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, according to various news reports.
Even after years of division and vitriol, it seems like Britain still needs to talk about Brexit. / More than six years after voting to leave the European Union, the UK is facing a prolonged recession and a deep cost-of-living crisis. Last week’s Autumn Statement heralded years of higher taxes and cuts to public spending.
EU officials have derided the British Government’s ‘chaotic’ approach to negotiations and said the much-reviled ‘Swiss mess’ is ‘not on the table’.
Brexit was always going to be a recipe for the long-term decline of London as a financial centre Any ideas that suggested otherwise were ludicrous.
Tory leadership candidates have turned on “dictator” Dominic Raab after he refused to rule out suspending Parliament to push through Brexit by the end of October.
Jeremy Hunt has opened the door to delaying Brexit if he becomes prime minister, warning that committing to leave on October 31 could lead to an election in which the Tories will be “annihilated”.
We have reached a watershed moment in the long Brexit saga. The government’s U-turn this week on the Great Repeal Bill has laid bare the great elephant-sized conundrum that has always been at the heart of Brexit: identifying any significant EU laws that were both holding Britain back and can be ditched without damaging our own economy.
Brexit is hurting the UK economy, Bank of England officials said Wednesday, even as government leaders downplay the impact of the seismic EU withdrawal.
Britain’s government insisted Thursday (24 November) that Brexit would pay off, even as new figures showed record levels of immigration six years after the country voted to quit the EU.
Britain on Friday launched a post-Brexit plan to relax curbs on its powerhouse City sector introduced after the 2008 financial crisis, denying the reforms will bring about new instability.
Senior economist Michael Saunders thinks country "wouldn’t be talking about an austerity budget" if it had stayed in the EU.
Britain is easing banking rules brought in after the 2008 global financial crisis in a bid to attract investment and secure London’s status as Europe’s leading finance center.
Ireland’s deputy premier Leo Varadkar said the Irish economy was decoupled from the UK’s a long time ago.
A project manager’s disdain at chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s speech to Bloomberg's city HQ – ‘the UK will soon probably need to start offering its own nomad visa just to get people to come here,’ probably resonated with many IT contractors.
Operators are both baffled and annoyed with the chancellor's supposed assistance. / "To conflate this with Brexit is complete nonsense. They either want to help the pubs or not. If you want a link to Brexit, the damage done is far worse than the freezing of some duty."
But the EU does not want to reopen debates about the terms of the Brexit deal: “Only in the UK are people still arguing about Brexit,” a source said. “No one in Europe thinks about it any more.”
British firms are yet to see any upside from Brexit, according to one of the UK’s top executives, who urged Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to improve the trade agreement with the European Union to boost growth.
UK foreign secretary criticised after statement displaying lack of awareness country was part of Non-Aligned Movement.
“I don’t accept the premise that Brexit will make us poorer” says Chancellor Jeremy Hunt / There is now overwhelming evidence it already has! / For the man running the nations finances to just stick his head in the sand & pretend it’s not happening is utter insanity


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