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Images of the piece of paper being pointed at the then-Ukip leader went viral around the world.
Nigel Farage warned by watchdog his party could face penalties unless it overhauls its PayPal fundraising system.
Five years ago Wednesday, Britons voted in a referendum that was meant to bring certainty to the U.K.’s unsettled relationship with its European neighbors, but it most certainly did not
The lucrative UK/US trade deal is dead - so will it Liz Truss now press ahead with ripping up parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol?
The new party has already run into controversy after two figures stepped down over racist social media posts
Nigel Farage was lavishly funded by Arron Banks in the year after the Brexit referendum, Channel 4 News has alleged, with the insurance tycoon providing him with a furnished Chelsea home, a car and driver, and money to promote him in America.
"Farage, Banks and Bannon. They are some of the well-known Bad Boys of Brexit. But there are many more. The Bad Boys of Brexit are an unholy alliance. They are global Money Men, small-state Regulation Burners and people with highly questionable Russian Connections, some of whom have undermined the very foundations of democracy."
Would-be prime minister criticised for claiming ‘fear of Farage’ will force Brussels into climbdown – and for backing Irish border technology that does not exist.
Downing Street reveals plans for a light show and a cabinet trip to the north as the Big Ben bonging brouhaha rumbles on.
Rival leave rallies led by Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson arrive at parliament while counter-protest is defended by police.
It is a big step to take legal action against the police, but I have joined a group of politicians in doing just that. The issue is something which strikes at the heart of our democracy: politicians breaking the law to get the results they want – in this case, the UK leaving the European Union.
Demonstrators talk ‘treason’ and ‘betrayal’ on day Britain was meant to leave the EU. / It was supposed to be the day Brexiteers rejoiced at the nation’s exit from the EU. Instead, thousands of Leave voters and far-right activists gathered outside parliament to show their anger at the UK’s delayed and increasingly uncertain departure.
Right-wing newspapers have joined Brexiteers in venting their fury that Britain’s departure from the EU is not happening today.
But no matter how startled we were at the time, it turned out to be far worse than we feared. That’s not just because of the disruption, constitutional calamity, or countless personal tragedies it would entail. It was because of what it did to our politics.
Six years on, it seems Europe still hasn’t got the memo. For that matter, neither has Britain. The United Kingdom, rather than leaping boldly into a brave new future, is imploding. Europe, meanwhile, seems to have found a new sense of purpose.
Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has said leaving the European Union is more important than keeping the United Kingdom together.
Nigel Farage’s Brexit party has been in talks to join the far-right group in the European parliament and is keeping its options open about its future allies, a spokesman for the party has said.
Nigel Farage has opened the door to a pact with Boris Johnson to deliver a no-deal Brexit, in a move that will alarm moderate Conservatives.
Nigel Farage says Brexit Party won't contest seats won by Tories in 2017 - but will stand in all Labour seats.
Nigel Farage has said he intends to stand as a Brexit Party candidate in the European Parliamentary elections if the UK is still a member state.
A pro-Brexit minister and MPs have accused the Civil Service of pursuing a ‘Remain’ agenda. Steve Bullock, a former civil servant, argues that the consequences of undermining civil servants in this way are potentially disastrous.
How will wealthy Brexiteers profit from Brexit? The surprising truth about the world's most secretive tax network for the wealthy. Plus, we hand the Brexit Party a rather unfortunate award.
The Brexit Party leader seems to back the Benn Act after Jean-Claude Juncker suggested there would be no extension to the leaving date.
Reforming political finance is another area where Brexiteers fall silent. Despite serious question marks over the Leave campaign, these MPs have refused to countenance an equivalent of the Mueller investigation into Russian meddling in our democracy.
Brexiteers are lobbying among EU nations for a veto to an extension of Article 50, it has been reported. The UK needs approval from all EU member states before any request for an extension to the Brexit deadline can be granted. And in theory one veto would be enough to derail the request.
The European Commission has started infringement procedures with Boris Johnson’s government over the controversial UK Internal Market Bill, Ursula von der Leyen said.
An old video has resurfaced of Nigel Farage waving cash around boasting about how little work he has to do as a Member of European Parliament to earn his money.
The press is fascinated by a gimmicky idea also involving Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.
Row breaks out with counter-protesters as March to Leave departs from Sunderland.
The development of Brexit from a fringe movement into a dominant political project coincided chronologically not only with a long period of patient and sustained campaigning and lobbying, and with a lucky sequence of favourable shifts of circumstance and forces, but also with the internal development of one key external force, the politics and ideology of the Putin regime.
The 48% of Britons who voted Remain in the EU exit referendum last year need to be taken into account in the negotiation process which just got underway, said Polish MEP Danuta Hübner, the powerful chair of the European Parliament’s constitutional affairs committee.
Comments made by the Sir Kim Darroch, the British Ambassador to the US, on the Trump administration have been leaked to pro-Brexit journalist Isabel Oakshott, with key Brexiteers exploiting them to attack the civil service and diplomatic corps and call for the removal of non-Brexit-supporting civil servants.
Channels opened between Downing Street and the Brexit Party. Arron Banks prepared to donate substantial funds to Tories if a pact with Farage put in place
Ireland‘s EU commissioner has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson, accusing the “unelected prime minister” of “gambling” with the Irish peace process.
Olaf agency is carrying out an assessment of payments made by Arron Banks. / The European Union’s anti-fraud watchdog is considering whether Nigel Farage should be investigated for any illegal activity over lavish payment from Arron Banks, the Guardian has learned.
European parliament summons Brexit party leader over failure to declare expenses. / Nigel Farage has been given 24 hours by the European parliament to explain in person his failure to declare lavish expenses funded by Arron Banks, an insurance tycoon under investigation by the UK’s National Crime Agency.
The European parliament has recovered more than £200,000 from Ukip MEPs accused of misusing public funds through payments to party workers. But with three weeks to go until European elections, time is running out to recoup money from others alleged to have broken EU rules.
Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe is accused of misspending EU funds on party workers and Farage’s bid to become MP
Move follows revelations MEP failed to declare lavish funding from year of Brexit referendum. / The European parliament is to investigate Nigel Farage for failing to declare lavish expenses funded by Arron Banks. The European parliament president, Antonio Tajani, “today refers the Farage issue to an advisory committee”, a source told the Guardian.
Carole Cadwalladr digs into one of the most perplexing events in recent times: the UK's super-close 2016 vote to leave the European Union. Tracking the result to a barrage of misleading Facebook ads targeted at vulnerable Brexit swing voters -- and linking the same players and tactics to the 2016 US presidential election -- Cadwalladr calls out the "gods of Silicon Valley" ...
'Would we have won without immigration? No. Would we have won without...the NHS? All our research and the close result strongly suggests no. Would we have won by spending our time talking about trade and the single market? No way'
In the first instalment of a new series, we look at some of the far right support for the Brexit Party, and ask: what it is about Farage’s ventures that seem to attract so many racists?
Catherine Blaiklock, who co-founded new pro-Brexit party, warned of ‘Muslim enclaves’.
Brexit party leader gave at least six long interviews to Rick Wiles on the TruNews network.
The former UKIPer said Brexit 2.0 would be getting Britain out of the European Court of Human Rights... like Russia.
Nigel Farage has been roasted after complaining Brexit isn't working out how he wanted it to.
Brexit party leader tells evangelical Christian TV channel of threat from ‘globalists’ and mass migration.
‘It increases the potential for individuals or organisations to evade the permissibility rules, which primarily seek to prevent significant sums entering UK politics from overseas’. / Nigel Farage’s use of PayPal to raise huge numbers of small donations for his Brexit Party allows foreign donors to “evade the rules”, a watchdog has warned.
Nigel Farage was proud at the height of Britain’s far right movement that his initials NF also stood for National Front, according to a close school friend who after years of silence says he now wants the public to understand more about the man.
Farage’s September 2012 remarks contrast with Ukip’s new claims that it is opposed to privatisation of health service.
In a video from 2019, Farage says passionately that the food shortages threat is "Project Fear" and "should be utterly, completely, totally, disregarded.”
Reminders of how Brexit Party MEPs voted in crackdowns on Russian propaganda have been making the rounds on social media as the war in Ukraine intensifies.
Get Brexit Done’ has unravelled in a spectacular fashion; a significant knock to the economy, removal of rights and freedoms, more red tape for business and – the most heart-breaking of all – trouble has returned to Northern Ireland. The obvious answer to this foreseeable problem is for the UK to be part of the single market and customs union.
Change UK leader wants to contrast her party’s remain vision with that of Brexit party. / Heidi Allen, the leader of the pro-remain Change UK party, has challenged the Brexit party leader, Nigel Farage, to a live TV debate before the European elections.
Michael Heseltine has warned the Conservative leadership candidates that they will never win a general election by following the “poisonous politics of Nigel Farage”, as he said the prospect of 100,000 Tory members choosing the next prime minister filled him with dread.
Brexit party leader fails in chats to challenge Alex Jones’s conspiracy theories and airs some of his own.
Nigel Farage, one of the UK's leading proponents of a 'hard Brexit' told Euronews yesterday that the negative impacts of Britain leaving the EU without a deal could be eliminated by the use of "Article 24 of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)".
Brexit Party leader likens US president's infamous remark to something "said on a night out after a drink" during ITV debate.
Jacob Rees-Mogg’s sister is to stand as a candidate for Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party in the forthcoming European elections, it has emerged.
The foreign secretary flew at our expense to lie to young students in Japan, in order to appeal to old Tories at home.
Nigel Farage received £450,000 from the founder of pro-Brexit group Leave.EU in the year after the Brexit referendum. / Items paid for by Arron Banks included Mr Farage's London home, his car and trips to the US to meet Donald Trump.
The group has offered up its own manifesto for the party. / The guerrilla billboard campaign that trolled pro-Brexit politicians with their own words is back, and this time they’re squarely taking aim at Nigel Farage.
"I often wonder whether, in the privacy of their own homes, they replay the claims and promises they made and compare it with the outcomes delivered."
About 150 marched from Hartlepool on second day of tour organised by property tycoon’s Leave Means Leave group.
Scotland Yard looks into claims of potential bribery as former lord chancellor demands investigation of 'exceptionally serious allegations'.
I heard the debate on your show between @CatherineMEP and @Nigel_Farage this morning. Mr Farage falsely stated that we can "apply Article XXIV of GATT", and trade as now for two years.
Nigel Farage was this week forced into a humiliating legal climbdown, when he undertook in a settlement never to repeat false claims that the anti-racism charity and campaign group that I run, Hope Not Hate, pursued “violent and undemocratic means”.
Up to 1,700 backed up lorries could soon be forced to wait in the lorry park in Ashford, Kent, which some are already calling the "Farage Garage".
A 27-acre site is being built to handle trucks amid fears that new trade rules will slow freight movement. It has been nicknamed the “Farage Garage” after the pro-Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage.
Police raid of Dean Morrice’s home found stockpile of chemicals and cache of terrorism manuals.
Farage was a guest at the event alongside people who have praised Putin and spread far-right memes. The Brexit Party leader asked them for money and “all the help we can get”.
Nigel Farage has taken a second swipe at a leading anti-racism charity, after it claimed “victory” on Tuesday in a legal battle that began as a Twitter spat with the husband of murdered MP Jo Cox.
Nigel Farage has been accused of a “staggering level of hypocrisy” over Britain’s steel crisis after it has emerged he and other Ukip MEPs voted against an EU move that it is claimed could have helped protect the steel industry from cheap Chinese imports.
The committee acted after Channel 4 News revealed how Mr Farage’s lavish lifestyle was funded to the tune of £450,000 by Arron Banks’ companies.
Nigel Farage conceded that there is no way that backers of the triumphant Brexit Party can oust him from his post as leader as he refused to be drawn on the policies the party would adopt after coming first in the European elections.
After Britain voted to leave the European Union, Nigel Farage says he cannot guarantee EU money will now be spent on the NHS.
MEPs said to have broken rules that ban assistants from working for both the national party and in Brussels. / Eight UKIP MEPs, including the party's former and current leaders, Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall, could have to pay £500,000 back to the European Parliament after being accused of misusing EU funds, the Guardian reported Wednesday.
Brexit party leader labels Duke of Sussex ‘terrifying’ while disparaging Queen Mother in Sydney CPAC speech.
Announcement represents massive boost for Boris Johnson's Conservatives, removing the risk of splitting the Leave vote in the 12 December general election.
Nigel Farage is facing mockery after he claimed the new European Commission president lacked "legitimacy" because she won just 52 per cent of the vote.
The Brexit Party leader could be entitled to more than £150,000 as his job ends and a pension.
Nigel Farage has defended the Brexit party MEP Ann Widdecombe, after she suggested science might one day produce an answer to being gay.
Nigel Farage, the Brexit party leader, has insisted he is not a conspiracy theorist after he repeatedly appeared on a far-right US talkshow and openly discussed ideas about a “new world order” linked to antisemitic tropes.
Nigel Farage could be banned from the European parliament for his failure to declare almost half a million pounds in gifts from Brexiteer donor Arron Banks.
Brexit Party leader ridicules 'overweight' Queen Mother in speech — and adds that Prince Harry has 'fallen off a cliff' by wedding Meghan.
Nigel Farage is facing an investigation by European parliament authorities over claims that he failed to declare nearly half a million pounds in gifts from an insurance tycoon under investigation by the National Crime Agency.
Nigel Farage failed to spell out what Brexit will offer when repeatedly asked by a BBC journalist. / Ex-Ukip leader eventually suggested people in Merthyr Tydfil could all set up businesses.
But the Brexit Party leader immediately made another false claim about "Asian" people in the town.
Nigel Farage allegedly held several secret meetings with Julian Assange and gave him a USB stick with data on it, a US congressional enquiry has heard. / Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage is alleged to have made several undisclosed trips to the Ecuadorian embassy in London to visit WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
World4Brexit, registered in Michigan for tax purposes, is reportedly expected to get "informal advice" from Steve Bannon.
Former Ukip leader will lose £35,500 in total – the amount he paid assistant who is believed to have not been working on EU matters. / Nigel Farage is being docked half his monthly MEP salary after a European parliament investigation alleged he had misspent public funds intended for staffing his office.
If there’s one thing the UK is learning at this very moment, it’s that it is most definitely possible to be part of the EU and control your own borders.
His rhetoric was always that the elite would thwart the will of the people, enabling a new movement to rise up amid the anger. ... Brexit was designed by its most passionate supporters to fail: its purpose was to be betrayed, to enable a new movement to rise up, animated by fury and fear.
The Brexit Party leader claims three million copies will be printed of free newspaper 'The Brexiteer'.
He’s the most effective demagogue in a generation. Now he sets the agenda. / "The Brexit Party’s campaign was a one-man show. While it has a sophisticated digital strategy, the party has no members and no manifesto, and none of its candidates were democratically selected."
Signed but defunct placards on sale despite Farage saying he would mothball the party.
British Twitter users distance themselves from Brexit Party stirring up trouble as vote ratifies exit deal.
Proposal includes giving Brexit party and Conservatives a free run in 80-90 constituencies.
He disclosed that he planned to change the Brexit Party’s name to the Reform Party if Britain leaves the European Union next month.
Nigel Farage is to relaunch his Brexit Party as an anti-lockdown party called Reform UK as he campaigns against measures imposed by the UK government to slow the spread of coronavirus.
Nigel Farage has batted off requests for transparency about the Brexit Party’s policies at a launch announcing their MEP candidates.
Nigel Farage has been reminded of a comment he made claiming that fishing rights would be the "acid test" of any Brexit deal.
Four former UKIP AMs have joined Nigel Farage's Brexit Party, announcing plans to form an assembly group.
In other news, a Brexit campaign he backs put a BBC editor's mobile number online and told people to call him.
Nigel Farage is due to address a rally held by the German far-right political party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD).
The Brexit Party leader made the comments to around 500 supporters last week after criticising civil servants at a rally in Newport, South Wales.
Brexit party leader is stepping down after discussions with station, says managing director.
Nigel Farage was firmly put in his place after he shared his frustration about the current fuel crisis in the UK on Thursday.
Nigel Farage has withdrawn a claim that a campaign group pursued "violent and undemocratic means" before the start of a libel case over the comments.
It had been billed as a mass protest, taking in the length of England and descending on Westminster, but the so-called “Brexit betrayal march” is only to be done in its entirety by 50 people – and their figurehead, Nigel Farage, won’t be there for most of it.
The Brexit Party's website could open the door to 'fake members' donating millions. / The revelation shows how the party could be opening the door to millions in donations from foreign sources.
The Electoral Commission recommended the party make changes to their website to prevent overseas donors funding the party. / Nigel Farage's Brexit Party has been told to check all £2.5 million donated to it to ensure it hasn't accepted cash from foreign donors.
The Brexit Party has refused to rule out joining a new alliance far-right parties in the European Parliament, fuelling concerns that Nigel Farage could link up with extremist parties once safely re-elected.
As hundreds of thousands marched on Westminster to demand a second Brexit vote, a dramatically smaller demo of leave-supporting protesters is being led by Nigel Farage.
The MEP founded his media company in 2011 in order to manage payments made to him for media appearances - he remains the sole director.
Nigel Farage has applied to change the Brexit Party's name to Reform UK, promising to focus on dealing with the government's "woeful" Covid response.
The Ukip leader was forced to back down and declare his party’s support for a state-funded health service last November after a film emerged of him backing a switch to an insurance system. After Labour claimed that Ukip would privatise the NHS, he admitted he had not carried his Ukip colleagues with him.
Channel 4 News investigation reveals how millionaire Arron Banks spent approximately £450,000 on Nigel Farage to fund lavish lifestyle the year following the EU referendum in summer 2016. / Millionaire insurance tycoon Arron Banks spent close to half a million pounds funding Nigel Farage, who is now the Brexit Party leader.
A small group of rightwing MPs are jangling Tory nerves and using questions about living costs to undermine climate action.
It’s taken a few months to come into perspective but the true cost of Brexit is starting to rear its head and it’s not looking pretty.
Brexit has failed to deliver any notable economic benefits, more than six years after the vote to leave the EU, David Davis has admitted.
Supporters of Brexit are “completely wrong” if they think recourse to an obscure trade rule will stop tariffs springing up overnight if Britain leaves the European Union without a deal, EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said on Friday.
Amid a spike in hate crimes, Brits reveal what it’s like to be told to leave the country.
The U.S. wants to move the U.K. away from the EU’s set of trade rules and regulations toward the American one. Farage and Johnson are easy prey.
Nigel Farage has called Operation Yellowhammer scaremongering despite it being an official report.
"There’s a difference between what’s best for me and what’s best for the country", one Leave-voter desperate to abandon ship said. / The Daily Express was given a rude awakening to the realities of Brexit after data revealed Leave-voting Brits are applying for Irish passports.
Focusing only on constitutional battles risks playing into Downing Street’s ‘frame that MPs are frustrating rather than protecting democracy’, strategy note says.
Former deputy prime minister says we ‘must restore Britain’s position in the corridors of European power’.
Tory leadership hopeful Rory Stewart has reached out to Nigel Farage by saying he wanted to work with the Brexit Party so the UK could exit the European Union.
Chuka Umunna, senior Liberal Democrat and former Labour MP, joins Arj Singh, Paul Waugh and Rachel Wearmouth to talk about the first full week of the general election campaign.
THE BBC has, for the THIRD time in two days, cut off its coverage of a key Brexit debate just as the SNP's Ian Blackford stood up to speak.
They blame everyone but themselves: the very people who cooked up Brexit, sold it as all things to all people, and now cry betrayal when reality intervenes.
He and others like him seek to exploit voters’ deepest fears about the ruling order and take power for themselves.
Knowing that they are losing the support of public opinion back home, the new Brexit Party MEPs have decided to focus their efforts on denigrating, ridiculing and demonising the institution they chose to stand for.
Farage wants to hijack British patriotism and drag us to a catastrophic no-deal Brexit by 31 October. /
Jacob Rees-Mogg says the benefits of leaving the EU may not be felt for 50 years – and he’s not the only Eurosceptic asking the people of Britain to wait patiently.
After China denied citizenship status to non-Chinese residents, about 7,000 ethnic minority families received full British nationality, granting them the ability to live across Europe and pass this status onto their descendants.
A report by Bloomberg raises questions about what the arch-Brexiteer knew and when, although he denies any wrongdoing.
We could end up with tonnes of fish that Brits don't even like and no way of selling them to the EU before they rot.
Nigel Farage has been labelled a “liar” after he called on the UK to “scrap the EU Human Rights Act” – even though no such legislation exists.
"Do not blame Brussels for our own country's mistakes and do not be angry at us for telling you the truth. Be angry at the chancers who sold you a lie," he said.
It was to be a symbol of the UK as a newly independent nation, cut loose from the tyranny of Brussels and EU bureaucrats demanding our bananas are a certain shape.


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