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A potential future UK/EU trade deal


"In all areas, the U.K. continues to backtrack," says EU Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier, accusing Boris Johnson's government of distancing itself from the political declaration previously agreed with the bloc
Some UK carmakers and drivers face higher costs under the Brexit trade agreement, with an expert warning little-noticed parts of the deal are a “big loss” for Britain.
Britain is already heading for the worst coronavirus-induced slump of any major economy. Now fears are rising that businesses could be slammed by a second body blow this year — the failure of trade talks with the European Union.
"It’s for UK Parl to legislate as it sees fit. But understand, if UK passes law designed to break International Law, WI & Protocol, then there will be no trade deal. EU cannot ratify a new deal while U.K. is legislating to break a previous agreement. Trust & Good Faith Matters."
'The most interesting point in @DavidGHFrost letter was the bit expressing incredulity at no European country being able to operate outside EU sphere. The EU is how countries of Europe (up until now, UK included) have come to organise their relationship over time.'
1. Robbie Gibb asked me this question a while ago. I can’t say what he doesn’t know, but I can break down his article. / 2. I’m going to go through the article line by line to reiterate my original point, starting with the suggestion that our position is “all laid out” in the Conservative Manifesto.
The EU Goods Sub-Committee has published its report, Beyond Brexit: trade in goods, examining what the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) means for trade in goods.
Ursula von der Leyen said on Wednesday it was still uncertain if a deal on the future relationship between the EU and the UK could be struck before the end of the year.
UK proposals for implementing Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland deserve detailed scrutiny. No doubt the Commission will soon oblige! Below = some first thoughts from me (moving from the general to the specific) pending more critical reading & cross-checking ...
The downbeat assessment comes as EU negotiator Michel Barnier describes the latest round of negotiations as "disappointing".
Powerful interview from Tony Blair. Should be watched by everyone. Whatever your views about Brexit, we’ve all got to be honest about what’s involved. Boris Johnson is trying to con the British people.
Saturday 20 February was the 50th day since Boris Johnson’s Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) came into effect. Anyone expecting it to settle all questions, or even most of the details, of how we will do business with the EU from now on will be mightily disappointed.
The battle for foreign investment is not a game conducted on public school playing fields. It is ruthlessly fought by governments armed with every trick in the book.
The Trade and Cooperation Agreement and other agreements below are provided for information only. No rights may be derived from them until the date of application. The numbering of the articles is provisional.
The American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham-EU) published a cross-sectoral position paper on Tuesday turning the screw on the UK Government’s hard-line negotiating stance. Although it urges both sides to “work to mitigate disruption as much as possible”, the paper deals a devastating blow to Britain’s present strategy.
One of the key architects of Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal has admitted it is damaging Northern Irish businesses and warned it may not be sustainable.
Trade negotiations on the future relationship between the UK and Europe have so far ignored architecture and other professional and business services, according to a report published by the House of Lords EU Services Sub-Committee.
A “sea-change in attitude” is needed from the UK Government if Scotland is to be given a meaningful role in future Brexit negotiations with the EU, a minister has said.
A month into Britain’s “independence” from the world’s largest trading bloc and second-largest economy, EU–UK relations have got off to a shaky start, and the first cracks are showing.
Differences remain on old stumbling blocks of governance, fish and level playing field.
EU’s chief Brexit negotiator claims there has been no progress on key issues.
The U.K. needs to be “more realistic” in its demands as trade talks with the European Union continue this week, according to the bloc’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier.
Luxury carmaker Bentley (VOWG_p.DE) said free trade with Europe not the United States was its priority as Britain negotiates its new relationship with the European Union...
We knew leaving the EU would weaken us. Now we can see it will limit the ability of the government to rein in big tech.
Former prime minister Tony Blair claims the Brexit "nightmare" will not be over if the Tories win the election and take the UK out of the EU on 31 January.
'Too late' to strike a full agreement before December cliff-edge, study commissioned by ex-prime minister concludes - and Europe is staring down barrel of 'a deep recession'.
Andrew Bailey said the deal was broadly in line with what the BOE forecast in November.
Prime minister on course to strike only 'barest of bare bone deals' by end of 2020, think tank concludes - and failing to be upfront about 'trade-offs'.
PM says agreement ‘does not go as far as we would like’ over sector’s access to EU markets.
Here's Boris Johnson disagreeing with Boris Johnson about everything to do with the #BrexitDeal. We've got to get better at spotting dangerous liars.
Sir Ivan Rogers condemns 'diplomatic amateurism' that will lead to hugely damaging trade deal – or a crash-out Brexit in a year. / Boris Johnson is deceiving voters by claiming he will “get Brexit done” quickly and hiding the “biggest crisis” yet to come, a former ambassador to the EU is warning.
‘On both sides, we should seriously consider whether the negotiations are feasible in such a short time,’ says Ursula von der Leyen
Only four voters in 10 think prime minister will secure trade agreement with EU by December deadline.
Boris Johnson’s spokesman refuses 11 times to confirm outcome of negotiations will go before Commons.
Prime minister ‘fully aware’ of content of 1,246-page document, says spokesman.
Trade secretary says scrapping protections ‘vital for giving us the freedom and flexibility’ to sign deals.
Veteran backbencher says the prime minister's position would be "untenable".
Boris Johnson has admitted the UK is currently heading for a no deal Brexit, with progress now “very difficult” as the two sides refuse to compromise.
The EU has warned it may be "too late" to clinch a Brexit deal with Britain, adding that a "creative solution" was needed to avoid trade chaos.
Senior Government sources warned a key part of the Brexit agreement - which Boris Johnson signed with Brussels - relating to Northern Ireland is 'dead in the water'.
The PM made fish a central focus of Brexit talks and promised to "take back control" of UK waters – but it's not going to plan.
Chief negotiator sets out red lines for ‘basic agreement’ and says UK will have to agree to ‘level playing field’ if it wants access to European markets.
Now, the country risks becoming an also-ran, losing its easy access to the huge EU common market, unable to strike a groundbreaking deal with the United States and on the brink of a trade fight with China.
DESPITE campaigning on the slogan that a deal was “oven ready”, Tory ministers expect the UK to crash out of European Union without a deal.
Some companies will have to move operations to the EU due to trade barriers, Office for Budget Responsibility says.
Talks likely to go well beyond summer, with stakes rising for British business.
Government must learn from mistakes ‘or we will all pay’, warns Tony Blair’s former chief of staff.
PM vowed to ‘take back control’ – but dithering has handed advantage to countries on other side of the table, Institute for Government says.
Join experts from the BRC for a look at how things are progressing in Ireland/Northern Ireland with implementing the protocol, and how things are faring in the UK and Brussels following Brexit and the application of the new Trade agreement with the EU. We also cover our take on the new head of the WTO and more.
Terms on access to UK waters all but finalised, say Brussels sources, but issue of following EU laws remains an obstacle.
UK now has a more limited relationship than when it was inside the EU... These difficulties have manifested themselves in various forms of red tape and difficulties around SPS rules.
Another Brexit advertising campaign. They've replaced sporting events as signs of the changing seasons. Instead of Wimbledon or the Olympics, we get Michael Gove talking gibberish on television and further millions poured into preparedness exercises for an outcome with no tangible benefits.
This is my last Brexit Briefing. / Because it is the last it is longer than usual. A long goodbye if you will. Over the past 5 years I have written 130 of them, following the twists and turns of the Brexit saga, as various UK actors came and went upon the stage, generally full of sound and fury, but often signifying little.
BRITAIN will face at least half a century negotiations with the European Union to try and iron out issues with the Brexit deal, a political expert warned.
The new post-Brexit trading environment is making life difficult for UK firms trying to export to SMEs in the EU – with little government guidance on how to cut through the bureaucratese.
Britain is finally departing from the European Union, but its formal exit is only the beginning of a high-stakes experiment to unstitch commercial relations across an integrated continent.
UK businesses have said the Brexit trade deal has pushed up costs, increased paperwork and delays, and put the UK at a competitive disadvantage, research from the British Chambers of Commerce has found.
"Damage control": that's how France's former Europe minister Nathalie Loiseau describes the Brexit deal struck between Boris Johnson's UK government and the European Commission on Christmas Eve.
European Parliament votes to give consent to the Brexit deal. / European Commission president speaks to lawmakers before vote.
Environment Secretary George Eustice says 'it's fair to say that we didn't get everything that we wanted’.
Securing any EU trade deal and regional development in the UK are steep challenges.
A week ago the UK fully left the EU. The moment we all campaigned against, warned about and feared the consequences of became reality – and it’s every bit as bad as forecast.
They came, they saw, they took the train home again. No progress in the first face-to-face EU-UK talks since the Covid crisis. Bridge-building will be required. Bridge maintenance - specifically landbridge maintenance- will be required where the route for Irish freight through the UK is concerned.
As Europe Editor Tony Connelly, London Correspondent Seán Whelan and Deputy Foreign Editor Colm Ó Mongáin try to cut through the noise on the Brexit talks stand-off, some 'working from home ambience' makes itself felt. The team looks ahead to what's on the table for face-to-face EU-UK talks next week.
Trade barriers erected in Boris Johnson’s deal have cost exporters more than £1.1 billion since the start of the year, the Food and Drink Federation said.
The delusion that the Brexit negotiations are ongoing, as discussed in my previous post, continues and in doing so becomes ever more surreal.
British chief negotiator David Frost and European counterpart Michel Barnier talked via video link today while Anti-Brexit campaigners stepped up calls for the December deadline to be delayed.
Michel Barnier accuses UK of "backtracking" on commitments but government sources accuse EU of offering only a "binary choice".
Britain’s chief negotiator, Sir David Frost, told a select committee hearing a decision will be made at 'leader level' next month.
Many EU member states are calling for a very hard line with the UK in talks on future relationship.
Two leaked drafts seen by The Independent show the EU position is hardening.
Ministers discussed having weekend sittings in the Lords to ensure the deal can be passed by the end of the month.
The post-Brexit trade deal between the UK and EU is a "thin deal' for Wales, says the first minister.
Brussels has warned the UK government that its Brexit trade deal is "intrinsically linked" to enforcing the Northern Ireland border protocol.
Brussels and London sources believe tortuous talks coming to a successful conclusion.
The vote is the formal end of a Brexit process that began nearly five years ago. But mutual mistrust remains high.
UK’s David Frost also warns of prospect of no deal but insists agreement can still be reached.
A poll by Opinium shows that trade with the EU is considered the most important political issue for exporting firms.
Wales' £39m commercial fishing sector will be "devastated" by changes under the Brexit trade deal, fishermen have warned.
After another round of faltering talks, Brussels' chief negotiator says: "I simply don’t understand why we are wasting valuable time."
Barnier says PM’s acceptance of need for ‘evolution clause’ as standards diverge has unlocked talks.
Damage will be four times greater than hit to EU, study says - after Boris Johnson refused to carry out his own.
The British Government has extended the grace period before companies have to start implementing the deal.
Business leaders have called for urgent removal of red tape that is damaging trade between the UK and the EU.
Officials say talks are in ‘the end phase’ amid reports of agreement on level playing field.
Shaky foundations a big problem for companies mulling investment in UK, inquiry told - despite PM’s boast of ‘a resolution’ of Europe issue.
Fishing was one of the final sticking points in the post-Brexit trade talks. While fishing is a tiny part of the economy on both sides of the Channel, it carries big political weight.
From 1 January firms face a barrage of new red tape while others are still waiting on vital decisions about how they will trade with the EU in the post-Brexit era.
The EU are preparing for 11 months of political stalemate and furious negotiating that, in Brexit style, will go right down to the wire.
The agreement may have averted the economic chaos of a no deal Brexit. But commentators warn that Britain may have opened a Pandora's box of troubles - not least, Scottish dissatisfaction. There are already calls for a second independence referendum to be held in Scotland in the coming year. And this is not the only unknown. Post Brexit, the UK will be in completely uncharted territory.
Territory’s economy at risk unless UK reaches agreement with Madrid over ownership.
The new European Commission President spoke of her love of the UK, but warned of 'consequences' in negotiations.
UK and European negotiators are meeting later today for yet another round of Brexit trade talks.
Every negative consequence of Brexit for the UK and the clear advantage for the EU is alerting the British public to the realities of Boris Johnson’s deal. As investment slows and jobs go elsewhere there will only be one person to blame – Boris Johnson.
In January 2020, as Britain was about to exit the EU, a post appeared on the London School of Economics (LSE) blog musing about the mechanism and conditions that might apply if Britain ever wanted to re-join.
With the UK election in full swing, the EU is already preparing itself for the next stage of the Brexit process: the negotiations over the future relationship.
Closer inspection of the text signed on 24th December shows that those who expected “no deal” were not entirely wrong. Many aspects of the future relationship between the UK and EU remain to be negotiated.
Despite what Boris Johnson claimed on Wednesday, this is far from the end of the saga, writes Jon Stone.
Sir Ivan Rogers says EU could 'pull the plug' on talks. / The desire of Tory leadership candidates to appeal to the party’s Brexiteer grassroots could “wreck” any chance of the UK securing a trade deal with the EU, the former British ambassador to Brussels has warned.
Brexiteers are not at all happy with the idea that the UK is on track to secure only 60 per cent of its objectives for a trade deal with the EU, saying “Brexit MUST mean Brexit”.
Japan said UK-EU deal was still crucial for Japanese business, especially its carmakers.
Britain’s trade with the EU has been hit by higher costs, delayed shipments and reduced freight volumes since the new economic relationship started on January 1.
Despite signs last week of an opening to an agreement on level playing field provisions, the issue remains a major stumbling block in the negotiations.
Britain's biggest car plant has so far weathered the coronavirus pandemic and a major corporate restructuring. But it may not survive Brexit.
Negotiating teams stretch mid-November deadline with European Parliament vote expected just days before 31 December
UK companies are coming to the hard realisation that Boris Johnson’s “tariff-free” Brexit trade deal may not actually do what it says on the tin.
The trade body UK Steel shared the figures with the Mirror amid growing concerns about the consequences of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement with Brussels.
British trade experts have warned that the UK’s demands for a “Canada-style” Brexit trade deal with the EU are ‘unrealistic’.
EU sources fear Boris Johnson hasn’t yet got backing for compromises on state aid to business
Some 110 business leaders have warned U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson of dire consequences if he fails to sign a trade deal with the European Union before the Brexit transition period ends in six months.
The United Kingdom has passed the point of no return. It has less than six months to reach a new trade deal with the European Union or risk heaping more pressure on companies that are already laying off tens of thousands of workers because of the coronavirus pandemic.
With the spread of the coronavirus casting serious doubts over whether the UK and EU can reach a final deal by the end of the year, Georgina Wright says the EU believe it is only a matter of time before a new extension is negotiated.
The Taoiseach Micheal Martin has called for a fresh round of UK-EU talks on the Protocol rather than the UK taking unilateral action to change the post-Brexit deal.
A new cross-party group comprising of MPs, business leaders and economic exports is being established to provide independent scrutiny of the UK’s trade deals with Europe and the rest of the world.
The progress made in post-Brexit trade talks between the UK and EU has been disappointing, Michel Barnier has said.
The European Parliament has overwhelmingly backed the post-Brexit trade deal between Britain and the European Union, clearing the last hurdle towards its ratification, while expressing clear mistrust of the British government.
Most of our trade (57% of exports and 66% of imports in 2016) is with countries we have EU trade agreements with, not under WTO rules.
A Doncaster firm is calling on the Government to improve business with Europe following a massive slump in trade caused by Brexit.
Downing Street has refused to publish an impact assessment on its Brexit deal with the EU, despite producing similar reviews of other trade deals.
Ex-deputy prime minister says ‘perfectly routine’ state aid compromise is on offer - and warns ‘Both sides stand to lose from a no-deal, but the UK more’.
French President Emmanuel Macron has said he is "not sure" a UK-EU trade deal will be struck by 31 December, the end of the Brexit transition period.
Ireland‘s EU commissioner has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson, accusing the “unelected prime minister” of “gambling” with the Irish peace process.
Ireland’s Foreign Affairs Minister criticised the UK Government’s approach to negotiations on the Irish Sea trade arrangements.
Lorries carrying food to Northern Ireland’s supermarkets may need more than 100 health certificates under the UK-EU trade deal, a business chief has warned.
Boris Johnson announces plans to take personal charge of his own "task-force Europe" as Leo Varadkar talks up Brussels' team.
A TOP EU official has hit out at the UK Government for making proposals about Brexit talks before a key meeting next month.
EU leaders have dropped a pledge to "intensify" Brexit negotiations after this week's summit, in signs that Brussels is prepared to call Boris Johnson's bluff on his threat to walk away from trade talks.
European parliament leaders have vowed to block any future UK-EU trade deal if Boris Johnson goes ahead with a bill which would violate the Brexit withdrawal agreement.
Downing Street has called on EU leaders such as Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron to intervene and find a political way out of the impasse.
Brussels ‘would respond in a serious way’ if London suspends operation of NI protocol.
European Union member states are gearing up to consider suspending the bloc’s trade agreement with the UK if London takes concrete action to override parts of the Brexit deal, according to officials.
Under the trade deal brokered between the European Union and the UK, Britons will lose some benefits while travelling.
The EU is being as 'flexible as possible' on Northern Ireland protocol negotiations, a top European official has said. / But European Commission Vice-President Maros Sefcovic issued a trade warning to the UK.
The European Parliament's environment committee has criticised the EU-UK trade agreement's lack of clarity in climate and environmental provisions.
‘We are disappointed with the continued lack of reciprocal engagement from the UK side,’ say MEPs.
Phil Hogan has rubbished UK's 'global Britain' plan, and said it would become a “medium-sized” nation after Brexit.
European Union Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan said the U.K. will have “full responsibility” for any damage to the British economy after the post-Brexit transition expires...
The European Union sees a path towards a compromise on a trade deal with Britain but London must first be more realistic in what it expects to achieve, an adviser to the EU’s chief trade negotiator said on Thursday.
Chief negotiator Michel Barnier says 'the EU sets its own conditions for opening up its markets for goods and services'
Michel Barnier says further negotiations would be pointless if UK does not change stance says further negotiations would be pointless if UK does not change stance.
The European Union is taking a defiant tone as the standoff over resuming post-Brexit trade negotiations with the United Kingdom continues.
Future British governments could be unable to repeal new laws on workers’ rights, the environment, and health and safety, under the terms of the EU’s proposed Brexit trade deal.
An EU official has urged Boris Johnson to take the ‘unique and highly attractive’ offer it has made to the UK which it says has never been offered to any country before.
Chief negotiator Michel Barnier warns of "serious difficulties" and accuses Britain of failing to engage on subjects laid out in the withdrawal agreement.
Brussels has warned Britain not to break their post-Brexit trade deal by slashing regulation in its new drive for economic growth.
States voice concern that compromise may go too far and no deal is preferable.
The European Union’s Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said the bloc will only give as much access to its single market to Britain after Brexit as is justified by London ensuring that EU rules and standards are preserved.
EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier complained of lack of respect and engagement by UK
The European Commission has said that Jersey's new regime for controlling fishing in its waters has broken the UK-EU Brexit deal.
EU and UK parliaments will each send 35 lawmakers to the joint assembly, which oversees the implementation of the Brexit trade deal.
The European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favour of the post-Brexit trade deal between Britain and the European Union, clearing the last hurdle towards full ratification of the accord.
The European Parliament has branded Brexit a “historic mistake” as MEPs prepare to officially pass the Brexit trade deal later today.
The deal, which the U.K. has already ratified, conditionally came into force at the start of 2021.
"Brexit is a historic mistake. It was pushed through by irresponsible nationalism, based on false promises and shortsightedness," declared Austrian MEP Andreas Schieder who helped prepare the vote. / "Brexit is bad for Britain and Brexit is bad for Europe," he said.
Lord Wilson pours scorn on prime minister for acting like ‘an angel of the Lord bringing glad tidings about the birth of Christ’
A former UK ambassador to the EU has stated that the biggest crisis in the UK's attempts to leave the European Union is still a year away. / Sir Ivan Rogers, who was the senior civil servant dealing with Brexit after the EU referendum until his resignation in 2017, argued that the UK has been mired in a "political shambles" since the 2016 vote.
An expert has perfectly demonstrated the hypocrisy surrounding Brexiteer outrage over trade talks between the UK and the EU in just 90 seconds.
The UK represented the Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories in relations with the EU while a member of the block. But since Brexit, how is it performing at engaging the EU to represent their individual interests?
Greece has denied the clause refers to the Elgin Marbles and says it is intended to fight the illicit trade in antiquities.
Brexit as an ideological project has stripped the government of any sense of basic pragmatism.
Fisheries is such a major issue in the UK-EU negotiations and a trade deal could be scuppered if an agreement is not reached between the two sides, a new academic report finds. / This is despite the fact that fishing represents only 0.1 per cent of UK gross value added (GVA) and for most EU member states, fishing amounts to 0.1% or less of their economic output.
Boris Johnson’s “sea of opportunity” promise to fishermen has turned into a “nightmare”, with hundreds of thousands of pounds of sales lost due to new red tape, the SNP’s Westminster leader has said.
The chairman of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations said he feels ‘betrayed’ by the Prime Minister.
‘UK caved in on fish to win a wider treaty’, industry bodies say, while leading Brexiter David Davis says one-day debate is ‘too fast’.
Following a passionate plea from the local fishing community, Plymouth City Council is calling on the Government to recognise that the new fisheries and trade deal with the EU fails to deliver on the promises that were made to the fishing industry.
Alarm raised over business ‘barriers’ which ‘cost jobs and money in the UK’ – as public unhappiness confirmed. / “no appetite for widespread deregulation or divergence from EU rules” – UK Trade and Business Commission
An EU-UK free trade agreement will result in new barriers to trade and border friction even if the UK chooses to unilaterally align itself with EU rules and regulations.
France’s former Europe Minister, now an MEP, has hit out at the “eternal British mistake of believing that by dividing the EU, the UK will obtain what it wants”.
Former Brexit secretary David Davis has claimed he 'misspoke' when he previously said there would be a trade deal with the EU ready for the day the UK leaves the trading bloc.
Britain's decision to leave the EU has seriously undermined the peace efforts in Europe, a former Tory politician has claimed.
France is blocking a post-Brexit financial services deal between the EU and the UK until Boris Johnson’s government grants fishermen fair access to British waters, officials have claimed.
Minister says France may act unilaterally if terms not right, as negotiations in London falter.
France's European affairs minister Clement Beaune urged Britain on Tuesday to uphold its side of post-Brexit deals and restore trust.
Trade talks between the EU and Britain could take 'three times longer' than Boris Johnson is planning, a French minister has warned.
The European Parliament is expected to ratify the post-Brexit EU-UK trade deal, amid tensions including a French threat of reprisals against the UK.
Phil Hogan also warns Boris Johnson that 'gamesmanship and brinkmanship are not going to work'.
The future of the UK's £34bn aerospace sector is at risk if ministers do not reach a deal with the European Union over the mutual recognition of parts, the aviation trade body ADS says.
The Federation of German Industries (BDI) has urged Britain to stick to the post-Brexit trade deal ahead of a key debate and vote in the European Parliament on Tuesday to ratify the agreement. / "It is absolutely counter-productive that the British Prime Minister is constantly threatening to breach the agreement," BDI Managing Director Joachim Lang told dpa.
Comments will be a blow to No 10, which had hoped Merkel would help break deadlock
Boris Johnson under ‘wrong impression that he can pull off negotiating at the 11th hour,’ says EU official.
Britain would have no more than a few months to negotiate a new trade agreement with Brussels, a process that typically takes years.
Brexit is barely nine months old but is not ageing well. The ‘fabulous’ deal that Prime Minister Johnson and Brexit negotiator Lord Frost raved about last December, has lost all its shine – especially, it seems, to those who polished it. Having persuaded parliament to vote for it as the lesser of two evils, both Johnson and Frost have fallen out of love with their offspring.
The EU Services Sub-Committee has today published its report, Beyond Brexit: trade in services, which examines the future UK-EU relationship on trade in services.
Britain faces having to return the Elgin Marbles as part of a free trade deal with the European Union after Greece demanded a clause is inserted in the agreement.
Although we have left the EU, there are still many issues to be resolved. One of the biggest dangers is that if the NI Protocol breaks so will the UK-EU trade deal.
Economists tell us Brexit will have a substantial economic impact on our lives. But how would ordinary people experience them? Ben Chu looks at the possible impact on wages, benefits and taxes.
The government’s decision to shut down the Brexit committee just days after UK agreed a free trade deal with the European Union was a “big frustration” and means ministers will face less scrutiny, committee chair Hilary Benn told PoliticsHome.
Scottish and Northern Irish parliaments condemn deal in symbolic votes as Westminster backs it
The UK’s orchestras have been weakened by the pandemic – and the impact of Brexit hasn't gone away either – but they remain unbowed says Mark Pemberton of the Association of British Orchestras.
Some of the world’s leading Brexit analysts tell Adam Forrest how they assess the chances of a UK-EU free trade deal before 31 December.
The IMF has suggested the UK and the EU should not "add to uncertainty" from coronavirus by refusing to extend the period to negotiate a post-Brexit trade deal.
The Institute for Government was pleased to welcome Sir Ivan Rogers, former UK Permanent Representative to the EU... The UK wants an ambitious future arrangement covering trade, cooperation in foreign and security policy, data exchange and more. But negotiations on the future relationship will be much more complex than those on the withdrawal...
'These slides are for presentational and information purposes only and we represented to the Council Working Party (Article 50) on 14 January 2020. The contents are without prejudice to discussions on the future relationship.'
The Irish leader said he was pessimistic about the chances of a trade deal between the UK and the EU but insisted he can still build a strong relationship with Boris Johnson.
The former head of the government legal service resigned when No 10 threatened to break an international treaty. With the difficult reality of Brexit now upon us, I asked whether we risk a repeat offence.
There is ‘no way’ EU member states will ratify agreement while UK is breaking another one, foreign minister says.
Ireland is increasingly concerned that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to completely rewrite the Northern Ireland section of the Brexit deal, RTE reported on Monday after London said the agreement was not sustainable.
A number of obscure pieces of trade law have taken on near mythical status in the Brexit debate. One of them is Article 24 of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (Gatt).
Our recent #IsolationInsight event looked at the state of the Brexit negotiations, considering where they are, what’s happening and where the talks might go, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic.
A rethink is already needed over the government's free trade agreement.
Even if Johnson took the UK out without a deal, he would soon come calling for his free trade agreement – and be presented with May’s deal once again.
Michael Gove has endorsed claims that up to 50,000 people will be recruited to carry out customs paperwork under the government's preferred trade deal with the EU. This is after his promise in 2017 that a vote for Brexit would mean cutting the costs of EU red tape.
The U.K.’s hopes of a swift trade deal with Japan will ultimately rest on a successful resolution to the main talks between London and the European Union on a new trading arrangement, some experts say.
Licences for French boats do not meet terms of deal agreed by Boris Johnson, says Brussels.
Senator Gorst said: “It’s entirely to do with Brexit, because historically we’ve had a fishing deal with France, but that all came to an end with the new trade deal that was negotiated post Brexit.”
Brexit may be "even more brutal than expected" due to the UK's negotiating "failures", Sir John Major has said. / "This action is unprecedented in all our history - and for good reason. It has damaged our reputation around the world."
The British Chambers of Commerce said over half of UK exporters (60%) surveyed by the BCC in November 2021 reported difficulties in trading with the EU, an increase from 49% in January 2021.
Leader braced for backlash from Remain MPs and activists, but allies think no-deal outcome would be worse.
Shadow ministers poised to resign and defy three-line whip when MPs vote on trade deal on Wednesday.
Labour leader Keir Starmer has been encouraged to support making changes to the Brexit deal agreed with the EU to develop a closer working relationship with member states.
Spider’s web of new committees, working groups and arbitration tribunals hints at further negotiations.
High command fears that criticising Boris Johnson’s flawed deal with the EU would be damaging for the party.
"Let's be clear, shortages right across the country, shortages of fruit pickers, shortages of builders, shortages in terms of lorry drivers: all of that is down to Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab and the promises they made to the British people," David Lammy said.
There are so many reasons not to back any agreement brought forward by the PM that it is hard to know where to start. So let’s look at the arguments being made by those who think they should.
Emily Thornberry says lack of economic impact assessment ‘makes no sense whatsoever’.
Strong support for closer EU relationship as Labour pledges to leave deal in place.
Voters across the political divide are now not keen on the accord negotiated by the government.
Tory grandee Lord Heseltine has called on MPs and peers to abstain when voting on Boris Johnson’s Brexit trade deal with the European Union, which he warned will inflict “lasting damage” on the UK.
A majority of the public is unhappy about the post-Brexit trade agreement that Boris Johnson secured with the EU, a new survey has found.
A former Australian prime minister has warned the UK to be "careful what you wish for" when it comes to EU trade.
Only half of UK firms that trade internationally have considered the impact of Brexit on their business, says the British Chambers of Commerce.
‘Recent developments with the UK don’t provide positive signs for us to agree on a date,’ says Parliament spokesperson.
The European parliament has refused to set a date to ratify the Brexit deal for a second time, amid concerns the UK is not implementing it properly.
Speaking to Andrew Marr, Taoiseach (Irish PM) Micheál Martin said it's important to get a good Brexit deal, and that it is still possible, even though the deadline is close.
‘We’ve only been negotiating for nine months. We’ve needed at least five years for all the previous agreements’
There remain "serious" differences between the UK and EU after the first round of trade talks, the bloc's chief negotiator has said.
The EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier has accused the UK of dragging its feet over post-Brexit negotiations, at the end of the second round of talks on the future relationship.
There remain "substantial barriers" for UK trade with Europe, with small businesses bearing the brunt of the post-Brexit strain, according to peers.
The so-called Most Favoured Nation (MFN) clause contained in several of the EU’s existing trade agreements, could also limit the extent of concessions granted by Brussels to the UK. / This Briefing Paper explains what the MFN clause is and why it could be problematic for the UK. It maps out which EU agreements contain MFN clauses, their scope and the various exceptions they contain.
AFTER FOUR months of pain for Scotland's fresh meat and seafood exporters, a cross party Westminster committee has officially confirmed what they already know – the UK government's Brexit deal did not deliver 'frictionless' trade with the European Union.
Parliament have been recalled to spend over seven hours paying tribute to Prince Philip today
MSPs have voted to reject the post-Brexit trade deal agreed between the UK and the EU, calling instead for a "pause" in the process to reconsider.
'I remain convinced that with mutual respect and constructive engagement by the #UK across the board, on all issues of the negotiating table, we can move forward in the limited available time.'
A new survey by the Incorporated Society of Musicians has revealed how the Brexit Trade Deal has been a disaster for businesses such as tour operators, instrument manufacturers and retailers as well as those involved in recording, music publishing and sale of music. One performer even said ‘the era of being a UK-based concert artist is pretty much over’.
A survey has found a large majority of small businesses want the UK to cooperate with the European Union as the government faces calls renegotiate terms of the its post-Brexit trade relationship with the bloc.
Northern Ireland's political parties that take their seats at Westminster are set to vote against the UK-EU post-Brexit deal this week.
During a Commons debate on the Tory Brexit deal, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon got stuck into the Conservatives over their broken Brexit promises to Scottish fishermen.
Nissan Motor Co. gave the starkest warning yet on the future of the Japanese group’s car factories in Western Europe, with a plant in the U.K. threatened by Brexit and another in Spain suffering from a slump in demand.
If no trade deal is reached, cars made in the UK and exported to the EU would be subject to a 10 per cent tariff.
The UK's largest car manufacturing plant is "unsustainable" if the UK leaves the European Union without a trade deal, owner Nissan says.
‘The UK has been taking three steps back from the original commitments,’ says EU negotiator.
The political implications of a no deal outcome threaten to be every bit as significant as its economic fallout, Anand Menon and Jonathan Portes write.
UK firms face ‘significant barriers’ to doing business with EU and have less access than Canadian companies, in some cases.
Such a move by the UK is likely to spark retaliation from the EU, with talk of a suspension of the EU-UK trade deal that could result in a trade war.
Brussels offers more negotiations next week, but Downing Street says ‘The trade talks are over’.
Pascal Lamy, who was director general of the WTO, between 2005 and 2013, said there was a stark choice for the UK between 'minor' and 'great' trade relations with the country’s largest trading partner.
Negotiations break up in familiar acrimony - forcing Boris Johnson to abandon deadline for breakthrough by end of July
NORTHERN IRELAND SECRETARY Brandon Lewis has been questioned by MPs from the DUP and Labour over Boris Johnson’s previous statements that his Brexit deal would not result in checks between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, and how they may have fed into unionist and loyalist frustrations and anger in recent days.
More than three quarters of small businesses that export to Europe say the EU trade deal has not helped them grow sales.
Just 27% of Leave voters say the agreement is a success – and only one in three Conservative supporters
An Oxford MP has slammed Boris Johnson’s trade deal with Europe as “botched”, stating it has sold many industries “down the river”.
Parliament’s role around the end of the Brexit transition and conclusion of the EU future relationship treaty is a constitutional failure to properly scrutinise the executive and the law.
Kirsty Wark interviews Pascal Lamy, former EU trade commissioner and former director general of the World Trade Organisation.
Boris Johnson’s claims he will get Brexit done are “diplomatic amateurism” and his deal will be even harder to achieve than Theresa May’s, a former ambassador to the EU has warned.
The Government said that all checks would be carried out by British officials with no role for the EU's authorities.
Michel Barnier and David Frost will resume talks on Thursday via video call, after a fortnight of face-to-face meetings
The EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, was downbeat in his press conference after the conclusion of the talks.
The pound slid today after EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, warned that a trade deal between the EU and UK was slipping away.
The pound is already under pressure from fears that Britain will fail to clinch a trade deal with the European Union by the end-2020 deadline.
The pound rebounded from a one-week low after the U.K. signaled it will continue Brexit trade talks beyond Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Oct. 15 deadline.
Professor Michael Dougan gives us his verdict on the UK EU Trade and Co-operation Agreement, as usual, using five points.
A majority of the British public would blame Boris Johnson if Brexit talks fail to reach a deal, a new poll has found.
One of the consequences of leaving it so late – 24 December 2020 – to agree The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) was that ratification could not be completed before the Agreement entered into force on 1 January 2021.
This article is going to try to accessibly explain regulations in the context of the EU-UK trade agreement, and trade more broadly.
Intra-Christmas Emergency Edition. Having cancelled Christmas, Johnson then ruined what was left of it by crowing about his Deal. But what’s in it? How should Remainers feel about it? Where did Britain cave? Have British fish been sold down the river? Why is nobody talking about services? And exactly how much of that tasty, tasty control has Brexit Britain really taken back?
Majority of businesses say Brexit has harmed revenue. / UK exporters to the EU have been knocked by Brexit and businesses have faced higher costs, more paperwork and border delays since Britain’s withdrawal, new research shows.
Call comes after prime minister abolished Brexit committee - and ripped out right to scrutinise trade deals.
The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has today responded to the post-Brexit trade deal struck between the UK Government and EU Commission.
Richard Corbett, former Labour MEP, linguist, author and fluent and well-informed speaker will explain the background to Boris Johnson's Brexit deal and discuss the fallout. There are numerous consequences of Brexit which are not receiving sufficient publicity. Leaving the EU came at a huge cost to the UK economically, culturally and in terms of our standing in the world.
Aviva's senior economist, Stewart Robertson, discusses how the impact of Brexit on the economic landscape and what the future might look like now we have left the European Union.
Embarrassment as move announced on referendum anniversary – after trade deal created risk of fees.
The announcement was made on the five year anniversary from Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.
"Rules of origin are the complex requirements that determine whether or not a product is produced ‘locally’ in the UK or the EU – its economic nationality. If it is not deemed to be sufficiently British, it may not qualify for these preferential tariff rates"
Scottish foods that are sold in Europe could be hit by a 50%-plus price hike following Brexit, it has been claimed.
The Seanad Special Select Committee on the Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union launched its ‘Interim Report on the Impacts of Brexit’ today, Thursday, 8 July. The report stems from engagement with stakeholders over 20 separate hearings between December 2020 to June 2021.
A group of MPs - including Sheffield’s Paul Blomfield - and business leaders have come up with 64 proposals to fix the ‘broken’ Brexit deal.
Progress "has not been good" in negotiations to reach a post-Brexit trade deal, the Tánaiste (Irish deputy PM) has said.
Sir Keir Starmer has told an LBC listener whose small business has been hit hard by Brexit that he will raise her problem with the Government.
Small towns in the Midlands and North are among the areas likely to suffer most from the bare-bones trade deal Boris Johnson is seeking with Brussels, according to a respected economic thinktank.
Appearing on Good Morning Scotland, the party's Brexit secretary said it could not back something that is "the wrong thing for Scotland".
It is understandable, and even desirable from a business perspective, that many of the UK's demands on EU are ahemm, 'ambitious'. ...
The Scottish government has called on Boris Johnson to extend the Brexit transition period by two years, as stalled trade talks restart.
What’s Happening? The fifth round of negotiations between Britain and the European Union ended with both sides saying an agreement is way off.
The Labour leader declares he will counter Boris Johnson's Brexit 'chaos and division' by negotiating the best deal for the British people.
The EU and UK can’t agree on the best approach to state aid rules. However, it’s in the best interests of both parties to compromise on the issue.
Steve Analyst threads a selection of videos recalling Leave campaigners' claims we future trade with the EU after Brexit.
Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney has said that Brexit negotiations are "at the very end" and if a deal cannot be done on the future EU-UK relationship and on trade then the focus will shift very soon to a no deal scenario.
But a closer inspection of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) renders these statements largely illusory for the pharma sector. While pharma companies grapple with the effects of Brexit, there are undoubtedly a number of ways that the TCA benefits the sector, while leaving significant issues unanswered.
“Frictionless EU trade and regulatory alignment is vital for UK prosperity and jobs. The deal remains inadequate on services, which make up 80% of the UK economy. And big questions remain about the feasibility of negotiating a new trade agreement deep enough in a 14-month transition period."
If the UK leaves the European Union single market without a suitable trade deal, then electricity trade with its European Union partners could be disrupted. New research estimates the 2030 cost of a hard electricity Brexit to Britain at €300 million per year.
The EU fears that the UK government is deliberately stalling on Brexit trade deal negotiations, and may secretly be aiming to exit European trade arrangements without first agreeing a new deal.
'We cannot continue to have crisis after crisis around the uncertainty and the brinksmanship of Brexit negotiations'
A new study has reported that 94% of music industry workers have been negatively affected by the post-Brexit deal,
Joe Marshall says the government’s latest decision to delay full border checks on EU imports is only storing up problems – and creating news ones.
The EU blundered over vaccines and Northern Ireland, but the UK is deep in denial about the deal it has signed.
Bob Hancké reports on a recent study which suggests not only that the agreement has made trade in goods between the UK and the EU very difficult, but that it has also severely limited Britain’s ability to conclude free trade agreements with the rest of the world.
This article is going to try and explain lots of different things which all form part of the ‘what’s going on right now’ picture.
It has been a gloomy week on the sunlit uplands of sovereign Britain, as the only export that appears to be booming post-Brexit is the glut of UK companies rushing to set up in the EU.
While a Brexit deal is about politics for the UK, it’s simply a trade deal for the EU. Boris Johnson’s behaviour in the talks shows a worrying ignorance about the reality
Sam Bright summarises the key issues with the UK’s attempts to forge new economic alliances after leaving the world’s largest trading bloc.
It’s five years since Britain voted to leave the EU – so what number should really have been on the side of the Vote Leave bus? Ben Chu examines the real impact of Brexit on the UK’s economy.
You may wonder why on earth a Tory government led by Boris Johnson, the heirs to Thatcher for goodness sake, are sacrificing the prospect of a trade deal with the EU because they want the right to subsidise British industry.
Should the aim be limiting damage or designing a bold future? / Japanese negotiators remain skeptical about the U.K.’s ability to handle multiple FTA negotiations simultaneously / What is evident, however, is that no country wants to conclude a definitive trade deal with the U.K. without knowing the final shape of the EU-U.K. partnership.
Respondents cite new procedures and paperwork among negatives of breakup.
We have traded real influence for an empty husk of sovereignty.
Lords committee chair highlights concern EU parliament may delay trade deal ratification.
Just under three in four British exporters believe the UK-EU post-Brexit trade deal is not helping them increase sales, according to a new survey from the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).
Brussels’ chief negotiator says talks often go backwards as UK fails to grasp EU red lines.
The UK Government's handling of the exit from the EU has been an "unmitigated disaster" with little cause for optimism, writes Record View. / The survey of 1000 businesses by the British Chamber of Commerce on the impact of Brexit makes grim reading.
Conservative MP Sir Bernard Jenkin claimed the Brexit deal was signed with the government was in a “constitutional crisis” – even though Tories actually had an 80-seat majority at the time.
The EU Goods Sub-Committee publishes its report on what the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) means for trade in goods.
Jonathan Portes assesses the extent to which predictions about trade and migration before the Brexit vote have materialised, highlighting that trade has been reduced by additional barriers but the extent to which liberalisation would increase migration flows in the short term was underestimated.
A fifth round of talks will close tomorrow and there is still no breakthrough on key issues, including fishing rights and how closely we follow EU rules.
The UK should consider the trade-offs it is willing to make in a post-Brexit deal, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen says.
Vote comes as bloc wields its powers to force change in UK domestic law during transition.
The EU and UK are continuing talks on post-Brexit trade, amid mounting speculation that they are close to agreeing a deal.
Foreign Secretary Liz Truss just announced the Government’s intention to introduce legislation “in the coming weeks to make changes in the [Northern Ireland] protocol”.
EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier has accused the UK of "backtracking" on its commitments in the latest round of post-Brexit trade talks.
Verhofstadt says it would be a ‘hell of a job’ to achieve success using David Frost’s approach,
Britain’s car industry body called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to secure a tariff-free trade deal with the European Union which avoids barriers for businesses as production slumped in November.
One consequence of Brexit closed a financing source to UK start-ups on 1 Feb. – but access could re-open if a UK and EU trade deal includes Horizon Europe participation.
CBI warns Boris Johnson that Britain needs a deal as it is already facing impact of Covid
The UK has to "knuckle down" to get a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU by the end of the year, the Irish Taoiseach Micheál Martin has said.
Carolyn Fairbairn of CBI says her ‘really big disappointment’ was the lack of help for British services in the potential deal
He said the UK could not both refuse to extend the transitional period and slow down the progress of talks.
Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is expected to outline plans on Tuesday to legislate at Westminster to override parts of the Irish Sea trade arrangement.
A group of lawmakers in the United Kingdom and a few business figures have formed an independent commission to improve Britain's trade deal with the European Union and the rest of the world, the Financial Times reported here.
The government will need to hire at least one new negotiator every day until June to plug the staffing gap, in a situation branded "farcical and a real risk".
The coronavirus has increased the challenges of negotiating a new trade agreement for the UK before December 31.
Lord Frost attacks EU’s ‘purist’ approach to post-Brexit checks warning they risk stability in Northern Ireland.
Britain and the European Union clashed on Thursday over the chances of securing a free trade agreement, with Brussels deeming it “unlikely” but London holding out hope one could be reached in September.
There are concerns in the EU that the UK had not yet fully complied with the terms of the earlier Brexit divorce deal and stressed that “vigilance” would be required in future. / “Exports to our biggest market, Ireland, have also dropped more than two thirds." - Dominic Goudie, FDF
United bloc will continue to protect its interests, say Michel Barnier and Leo Varadkar
Move comes amidst complaints of red tape from businesses and despite government producing similar reviews of other trade agreements signed.
Michel Barnier also accused Boris Johnson’s government of rowing back on commitments made in writing by Britain at the point before exit.
A post-Brexit trade deal between the UK and the EU "seems unlikely" at this stage, the bloc's negotiator has said.
Spending watchdog claims ports and businesses are not ready for 1 January, with Northern Ireland a big concern.
This explainer represents the Institute’s initial analysis of the Brexit deal. As we undertake more work, we may update the explainer accordingly.
Negotiations with Brussels to drag on into the autumn — and there’s no sign a deal is imminent with Washington.
These sticking points include fishing rights, rules on state subsidies for business and arrangements for policing any deal.
THE European Union’s top official warned that the Brexit trade deal has “real teeth” and Brussels will not hesitate to take action if Boris Johnson breaches its terms.
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has downplayed any prospect of an imminent trade deal with a post-Brexit Britain.
The U.K. risks failing to recruit the 50,000 customs agents the logistics industry says are needed before Britain’s final parting with the European Union, spelling potential chaos at the country’s busiest border.
Britain and the European Union will restart talks on Monday over their future relationship, with time running out to get an agreement after a six-week interruption caused by coronavirus.
The European Commission president said there has been ‘some progress’ in talks to resolve the issues around Northern Ireland.
The dangerous threat of a no-deal Brexit will only rear its head again in six months time, just as we’re striving to save jobs and fix our economy. Even if we are able to reach a deal, it will fall short of what’s best for us.
The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator has warned that Brussels will not give in to threats and blackmail, as the furious row over the Northern Irish border took a step closer towards a trade war.
British businesses face “outright export bans” on some goods and “structural” barriers to trade with Europe including more paperwork and higher transport costs as a result of last year's Brexit deal with Brussels, a new report says.
Report shared with POLITICO urges UK to keep pace with Brussels. / Britain must not "rip up" protections for workers as a government review considers doing away with EU laws carried over post Brexit, according to a new report.
As EU and US negotiations continue, how many deals have been made and what proportion of UK trade do they cover?
"Only as true friends can, I want to be very honest about what lies ahead of us." The words of the new European Commission president as she headed to Downing Street and her first face-to-face meeting with Boris Johnson on Wednesday.
The agreement will pass – but voting against it is how we keep alive the belief in something better, for our economy, our environment, and for Europe too
As the June extension deadline looms, the prime minister’s priority will be to minimise damage to his personal brand and legacy.
In Newlyn, anger at red tape and the falling price of fish looks certain to be felt at council polls.
A university report has rubbished claims that the UK is ‘taking back control’ by exiting the European Union after concluding that Brexit has resulted in ‘minimum freedom for maximum hassle’.
‘Same significant divergences persist’, EU negotiator says – with just 35 days left to avert a crash-out.
On the fifth anniversary of the vote to leave the EU, many in the fishing industry feel betrayed by a trade deal that effectively sacrificed one of the key promises of the Leave campaign.
The European Parliament has voted to ratify the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), with 660 out of 697 MEPs voting in favour of the deal, but a Brexit expert has said it is only the beginning.
EUROPE’S PARLIAMENT has overwhelmingly voted to extend a stopgap trade agreement. But the rancour behind the vote, and the deal’s thin measures, say much about future relations.


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