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"We have lost thousands of frontline staff... because of Brexit and an immovable visa system and immigration system from Westminster" / Dr D Macaskill says Brexit has led to “bleeding” staff numbers and greater pressures on healthcare.
In this rather fiery and impassioned episode of #3Blokes In A Pub, we talk to scientist Dr Mike Galsworthy about #Brexit's impact on medicine and the NHS.
This week we chat to Chris. He voted leave on promise that we could keep single market benefits but at the same time boost the NHS.
This week's episode is guest hosted by #remainernow Chris Oram who chats to Emma from Southend. She voted leave to help the NHS and due to arguments of her friends and relative. She quickly realised many of her reasons were untruths and changed her mind. Here she tells her journey from voting leave to becoming a regular anti-brexit activist in Westminster.
Emma Jane voted leave, in this episode she chats to our host Chris about the reasons why and how she ended up running to be an anti brexit MEP and her recent trip to Brussels with fellow #RemainerNow
Leave voters insist Brexit hasn't worked out how they were promised seven years on from historic referendum.
It’s almost 100 days since Britain completed its split from the EU -- almost five years after the referendum vote –- and a clearer picture of the consequences of the decision to leave is starting to emerge.
The Health Secretary, announced he has become the world’s leading buyer of fridges, so he can stockpile medicines in the event of no deal – no one wrote that on the side of a bus.
It's been five years since the UK voted to leave the EU. The vote appalled those who saw it as economic self-sabotage. But those in favor of leaving were not swayed by economic arguments — and likely still aren't today.
Saturday 20 February was the 50th day since Boris Johnson’s Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) came into effect. Anyone expecting it to settle all questions, or even most of the details, of how we will do business with the EU from now on will be mightily disappointed.
Comparing the stories encouraging people to vote to leave the EU to those we've seen in recent weeks paints rather a bleak picture.
Around 40% of the returning expats would be pensioners, placing fresh strains on the NHS and already-stretched social care services.
The BMA has repeatedly warned that a 'no deal' Brexit will have damaging consequences for patients, the health workforce and health services across the UK and Europe. From the supply of medicines and patient access to care, to Northern Ireland and the impact on the health workforce: no part of the health service will be left unscathed.
CAMPAIGNERS have vowed to step up their fight to protect the NHS after a legal bid to prevent it being “on the table” in post-Brexit trade deals was voted down by Tory MPs.
Boris Johnson’s new trade secretary will be tasked with negotiating as many new trade deals as possible. Here are some fault-lines expected to emerge over the coming months.
Leaving the EU without a deal threatens health and the NHS in many ways, but the scale of the threat remains unclear. / We propose a framework that could be the basis for the comprehensive health impact assessment to inform politicians and the public. / The government’s claims that it is prepared for no deal are implausible and, at best, might mitigate some of the worst consequences.
North Ayrshire MP Patricia Gibson has blamed Brexit after new figures revealed the shortage of European doctors in the NHS.
Dr Chaand Nagpaul tells i a no deal Brexit would be disastrous, leading to potentially thousands of EU doctors leaving the service.
Official document puts likely benefits of free trade agreement with Donald Trump at below 0.2 per cent of GDP – and possibly as little as 0.02 per cent.
The NHS is at critical risk as Boris Johnson wields the national treasure as bait in trade talks with the US, Labour claims.
BORIS Johnson has been accused of having his “greedy eyes” on Scotland’s NHS after he appeared to threaten the Scottish Government’s powers over it yesterday.
Frontrunner to become PM could be hauled before judge over claims. / Boris Johnson could be summoned to court to face accusations ​of misconduct in public office over his infamous pledge to claw back £350m a week from Brussels for the NHS.
The prime minister’s announcement isn’t an extra boost, it’s the reversal of a broken promise.
Dr Philippa Whitford, MP and eminent breast cancer surgeon, shares her concerns for the future of our NHS following Brexit. Recorded in front of a live audience at Arran High School Theatre on Friday 13th September 2019.
Three NHS trust chief executives tell Sky News the government's no-deal Brexit planning is like "navigating through treacle".
THE turning point was the Brexit referendum. Before voting to leave the EU in June 2016, medicine shortages were not something the UK often had to worry about.
Health systems in the UK have a long standing dependency on international staff, and over the decades this has tended to intensify at times of shortage. Today is no exception, but this period of shortfall coincides with departure from the European Union (EU)—causing rapid, and at times, concerning changes in patterns of recruitment.
With the NHS under such exceptional pressure during the coronavirus crisis, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the UK’s Brexit transition period ends on December 31. Mark Dayan takes a closer look at how these two challenges for the health service might collide, and says there is a case to err on the side of caution.
Find out more about what is at risk for healthcare if the UK does not reach a Brexit deal in this infographic from the Brexit Health Alliance.
The BMA has published a series of briefings, which outline our policy positions on a range of key issues relating to the impact of Brexit on the UK healthcare system.
Britons must look at themselves calmly and honestly, recognizing the tough times that lie ahead and the changes needed to get the country back on track. Unfortunately, the country's political leaders remain unwilling to treat voters like grown-ups.
A growing number of EU nationals working in the National Health Service are leaving England as a consequence of the referendum on British membership in the EU.
The First Minister will address the London School of Economics. / Scotland’s First Minister will use a speech in London on Tuesday to attack Labour and the Tories over Brexit.
The Government has decided to hold firm on a 7,500 cap on medical school places – even with NHS staff shortages causing delays and disruption across the UK. But even if this cap was lifted, it wouldn’t aid an ailing NHS that lacks an adequate provision of trainee doctor places, hindered significantly by the UK’s departure from the EU.
As of December 2022, UK companies importing medicines from the EU may need to set up new batch testing facilities. What will this mean for the industry and how did the situation come about?
NHS trust exploring possibility of workers staying overnight if no deal leads to chaos on roads.
In an exclusive interview with the Record, Dr Arianna Andreangeli tells how the NHS has further deteriorated since Brexit. / Scotland is facing a crisis in its National Health Service due to Covid and Tory austerity - but Brexit has caused further deadly delays in our hospitals.
Despite the promise leaving the EU would help the UK control its borders, most people surveyed said Brexit had hampered the ability to control immigration.
Brexit has worsened doctor shortages in the UK, according to a study published on Sunday.
Wonder what happened to 'let's fund our NHS instead?' / New research has found Brexit has cost the UK government £40 billion a year in lost tax revenue.
Star Trek actor George Takei still finds much about British politics highly illogical.
For new medical devices entering the UK market, they will only need to comply with the old, and for some, less stringent, device standard (MDR, 2002). / ... Coupled with the additional authorisation process required to reach the UK market, this may lead to delays or deter companies from selling their products in the UK altogether.
The supply of drugs, including of antibiotics, is being squeezed.
Brexit has increased drug prices and worsened staff shortages in the U.K., increasing the impact of other serious issues facing the country’s health care system, a report has found.
THE SEISMIC CHANGES to the relationship with our nearest neighbours and the impact of Brexit have only added fuel to the fire of severe challenges facing health and social care in the UK today, making people less healthy and widening health inequalities.
GLOUCESTERSHIRE health bosses have had to recruit medical staff from further afield due to the UK’s departure from the EU as they admit staff should be paid more.
Where we used to attract European midwives and nurses, we now repel them – as well as hundreds leaving the NHS, just 33 registered to join us in the last year.
STAFF shortages in the health and care sector are pushing the NHS to breaking point – and they are in part the result of a “reckless” and “cynical” decision by the UK Government to push through a hard Brexit in the midst of a pandemic.
Three years ago, on 31 January 2020, the British flags that had flown outside European Union buildings for over 40 years were lowered. The then prime minister Boris Johnson had “got Brexit done.” Except he hadn’t.
Concession-priced medicine list is longest it has been since system was introduced.
Six years after the UK voted to leave the EU, and two years since we officially left the trading bloc, Brexit has reared its head yet again this week.
Brexiteers who claimed the NHS would receive an extra £350m after Brexit have been condemned for voting down an amendment demanding an analysis of the impact of exiting the EU on the health service.
England's Chief Medical Officer has told LBC she is concerned that a no-deal Brexit could mean the NHS cannot get the medicine it needs to save lives.
Jeremy Corbyn has released uncensored official documents which he says provides confirmation that the NHS is on the table in trade talks with the USA.
As the possibility of a no-deal Brexit scenario increases, and the government publishes its “no-deal preparedness” notices, it is worth taking stock of the sheer variety of problems that would arise with a no-deal Brexit – and the devastating consequences that would arise from such a legal limbo. Here’s what we know so far.
our out of five drugs used by the NHS will not be allowed into Northern Ireland by January 2022 due to the Protocol, the British Generic Manufacturers Association (BGMA) has warned.
"Blame us. Blame Westminster. Do not blame Brussels for our own country's mistakes and do not be angry at us for telling you the truth. Be angry at the chancers who sold you a lie."
Michael Gove just claimed Brexit has “delivered” on Vote Leave’s boldest promise, suggesting it gives £350m a week to the NHS. But has it?
Tahir Amin is a British lawyer based in America who is an expert on drug pricing and on previous trade negotiations.
The BMA has detailed the likely consequences of Brexit, in a series of Brexit briefings, most recently today [02 Sep 2019]. All of the briefings warn of the harm that Brexit could do.
Dominic Cummings previously called for the NHS to provide funding to allow people to select genetic traits such as intelligence for babies.
DONALD Trump is threatening to use post-Brexit trade talks to lower the price of prescription drugs for US patients by forcing the NHS to pay more, in a move which could cost the UK billions.
US ambassador’s suggestion that NHS should be ‘on the table’ in future negotiations sparks alarm. / Donald Trump will land in the UK on Monday amid anger over comments made by his ambassador suggesting the NHS should be “on the table” in future trade negotiations.
“If Westminster maintains its control, recent history shows what Scotland can expect: an economic recovery hindered by a hard Brexit that is already taking a significant toll and the continued, systematic undermining of devolution, which is weakening our parliament’s powers to maintain food and environmental standards and protect the NHS from post-Brexit trade deals."
The UK government has announced a ban on some drug exports to protect NHS patients' access to medicines.
Health union leaders have issued an urgent warning that a no-deal Brexit could "devastate" the NHS and cause potentially "fatal" shortages and delays.
Those who miss 30 June deadline will immediately be charged for non-urgent NHS treatment.
The Government denied it could leave millions of EU citizens with healthcare bills and said it was committed to protecting their rights.
The number of nurses signing up to work in the UK has dropped dramatically. Is it any wonder when Theresa May’s government is so hostile to EU nationals?
Bloc plans to bulk-buy key drugs for all 27 countries, potentially leaving Britain ‘behind in the queue’. / “Europe is securing access to key drugs and vaccines as a single region, with huge influence and buying power. As a result of Brexit the UK is now isolated from this system, so our drug supplies could be at risk in the future,” said Dr Andrew Hill, an expert on the pharmaceutical trade.
THE UK’s decision to quit the EU continues to deepen the NHS staffing crisis with local hospitals reporting a ‘significant’ and ‘unexpected’ increase in the number of EU nurses leaving their posts in March.
It comes as figures from the NHS show there are 10,582 FTE medical vacancies across England alone. / More than 4,000 European doctors have opted not to work in the NHS following the Brexit vote in 2016, research has revealed.
'Trade campaigners have welcomed the release of leaked papers detailing trade talks between the Trump administration and British government officials, which show the US government pushing Britain into as hard a Brexit as possible because they see this as the best way of benefitting the US economy. This comes at the expense of standards, protections and livelihoods in Britain.'
Farage’s September 2012 remarks contrast with Ukip’s new claims that it is opposed to privatisation of health service.
As the EU referendum grows ever closer, Lord Darzi, Elias Mossialos and colleagues seek to redress a lack of evidence on the role of the union on our health system.
It's safe to say Brexit hasn't delivered yet - and these tabloid headlines prove it.
As the economic harm that it has done becomes ever clearer, all but the most die-hard Tory Brexiteers are increasingly prepared to admit that Brexit was a mistake. Trade with the Europe has slumped, productivity is down, and there are 4,000 fewer European doctors working in the NHS.
Requests for information about effect on staff numbers and supply of goods and services should be refused, advice says.
But pharmaceutical industry has warned that sufficient buffer stocks may not be possible by December.
Health and care experts unite in criticism of governent’s new immigration policy which could push social care ‘over the edge’.
How have the numbers of doctors in the NHS who come from the EU and the European Free Trade Association changed since the Brexit referendum in 2016? And do certain specialties face particular problems? Martha McCarey and Mark Dayan take a closer look at what’s happened since the vote.
A government minister was unable to answer how many NHS staff have left the country due to Brexit in an embarassing interview on Wednesday morning.
Department of Health writes to trusts advising of contingency plans for short supply of imported ingredients.
The UK is going to be at a distinct disadvantage in this negotiation – desperate for a deal the US could happily live without.
As A&E wait times seem to hit new record highs with every passing week, the issue of blocked beds (or delayed discharge) comes more and more into focus. But what is often excluded from the picture is Brexit, which experts say has exacerbated the problem.
MPs have stirred a debate after voting on 'New Clause 17' - an amendment giving 'cast-iron' protection to the NHS in a trade deal. Tory MPs did not support it - but a handful did rebel over the issue more widely
With it still possible the United Kingdom will leave the European Union without a deal, Mark Dayan looks at the impact that would have on NHS costs.
A US-UK trade deal is being negotiated, and drug prices are a key issue. Several US officials are demanding that foreign countries pay higher prices to US drug companies.
The process of leaving the European Union (EU) will have profound consequences for health and the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. In this paper, we use the WHO health system building blocks framework to assess the likely effects of three scenarios we term soft Brexit, hard Brexit, and failed Brexit.
All forms of Brexit are bad for health, but some are worse than others. This paper builds on our 2017 analysis using the WHO health system building blocks framework to assess the likely effects of Brexit on the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK.
Drugs and other medical supplies to be shipped over on seven new ferry routes.
High cost of visas and other charges is worsening NHS staffing crisis, warn medics.
This former NHS doctor told LBC that after years of austerity, it was patients' post-Brexit opinion on immigrants that made him leave the profession.
I spoke up on the dangers of medicine supply plans for No-Deal Brexit, but was ignored by my MP Sajid Javid. So now I'm running against him.
Brexit has turned our lives upside down and I had two options: to sit down and wait for my fate to be delivered to me, or fight for my rights and my beliefs. I choose to stand up.
If Boris Johnson really wants to solve the nursing crisis, he should keep the doors open to EU workers.
It may soon be open season on the NHS for private US healthcare companies, writes Professor Harry Burns.
Nurses and midwives trained in India outnumbered their Filipino counterparts in the U.K. for the first time this year, as Asian workers fill vacancies in sectors from health care to agriculture seven years after Brexit triggered an exodus of EU citizens, recent figures show.
‘Our departure from the European Union necessitates a re-thinking of the British state’. / Jacob Rees-Mogg has urged the next prime minister to slash back the government’s role as a prize of Brexit, suggesting it should not “deliver certain functions at all”.
Jonathan Vernon-Smith talks about manufacturing and brexit job losses with Jason J Hunter and Graham 'George' Gudgin.
Labour leader says documents leave Boris Johnson’s denials on post-Brexit US trade deal ‘in tatters’.
Former health secretary Jeremy Hunt has said Brexit may have had some impact on staffing following a new report exposing major shortages in the NHS.
The former prime minister accused hardline leave campaigners of ‘shouting down anyone with an opposing view’.
As part of his visit to the UK, Donald Trump has just said that the NHS must be on the table as part of any trade deal with the UK after Brexit. This is a serious and direct threat to the NHS that we all know and love - so I’m calling on our government to guarantee that our health service will never form part of ANY trade deal, nevermind one with Donald Trump.
A senior Labour figure has stamped on talk of an early deal with Theresa May to rescue Brexit, warning her proposals would see private US health giants “getting their hands” on the NHS.
As COVID-19 and the new variant add further complications to a possible no-deal Brexit for the NHS, the NHS Confederation asks the Prime Minister to seek a one-month extension to the Brexit transition period.
Ministers will not know whether there are enough medicines, medical supplies or freight capacity to support the NHS if the UK leaves the EU without a deal next month, Whitehall’s spending watchdog has found.
Brian Toohey, of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America trade group, spearheads PhRMA and recently told of the US drugs industry's predatory intentions.
Many MPs and journalists treat free movement as if it were universally despised – but EU citizens bring enormous benefits to our communities, society and economy.
Join the BMA and the BMJ to look at the impact of Brexit on health services across the UK - from workforce and regulation, to reciprocal healthcare and medical research, there’s barely a part of the health service that will be unaffected by the UK’s decision to leave the EU.
Vast majority say publicly-funded health service should be ‘off the table’ after Brexit.
George Hollingbery, then trade minister, and John Saville, Her Majesty’s Consul General in Chicago met a pharmaceutical company's senior director in August last year to discuss a post-Brexit pact.
Woody Johnson says 'entire economy' would be up for discussion. / The NHS would be “on the table” in any post-Brexit UK-US trade deal agreed by Donald Trump, the American ambassador has said.
NHS Against Brexit is the grassroots campaign fighting to protect UK health and social care from the negative effect Brexit would have on the country. We believe that the jobs of NHS staff from EU countries can't be threatened, that free movement and tariff-free borders are vital to get the medicines we need into the country, and that there is no Brexit dividend.
Have you ever been in a Twitter debate about Brexit where you just can't remember where you saw that stat? Or been talking to someone close to you who doesn't quite believe that the NHS will be damaged by Brexit? That's where we come in!
NHS costs, food standards and intellectual property rights must be protected in any deal by the UK to join a major international trade agreement, a Lords committee has told ministers in a new report.
Ministers accused of 'gagging order' as health chiefs told all communications must be 'aligned' with No 10’s 'top lines'.
The NHS has said it will cancel blood donation sessions in Dover and Folkestone for two months while Britain exits the EU.
Health secretary wades into the row, saying health service is 'not for sale'. / Donald Trump's British envoy has sparked fury with claims that access to the NHS would be "on the table" in post-Brexit trade deal with the US. Woody Johnson, the US ambassador to the UK, said the "entire economy" would be included ... allowing American private firms to bid for NHS contracts.
India supplies the NHS with a quarter of its medicines and changes to pharma monopoly rights and patent laws under leaked plans could see costs spiral.
The Brexit bulletin is produced by the NHS Confederation European Office in order to bring together all the latest Brexit news for the health and care sector.
Price of X-ray machines, medicines and bedding all expected to rise, says Nuffield Trust.
The medical chiefs warned that doctors face ‘difficult choices’ over which patients will be offered potentially life-saving blood tests.
No 10 told failure to agree deal will push health service ‘over the edge’ in January.
There has been a sharp decline in European nurses wanting to live and work in the UK since the 2016 Brexit referendum as figures reveal a 'staggering' shortfall
Pharmaceutical industry leaders want a temporary ban on drugs exports to prevent the NHS being hit by shortages in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
Patients put at risk as crisis hits supplies of vital antibiotics, HRT and anti-depressants. / Vital antibiotics, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drugs are among those in desperately short supply this winter – with the NHS forced to pay over the odds to get drugs into Britain.
EU citizens living in the UK will be forced to prove their right to free healthcare under the NHS after a no-deal Brexit, according to a report, in a move which campaigners have called "discriminatory and outrageous."
Hospital chiefs have been asked to prepare health service for potential disruption from end of 2020.
Figures compiled by the Liberal Democrats found that over 3,250 NHS staff from the EU have left the health service so far this year.
After Britain voted to leave the European Union, Nigel Farage says he cannot guarantee EU money will now be spent on the NHS.
The Ukip leader was forced to back down and declare his party’s support for a state-funded health service last November after a film emerged of him backing a switch to an insurance system. After Labour claimed that Ukip would privatise the NHS, he admitted he had not carried his Ukip colleagues with him.
Governments must acknowledge the fundamental reality that migrant workers don’t take jobs and benefits, but fill in essential labour needs
Leaked report warns local disaster planning already exhausted by coronavirus crisis
Leaving the EU without a deal could have a devastating effect on the NHS, a union warned.
NHS will be sold off to US private healthcare firms if Britain crashes out, says Labour leader.
As Boris Johnson careers towards a no-deal Brexit, what are the latest reports on the impact it would have?
Doctors have a duty to set out the harm of crashing out of the EU and this is not scaremongering, union says.
The “uncertainty and chaos” of a no-deal Brexit could push an already under pressure NHS over the edge with patients, a leading union has warned.
"There have always been health service challenges. But I can tell you that within about 100 metres from where I live on my estate there were seven health service staff, qualified nurses and doctors, that upped sticks and went back to the European Union, never to return."
The Nuffield Trust think tank has published a new report on the impact of Brexit on the UK’s health and care services. The ongoing monitoring work, funded by the Health Foundation, covers the impact on the NHS and social care workforce, medicine and medical devices supply and the economic cost, and reveals negative effects across these areas.
The number of European nurses arriving in Britain has fallen from about 9,000 to 900 a year since the Brexit referendum, it was revealed today.
An inability to stockpile drugs for many serious illnesses mean shortages will hit patients hard, according to doctors. / Senior doctors have warned the NHS to brace itself for the “biggest threat it has ever faced” if the UK crashes out of the EU on October 31, as a leaked internal document reveals the risks to patients from expected drug shortages.
Opposition leaders are using Donald Trump's visit to the UK to raise concerns about the terms of a post-Brexit trade deal with the US.
More than 55,000 EU nationals work as doctors and nurses in a health service that would collapse without them. In the midst of a severe nursing crisis, what inexplicable stupidity not to give a cast-iron guarantee that all those working in the NHS can stay for ever, welcoming any more who wish to come.
A British pensioner battling an aggressive form of cancer has told of his fears for the future over health coverage for Britons in France.
Hospital admissions for salmonella and E coli have reached their highest level in decades.
There are a number of measures that the UK Government must take in order to address the challenges of leaving the EU's single market.
Verdict conducted a poll to analyse the impact of the post-Brexit points-based immigration system on the UK’s healthcare system.
In the run up to Brexit, we’ve written to the Prime Minister, along with 16 other health organisations, calling for healthcare to be at the heart of EU exit negotiations.
Grays, a town near London, voted overwhelmingly in favour of Brexit. But three years after severing ties with the EU, some are feeling remorse as the country lurches from one crisis to another.
John Swinney has blamed Brexit for causing a recruitment crisis in Scotland which he claims is impacting every sector of the economy.
A no-deal Brexit could threaten safe and effective patient care, a major Scottish health board has warned.
A Scottish border village is set to lose its GP surgery branch, citing staffing reasons for the planned closure. / “So, we are, for example, struggling to recruit in social care and nursing to a significant extent because of the fall in the size of the working age population because of Brexit and the loss of free movement of people."
Secret documents detailing plans for a post-Brexit US trade deal, which Jeremy Corbyn today claimed show a Tory plot to sell off the NHS, were first published online over a month ago but went almost entirely unnoticed.
More than 4,000 European doctors have opted not to work in the NHS following the Brexit vote in 2016, research has revealed.
Former SNP Deputy Leader Stewart Hosie fumed at the impact of Brexit on NHS staffing levels.
A care firm director has blamed Brexit for difficulties he has experienced in recruiting staff.
Vaccines and blood products could be stockpiled ahead of a possible ‘no-deal’ Brexit, the health and social care secretary has confirmed.
Nobody ever said that a no-deal Brexit would badly affect our ability to deal with the global outbreak of a viral illness. Well, apart from the British Medical Association in 2018. And the Faculty of Public Health, in 2016 before the referendum was held.
‘One of the biggest blows to our productivity – and a self-inflicted one – was leaving Europe’s single market,’ says Michael Day.
Rishi Sunak's triumphalism over solutions on Northern Ireland and migrant boats ignores the fact the issues only arose because of Johnson's flawed Brexit deal - which he endorsed.
As Britons, not Brussels, foot the bill, many will be asking how a Brexit bonus turned into a tax bombshell.
Maybe it’s time for the next Prime Minister to admit that immigration is not just essential, it’s desirable.
Shortages in the labour market, along with the vacancies in the health service, hospitality industry and agriculture, are the living evidence of this self-inflicted act
Five years on from the Brexit vote, Mark Dayan looks back at the main claims that were made about the NHS before the referendum took place. Which have been proven right and which have proven to be unfounded?
Voters were promised better-funded public services and stronger employment rights after Brexit – Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are now offering us the opposite, reports Adam Bienkov.
For almost 50 years, the NHS benefited from easy access to a large market, meaning it’s been first in the queue for the latest innovations. But what impact might Brexit have on medicines, medical devices and life sciences in the UK? Mark Dayan explains, in a blog that was first published in the BMJ on 26 February.
Every now and again the full, ongoing Brexit disaster is illustrated in technicolour. New evidence has been published showing how appalling it is for the economy, exports, jobs and the health service.
Disruption to medical supplies at the UK border in the wake of Brexit will be ‘unavoidable’ warn experts.
Health minister Stephen Hammond confirmed the macabre course of action.
In just the first few months of 2021, the UK has slashed its overseas aid budget, made clear its intent to pursue trade deals at all costs – including turning a blind eye to human rights atrocities and genocide – and announced an increase in funding to the UK’s weapons of mass destruction by 40%, signalling the start of a new arms race and ripping up 30 years of commitment to gradual disarmament.
The government’s ‘serious shortage protocols’ are a real danger to the British public’s health – and may be illegal.
UK-US trade agreement was always going to be a tough sell. American Ambassador Woody Johnson’s comment to Andrew Marr on Sunday that healthcare would need to be on the table in any future trade talks only served to make agreeing a fully-fledged deal all the more difficult.
London (CNN)Three turbulent years after 17 million British people voted to leave the European Union, Brexit has grown from a quaint word to an ugly cloud hanging over the nation.
The government's lack of clarity over how the UK's immigration system will work after Brexit could leave the NHS spending up to half a billion pounds per year on international recruitment, explains RCP president-elect Dr Andrew Goddard.
People, businesses and communities are now paying a heavy price for a hard Brexit we never voted for, imposed by a Tory government we never voted for. / Here’s a rolling list of the impacts of Brexit.
BREXIT is being blamed for a fall in the number of NHS dentists working in Scotland.
IN news which will surprise absolutely nobody, the Brexit talks are going terribly and pharmaceutical companies have been told to stockpile six week’s worth of drugs in case of disruption at the end of the transition period.
Health Secretary Humza Yousaf was speaking at the SNP conference.
Top Tory Daniel Hannan has again rubbished the NHS, suggesting no sane person would support it.
‘No guidance’ has been issued since Chris Grayling’s notorious ferry contracts were axed – despite risk UK will crash out of EU in October. / Medical firms fear the political paralysis created by the Tory leadership race will leave the NHS short of essential drugs after a no-deal Brexit, because no proper planning is taking place.
Ministers insisted the amendment wasn't necessary - because the idea the NHS would be up for grabs was 'offensive and absurd'.
"If people are stupid enough to leave the European Union... our situation is worse in every area because we've left."
US pharmaceutical firms, known as Big Pharma, want 'full market access for US products' in the NHS which spends £140bn a year.
Historian Sir Simon Schama has warned that Donald Trump is a president "ready to pounce" in the event of a no-deal Brexit as he criticised the US ambassador.
Donald Trump is ready to use trade talks to force the National Health Service to pay more for its drugs as part of his scheme to "put American patients first”.
'What they will actually target is the process by which we control pharmaceutical pricing. That is where they will be pushing - we have to resist them'
Hit to national income – around £420m a week – greater than Boris Johnson’s discredited claim of a £350m boost to be lavished on the NHS.
Britain did not take part in €1.5bn order for kit to protect against Covid-19 despite shortages in NHS.
British nationals who have retired to EU countries including Spain and France will no longer have their healthcare covered by the NHS in the event of no Brexit deal, the government has said.
The UK is set to lose more millionaires than Russia in 2023, new analysis shows.
High cost of entry under immigration overhaul will put off applicants, says thinktank.
Ahead of Donald Trump's state visit on Monday, his ambassador said healthcare should not be excluded from a free trade deal. / The US ambassador to the UK Woody Johnson has said that healthcare should be included in a free trade deal between the two countries.
When President Donald Trump arrived in the United Kingdom this week, he landed bang in the middle of a huge political fight about the country's National Health Service.
A leading trade economist has warned that NHS patient data may be exploited by US technology companies under a trade deal with America.
THE UK GOVERNMENT’S RESPONSE to Brexit and its failure to iron out key agreements after nearly a year outside the Single Market and Customs Union, are fuelling constant uncertainty over many aspects of health and social care in the UK, says a new report from the Nuffield Trust.
CHEAPER energy bills. Lower migration. An extra £350 million a week for the NHS. There was little that the zealots pushing for​ Brexit wouldn’t claim ahead of the crunch vote in 2016.
Money that would be used to improve healthcare is being spent "wastefully" due to UK ministers' handling of Brexit, the Welsh health minister has said.
Everyone is fishing in the same pond. Stocks built up in readiness for Brexit are having to be replenished. If another pandemic strikes, we’ll hardly be in the best position to get through it.
Mark Dayan assesses the impact of Brexit on the health service, looking at the effect on funding, the workforce and medicine supplies.
A prolonged economic fallout as a result of Brexit could have a chilling effect on the NHS budget, writes the head of the NHS European Office.
In the wake of last week’s triggering of Article 50, marking the formal start of Brexit negotiations, and the publication of the ‘Great Reform Bill’ it is a good time to ask what the effect will be on dentistry, both NHS and private.
Britain will continue trying to recruit the health workers it needs from abroad, but getting back those its lost to the EU is unlikely - as ITV News Europe Editor James Mates reports.
Restrictions on doctors’ working hours must not be watered down as part of post-Brexit legislative changes, the BMA has said.
Despair over NHS waiting lists is driving people who could never afford private care in UK to countries like Lithuania. / "Before Brexit, English people came to France for healthcare purposes because they were reimbursed by the NHS. Now, they come to France because of the skyrocketing waiting lists in the UK."
Angry MPs say the move threatens jobs, the environment and the NHS in a cliff-edge crash-out on WTO terms.
We need to forge alliances to continue our global health leadership, writes the director of the Independent Commission on UK-EU Relations.


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