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The resignation of the UK's top Brexit negotiator could be the "beginning of a very rapid end" for Boris Johnson, a political journalist has told LBC.
WESTMINSTER "threats" to suspend Northern Ireland border rules are "not helpful" when the problems are down to Brexit, a leading Irish politician has said.
'The most interesting point in @DavidGHFrost letter was the bit expressing incredulity at no European country being able to operate outside EU sphere. The EU is how countries of Europe (up until now, UK included) have come to organise their relationship over time.'
The downbeat assessment comes as EU negotiator Michel Barnier describes the latest round of negotiations as "disappointing".
It’s almost 100 days since Britain completed its split from the EU -- almost five years after the referendum vote –- and a clearer picture of the consequences of the decision to leave is starting to emerge.
Five years ago Wednesday, Britons voted in a referendum that was meant to bring certainty to the U.K.’s unsettled relationship with its European neighbors, but it most certainly did not
ix years after the EU referendum, the United Kingdom is being forced to confront an inconvenient truth: Brexit is a process, not an event. It is emphatically not done. Only now are the consequences of the “oven-ready deal” of which Boris Johnson boasted becoming clear.
Tory minister David Frost proposes plans for an entirely new Northern Ireland Protocol – "trashing" a deal he once triumphed.
Anyone in the EU who has endured Boris Johnson’s serial dishonesty would need a heart of stone not to gloat at his current difficulties. A prime minister who signed an international treaty thinking he could break it when it suited him was never likely to be a very effective enforcer of coronavirus restrictions with his team in 10 Downing Street.
ABTA has written to Lord Frost Minister of State highlighting the needs of the travel industry in the UK’s future relationships with the EU post Brexit. The letter raises the very serious challenges relating to labour mobility owing to restrictions on temporary entry of tourism workers across the EU...
“Senior EU officials in Brussels ... believe escalation in the form of a trade war — probably early in the new year — is now almost unavoidable,” Eurasia analysts have said.
Brexit will never be done. Because it can never be done. Not for as long as the UK sits 50km off the European mainland and does 50% of its business with Europe. Not when the island of Ireland sits behind it – and the north east corner of that island is contested political ground.
Angela Merkel has warned Britons will have to “live with the consequences” of Boris Johnson rejecting Theresa May’s plan to continue close economic ties with Brussels after Brexit.
One of the key architects of Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal has admitted it is damaging Northern Irish businesses and warned it may not be sustainable.
There is growing speculation the PM could soon trigger Article 16 as ongoing talks between the EU and UK continue to fail to resolve problems such as the "sausage war". But Boris Johnson is being given fresh warnings about the impact of such action.
JOE Biden will tell Boris Johnson not to let the row over Northern Ireland's Brexit arrangements put the Good Friday Agreement at risk when the pair meet today.
The US president is expected to tell Johnson to solve the Northern Ireland impasse in a pre-G7 meeting, reports suggest.
Boris Johnson has no intention of renegotiating the withdrawal agreement and a no-deal Brexit is his “central scenario”, European diplomats have been told, amid hardening evidence in Westminster that the government is expecting to crash out of the EU.
Brexit negotiator Lord David Frost will enjoy a seat at Britain's most powerful table overseeing Brexit - a year after the job of Brexit Secretary was abolished for being unnecessary
'Obviously if we can’t then we will have the very good option also of an Australian-style arrangement,' says PM.
Senior Government sources warned a key part of the Brexit agreement - which Boris Johnson signed with Brussels - relating to Northern Ireland is 'dead in the water'.
Lord Frost claimed he 'underestimated' the scale of problems in moving goods from Britain - while another minister said it's been 'more difficult than we anticipated'
The PM’s greatest ‘untruth’ was about the Northern Irish border – the honest route now is to let voters choose where it should be
He wrote to Lord Frost after finding out that his guide dog has lower status than a racehorse, but has had no help. / A Brexit supporter has been left dismayed by new rules that make it impossible to enter France with his guide dog.
This is my last Brexit Briefing. / Because it is the last it is longer than usual. A long goodbye if you will. Over the past 5 years I have written 130 of them, following the twists and turns of the Brexit saga, as various UK actors came and went upon the stage, generally full of sound and fury, but often signifying little.
The UK has abandoned its attempt to strip EU judges of the power to oversee the Northern Ireland Protocol, in another Brexit climbdown.
Lords committee urges Brexit minister to finally listen to ‘compelling’ evidence of careers at risk.
Business leaders said improved trade between north and south would "inevitably put pressure on the Union".
A senior minister has admitted that the Brexit impact on Northern Ireland was “more difficult than we anticipated”.
Lord David Frost will declare 'the long bad dream of EU membership is over' amid punch-ups on petrol forecourts, empty supermarket shelves and warnings thousands of pigs will be dumped in skips.
Brexit minister Lord Frost has resigned from the Cabinet, the Mail on Sunday has reported.
Lord Frost’s comments will come as the UK continues to feel the effects of a fuel crisis and staffing issues linked to the departure from the EU.
The Europe unit which had led negotiations for a Brexit deal with Brussels has been disbanded by Boris Johnson.
The UK's Brexit negotiator has admitted the government underestimated the impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland.
European Union and U.K. attempts to jump-start negotiations over the post-Brexit trading relationship in Northern Ireland have so far failed to make any progress, and diplomats see little chance for any substantial progress until they get past a key election scheduled for May.
EU warns patience wearing “very thin” as tensions between the two sides escalate.
Britain’s chief negotiator, Sir David Frost, told a select committee hearing a decision will be made at 'leader level' next month.
Brussels has warned the UK government that its Brexit trade deal is "intrinsically linked" to enforcing the Northern Ireland border protocol.
UK’s David Frost also warns of prospect of no deal but insists agreement can still be reached.
Scotland’s Constitution Secretary has said trade problems in the wake of the Brexit deal are “far more than teething troubles”, as he urged the UK Government to take a more co-operative approach with the EU.
The post-Brexit Northern Ireland treaty is reportedly seen as “dead in the water” by Downing Street as negotiations between the UK and EU over the protocol continue.
The UK government would be acting in an “anti-democratic” way if it goes through with its threat to over-ride elements of the post-Brexit treaty, Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney has said.
he man who wants to rip up his own deal with Europe is wrong about our absolute right to drive. / Lord Frost, negotiator of the disastrous 2019 Brexit withdrawal agreement, is now turning his dubious capacity for foresight to the future of the car.
Brexiteers are not at all happy with the idea that the UK is on track to secure only 60 per cent of its objectives for a trade deal with the EU, saying “Brexit MUST mean Brexit”.
Deadline to agree regulatory equivalence for financial services and allow business after Brexit likely to be missed.
It is difficult to make sense of what Johnson’s Brexit government is doing, or trying to do, as regards the Northern Ireland Protocol (NIP). I discussed the background in last week’s post, much of which remains relevant, but since then there have been daily, almost hourly, contradictory signals and reports.
EU negotiator expresses frustrations at UK refusal to discuss key issues of transition. / Michel Barnier has suggested the UK is running down the clock in talks over the future trade and security relationship with the EU.
Negotiating teams stretch mid-November deadline with European Parliament vote expected just days before 31 December
Commission vice president Maros Sefcovic will seek to arrange talks with Brexit minister Lord Frost and his team to discuss the request.
The UK and the European Union will step up efforts to reach an agreement on the Northern Ireland Protocol before Christmas after negotiators failed to reach agreement once again. / It comes as it was reported that Britain has watered down its objection to the European Court of Justice remaining in the Protocol.
‘We have been too purist on this’, concedes minister who rejected EU offer – breaking promise to rescue visa free tours.
The chief negotiator of the Brexit deal has now called for fresh talks over the issue, adding: "This time, we should try harder"
There are a ‘lack of things to talk about‘, ex-negotiator argues – one day after collapse in trading links revealed.
THE UK Government has been accused of “clumsy control-freakery” after a letter sent to the devolved nations insisted that London be informed of all contact with the EU.
Boris Johnson vowed Brexit minister would ‘fix’ problem - but peer insists it’s down to more junior departments.
Downing Street has said the post-Brexit Northern Ireland Protocol cannot continue in its current form and that it should be “urgently” changed.
Downing Street said late last night the UK government is prepared to consider tearing up elements of Northern Ireland’s Brexit deal, despite a Cabinet minister insisting the option would not be used before Christmas.
Elton John on Thursday (10 June) warned of a lost generation in the UK’s music industry because of post-Brexit curbs on touring in the European Union.
“Despite this looming catastrophe, the government seems unable or unwilling to fix this gaping hole in their trade deal"
Elton John has accused Lord Frost and other ministers of being unwilling to fix the “gaping hole” in the current Brexit deal which means that artists must get visas and permits to go on tour in Europe.
French President Emmanuel Macron has said he is "not sure" a UK-EU trade deal will be struck by 31 December, the end of the Brexit transition period.
The EU will later set out a range of proposals, including removing up to half of custom checks, in a bid to resolve the political stand-off over trade in Northern Ireland.
It comes after the UK extended grace periods until October to avoid red tape for goods travelling from Britain to Northern Ireland.
The European Union is awaiting a firm counterproposal from the United Kingdom to ease a standoff over how to deal with Britain’s departure from the bloc.
The EU’s Brexit chief has today warned the UK to not “further sour our relationship” by taking unilateral actions in Northern Ireland as negotiations between the two sides continue.
European Council president reveals frustration with prime minister - after they hold talks.
"Especially the type as the UK has proposed it, negotiated it, and signed the agreement up on it with us.”
EU countries have backed a proposal to launch legal action against the UK for unilaterally deciding to delay introducing post-Brexit customs checks in Northern Ireland in what will be an escalation of an ongoing row.
Maroš Šefčovič attempts to end tussle at press conference but ‘big gap’ remains to UK’s demands.
Brussels was “preparing for the worst” over Brexit on Wednesday after the UK signalled the EU’s offer to scrap up to 80 per cent of checks on goods entering Northern Ireland was not enough to resolve the bitter dispute over the Irish border.
Brussels says London must backtrack or both sides will go down ‘a much more confrontational’ path.
The European Union's patience with Britain over Brexit is "wearing thin" and the bloc is considering its options if Number 10 continues on a "confrontational path", an official has claimed.
Lord Frost said on Wednesday that the UK was unilaterally extending "grace periods" designed to ease trade between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. The European Commission says it's now working on 'infringement proceedings'
Concerns grow that Boris Johnson has already decided to trigger article 16 of Northern Ireland protocol.
The European Union said on Friday that Britain had made no move to seek a compromise on post-Brexit trade with Northern Ireland and cautioned London against triggering emergency unilateral provisions in the Brexit deal.
A senior European Union official has expressed frustration after talks with the U.K. broke up without resolving differences over the implementation of their post-Brexit trade deal in Northern Ireland
Maroš Šefčovič says Brussels has seen no concessions from UK side in Northern Ireland protocol dispute.
The EU this morning warned that it would continue to pursue legal action against the UK “for as long as necessary” over post-Brexit trade issues in Northern Ireland.
Point will come when EU says ‘enough, we cannot compromise any more’, warns Irish foreign minister.
EU and UK parliaments will each send 35 lawmakers to the joint assembly, which oversees the implementation of the Brexit trade deal.
The former Secretary General of the European Commission believes the UK's chief Brexit negotiator was 'hardly credible' in his speech against the NI protocol.
A government minister has criticised businesses for taking a "head in the sand approach" when preparing for post-Brexit trade.
Alarm raised over business ‘barriers’ which ‘cost jobs and money in the UK’ – as public unhappiness confirmed. / “no appetite for widespread deregulation or divergence from EU rules” – UK Trade and Business Commission
Liz Truss only became foreign secretary as part of Boris Johnson's major cabinet reshuffle in September, taking over from Dominic Raab. She had been international trade secretary before that, with post-Brexit deals the focus of her brief.
The man who negotiated the UK's Brexit agreement has accepted there are "extra costs" for British firms now they're outside of the EU, after a Commons report criticised the added bureaucracy necessary to trade with the bloc.
The UK’s chief Brexit negotiator David Frost has admitted that he was “too purist” when it came to negotiating with the European Union over the free movement of performers and musicians across Europe, resulting in a bad deal for the British creative industries.
JOHN Bruton has accused the British government of using "threatening" language while "pretending" that it did not sign-up to a trade border in the Irish Sea.
It’s Lord David Frost, but not surprisingly his sixth anniversary speech is long on blather and short on evidence.
The UK promises to “fix” the Northern Ireland protocol with unilateral legislation. This will be a major step backwards in trying to resolve genuine practical problems under the protocol.
Talks between Britain and the EU on the implementation of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement in Northern Ireland have broken up without agreement.
“Do you not find it a little embarrassing that you're renegotiating it across such a wide area so soon after it was signed by the government and approved by this Parliament?” - "Not really".
The resignation of Brexit negotiator David Frost shows just how hard it will be to keep the Conservative Party united.
Northern Ireland risks becoming a “legal basket case” that will deter trade and investment if Article 16 is triggered, companies have warned.
The all-consuming Brexit and coronavirus crises threaten a double whammy for the UK's Cinderella service.
Boris Johnson under ‘wrong impression that he can pull off negotiating at the 11th hour,’ says EU official.
Brexit is barely nine months old but is not ageing well. The ‘fabulous’ deal that Prime Minister Johnson and Brexit negotiator Lord Frost raved about last December, has lost all its shine – especially, it seems, to those who polished it. Having persuaded parliament to vote for it as the lesser of two evils, both Johnson and Frost have fallen out of love with their offspring.
Boris Johnson’s team isn’t going to let economic models get in the way of a political revolution.
"Five years after winning the referendum, the Vote Leave government is paying people to look for a prize."
As his press conference wore on, Maros Sefcovic sounded increasingly frustrated.
Former Secretary of State Peter Hain has backed claims the Prime Minister is guilty of endangering the peace process in pursuit of Brexit.
In the months after Boris Johnson signed his post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union, the coronavirus masked the economic damage of leaving the bloc. As the pandemic drags on, the cost is becoming clearer -- and voters are noticing.
As crises mount, the polls show voters turning at last. But the national newspapers that backed Leave – even the two now edited by Remainers – continue to pretend there is nothing wrong.
Ireland accused the Government of “shifting the playing field” over Northern Ireland on Monday as Brexit tensions between the UK and Brussels escalated.
Ireland is increasingly concerned that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to completely rewrite the Northern Ireland section of the Brexit deal, RTE reported on Monday after London said the agreement was not sustainable.
Lord Frost's proposal to scrap and replace the NI Protocol 'smacks of arrogance' according to Fine Gael's spokesperson on European Affairs.
‘Our departure from the European Union necessitates a re-thinking of the British state’. / Jacob Rees-Mogg has urged the next prime minister to slash back the government’s role as a prize of Brexit, suggesting it should not “deliver certain functions at all”.
In an extraordinary diplomatic rebuke a senior US diplomat accused the UK's Brexit Minister of 'inflaming tensions' over Northern Ireland in a trade row.
The president of America will tell Boris Johnson not to let the row over Northern Ireland's Brexit arrangements put the Good Friday Agreement at risk as the two meet up in Cornwall ahead of G7 summit on Thursday.
Joe Biden's administration has warned the British government against anything that would put the Northern Ireland peace process at risk.
Shadow foreign secretary tells HuffPost UK the US president will want Boris Johnson to “step up” and solve row over Northern Ireland.
There remains “real incomprehension, in Britain, of the objective, sometimes mechanical consequences of its choices."
Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis says a “small, very vulnerable” Jewish community is under threat permanent fix can be found to so-called “sausage war”.
"I often wonder whether, in the privacy of their own homes, they replay the claims and promises they made and compare it with the outcomes delivered."
Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will replace Lord Frost as the UK's lead negotiator with the EU in post-Brexit talks.
The UK Brexit minister has been urged to take responsibility for making the deal he negotiated work, after he suggested the UK could take drastic action.
‘The country needs leadership not a lame duck PM’ says Labour.
Brexit minister Lord Frost has blamed negotiators under Theresa May as being responsible to a “very large degree” for issues with the Northern Ireland Protocol.
DAVID Frost, the chief Brexit negotiator for the UK, has come under fire for congratulating his former team on receiving honours in the New Year list for doing a "brilliant job".
Lord Frost quit in a letter to the prime minister last week, and will leave immediately rather than in January as was originally planned.
French President Emmanuel Macron sought to portray a united European front at the G7 summit on Friday (11 June), tweeting a picture of the five EU leaders together, in a thinly veiled warning to the UK that the EU is united about the implementation of the Brexit agreement.
The former prime minister made to the warning to Boris Johnston as talks between the EU and UK continue.
IT SEEMS incredible that the menacing narrative evident for some time now – that Brexit is done and shining a light on its dire consequences is sheer impertinence – has become more rather than less embedded as the actual effects of the folly manifest themselves.
EU’s top negotiator tells MEPs Britain has not offered credible proposals for Irish border.
The EU's former chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, says changes the UK wants to make to the Northern Ireland protocol have caused him to lose trust because what is at stake is not goods or trade but peace.
The Northern Ireland secretary admitted that the Government was intending to break international law - specifically the EU Withdrawal Agreement, which sets out how Britain and the EU would agree new rules on trade between Britain and Northern Ireland.
Ministers are making “misleading” claims about the costs and red tape facing performers trying to tour the EU after Brexit, a parliamentary inquiry says.
Polls show average annual gap between those who believe it was ‘wrong’ to vote to Leave compared to ‘right’ has risen to double digits for the first time. / A growing number of Britons say the UK was wrong to Brexit, according to a Standard analysis of more than 200 polls.
'I remain convinced that with mutual respect and constructive engagement by the #UK across the board, on all issues of the negotiating table, we can move forward in the limited available time.'
The UK's chief Brexit negotiator has said the government is not "scared" of walking away from talks without a trade deal ready to come into force in 2021.
British farming will struggle to compete if zero-tariff trade on lamb and beef goes ahead with a post-Brexit trade deal with Australia, the president of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has said.
NFU Scotland has told the government to prioritise the paperwork and physical inspections associated with agri-food trade to the EU that has resulted in delay and losses.
The UK government has announced further delays to some Irish Sea border checks. / The checks are a requirement of the Northern Ireland Protocol, a deal reached by the UK and EU in 2019.
“What worries me is the casual political vandalism. They really don’t seem to care," Tony Blair's former chief negotiator on Northern Ireland has said.
Lord Frost has been accused of laying out red lines he knew the EU could not accept, to deliberately engineer “a breakdown in relations”, by a leading Irish minister.
Britain has made no concrete proposals on revising the Brexit agreement, and the prospect of a divorce without a deal remains “a very distinct possibility,” the EU said Tuesday.
Plans to cut down needless regulations by reviewing policies after two years have faced criticism from Whitehall departments amid claims the proposals will be time consuming and burdensome.
Michel Barnier and David Frost will resume talks on Thursday via video call, after a fortnight of face-to-face meetings
The Irish Government held high level discussions this week with the Biden administration over UK plans to trigger Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol, Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said.
The economy cannot afford the 'double hit' of Covid-19's impact and a no-deal Brexit, Michael Russell warned. / The Scottish Government has urged the Prime Minister to extend the Brexit transition period by the maximum two years amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič has accused the UK's Brexit Minister, Lord David Frost, of "political posturing".
A senior Tory MP has called for the government to take the UK back into the single market as the nation struggles with the cost of living crisis.
Small towns in the Midlands and North are among the areas likely to suffer most from the bare-bones trade deal Boris Johnson is seeking with Brussels, according to a respected economic thinktank.
It is understandable, and even desirable from a business perspective, that many of the UK's demands on EU are ahemm, 'ambitious'. ...
Even after years of division and vitriol, it seems like Britain still needs to talk about Brexit. / More than six years after voting to leave the European Union, the UK is facing a prolonged recession and a deep cost-of-living crisis. Last week’s Autumn Statement heralded years of higher taxes and cuts to public spending.
Six supermarkets that provide three-quarters of Northern Ireland’s groceries have urged the UK government to take action to keep trade flowing when a Brexit grace period ends in October.
Shortages in the labour market, along with the vacancies in the health service, hospitality industry and agriculture, are the living evidence of this self-inflicted act
Brexit has caused sadness far and wide, but for very many musicians who are only just beginning to emerge from the Covid-induced touring dearth, Brexit has been a disaster. A survey conducted by musicians in 2021 revealed that 34 per cent of musicians had already lost work as a result of Brexit. A violinist said, “I am professionally paralysed by Brexit.”
The EU fears that the UK government is deliberately stalling on Brexit trade deal negotiations, and may secretly be aiming to exit European trade arrangements without first agreeing a new deal.
TORY ministers caved in to Australian ministers’ climate demands during talks on a post-Brexit trade deal, according to a leaked government email.
TWO-THIRDS of Scots want Brexit to be delayed, according to a new poll. With coronavirus engulfing the political machinery of the UK and the EU, Boris Johnson is coming under increasing pressure to extend the transition period beyond December this year.
Brexit minister Frost says new unit will seek Brexit benefits.
U.K. trade with the European Union deteriorated in the first month since the Brexit split, suggesting commercial relations between the two economies will suffer more than the British government advertised.
Britain has asked for more time to respond to legal action taken by the European Union over its unilateral decision to ease requirements of the Northern Ireland Protocol, Ireland’s RTE television reported on Wednesday.
Verhofstadt says it would be a ‘hell of a job’ to achieve success using David Frost’s approach,
David Frost justifies the move saying there is too much uncertainty surrounding trade rules in Northern Ireland.
The UK failed to secure the Brexit agreement it wanted for Northern Ireland, its negotiator has admitted – despite Boris Johnson hailing it as “a great deal” at the time.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson appointed the foreign minister to lead talks with Europe on Sunday after the resignation of the Brexit minister sent shockwaves through the already troubled London administration.
The UK has given the EU a new deadline of two weeks to agree to axe trade checks introduced by the Brexit deal for Northern Ireland, or risk unilateral action by London.
"..the goalposts continuously seem to change from the perspective of David Frost’s negotiation strategy and I think now that we’re seeing the goalposts shift once more."
Michael Gove says he is working to ensure that every Government department understands the workings of the protocol.
We spoke to Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts about Sir David Frost’s resignation and how it is being received in Europe.
Lord Frost attacks EU’s ‘purist’ approach to post-Brexit checks warning they risk stability in Northern Ireland.
Britain and the European Union clashed on Thursday over the chances of securing a free trade agreement, with Brussels deeming it “unlikely” but London holding out hope one could be reached in September.
In an exclusive interview, Ireland’s EU commissioner Mairead McGuinness told the Irish Independent the UK was “playing a very dangerous game” by inflaming tensions in the North.
A Labour MP said Lord Frost, who was Britain's chief Brexit negotiator under Boris Johnson, had made clear the choice to voters at the next election after he joined the Global Warming Policy Foundation.
Irish foreign minister hits out at Brexit minister over provocative article on Northern Ireland protocol
Frost’s latest remarks have been slammed as “a very strange way to make friends and build partnerships”.
Taoiseach Micheál Martin has said the intervention from US President Joe Biden on the row over Northern Ireland’s post-Brexit position was “significant”. / President Biden ordered US officials to issue Boris Johnson with an extraordinary diplomatic rebuke for imperilling the Northern Ireland peace process over Brexit.
In 2020, the appointment of David Frost as UK Brexit Chief Negotiator – not as a minister, not as a civil servant, but as a special adviser – raised a set of accountability issues once the Department for Exiting the EU was abolished.
Report shared with POLITICO urges UK to keep pace with Brussels. / Britain must not "rip up" protections for workers as a government review considers doing away with EU laws carried over post Brexit, according to a new report.
The reality that Leavers are facing is that the promised benefits of Brexit are hard to achieve while the costs are hard to avoid.
There is an air of desperation in attacks from those on the right and their supporters in the press. They fear if Johnson falls, the Brexit deception will crumble too.
The EU's ambassador to the U.K. on Sunday conceded there was little trust between the two sides ahead of a meeting this week to discuss contentious trade barriers with Northern Ireland.
The Brexit negotiator now recognises “a whole set of problems” caused after the deal.


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